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Peter Balkus Aug 2018
I see him
trying to find a reason
to carry on.
It's hard to find
one reason
to make him stay
Peter Balkus Nov 4
They do exist,
I know it
for a fact.
Without them
this world
wouldn't last.
Peter Balkus Jul 19
Angels  and demons
share flats  and beds.

Angels and demons
are the best
Peter Balkus Mar 2018
I'm sure that you too,
at some point in your life,
had to give up on something
against your will,
and become the part of something
you never wanted to be.
I bet you too
were too beautiful, too fragile
to win and not to bend your knees
under the weight of coersion.

I'm pretty certain,
that wherever and whoever you are,
you too happened to be
a victim of smaller or bigger Anschluss,
when your life suddenly ended,
you woke up in the country,
which wasn't longer yours,
in the stranger's skin,
and when everything what was beautiful and frail in you
was killed.

But don't be sad,
for when the moment of the truth comes,
it won't be you
hurriedly swallowing
a cyanide pill.
The poem written for the anniversary of Anschluss. Eighty years ago, on the 12th of March 1938 Germany annected Austria. Anschluss - germ. annection.
Peter Balkus Mar 3
Apples from Austria
are bigger
and blushier,
much sweeter
than other.

I want to bite into them,
fill up my mouth
with their juicy pulp,
and eat them all!

But it would be much nicer
to keep them in the bowl,
and just sit and watch them
silently beautiful.
Peter Balkus Apr 2018
I don't think today
I would be around,
if I didn't meet her
that afternoon in the middle of July.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
My name is Ataria,
I come from Planet Ata,
I've been sent on Planet Earth
to learn
how the humans behave,
how they go about
their lives,
what are they like.
I've been sent
to tell them about Ata
and myself.
And to raport to my world
everything I'll see,
everything I'll learn.

My first impression
isn't great...
Peter Balkus Jul 2016
August is gone
before July comes.
will leave our lips dry,
before our kisses die

August will be gone
and souls will turn bones
alike stars - future stones,
busy playgrounds,
empty graveyards tomorrow. Oh no.

August is gone,
July feels like broken home,
so let me look into your eyes,
before September
makes us
Peter Balkus Nov 16
turns me into a poet,
who turns my Autumn
into poetry.
Peter Balkus Oct 8
Autumn leaves
scattered under my feet
like wedding flowers.
Peter Balkus Feb 6
Beautiful June
and July is,
and Summer rain.

But Autumn leaves
are beautiful too,
aren't they?
Peter Balkus May 2019
Autumn trees
with joy.

Autumn trees,
every year
I love them more and more.
Peter Balkus Apr 2016
Last night
I had a bad dream
I was chased by the future me
asking why I'm not a person he wanted me to be.
He had a wild eyes of an animal, a rude smile
and drunk was he.
He was shouting on silenced me
why I disobey by doing things
he never did,
not walking the line he drew for me.
Why I chose to be
different than him, quite opposite.

Last night, last night I had a bad dream,
but then I woke up. I broke free.
Here, he can't get me, I'm safe here.
This is the place I wanna be.
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
They have their own world,
secret language they speak.
They worship angry God,
made of their own fears.

They are scared of themselves,
they hate what they don't know.
Their aim - to survive,
to conquer - their goal.

You can **** them with a gun,
with a book you have read,
but they will never die,
they will never be dead.
Peter Balkus Oct 2017
You can stay beautiful,
when death knocks at your door
and - in the name of beauty -
take her home.
Peter Balkus Feb 2019
Tell me, tell me please,
how many teas you've drunk today,
how many tears.

Tell me, tell me please,
did you sleep on the floor again,
I see.

Tell me, how many days
you've spent staring at the window,
dreaming of her.

Tell me, tell me please,
how long you'll be running away from Love
being a mess.

But you know well
one day she'll find you
and she will look into your eyes
and unblind you.
Peter Balkus May 2018
My Book of Love
was written by you.
I read it every day,
I'm still half way through.
Peter Balkus Jul 2018
Hey you, born today,
welcome to the world!
Soon you will see
how great is to be
and to have.
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
Brain is to think
heart is to feel,
brain's will is strong,
but free is heart's will.

Brain is heart’s fault
heart - brain's worst mate,
brain - love's worst foe,
love - heart's best friend.

Brain says Oh yes!
when heart says No!
When brain says Stop!
heart says Let's go!

Brain is to think,
heart is to feel.
Brain's will is strong,
but heart breaks brain's will.
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
The bridge
between poor and rich

Many people died
and many is fighting
for life.
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
I'm busy
watching her,
I have no time
to rest.

thinking of her,
no time
for anything
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
Who am I but a shell
washed away by the sea,
sleeping in the sand,
waiting for the tide
to take me back

Peter Balkus May 2018
live only one day.
They are too beautiful
to survive in this world.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
They always are
a one blink of wings away
from eternity.

They always are
one sunrise away
from the dust.

They know well,
that their first dance
is the last.
Peter Balkus Jun 2019
The policeman probably thought:
'What this guy is doing here?
He definitely isn't up for anything good.
He seems to be nervous,
no, it's not a tourist,
they have cameras, they take a photo and leave.
Must be yet another activist.
This guy, he's annoying,
scruffy dude,
****** at least."

But I was there
for no bad reason,
but simply to pay respect
to the queen of feminism.
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
Beggars on every corner,
stabbings every day,
no one seems to care about it,
so why I should care?

Potholes are getting bigger,
and the bins are always full,
scruffs takes the stuff out of them,
food leftovers and cigarette butts.
Nobody cares about it,
so I should care why?

Kids do shoplifting in Tesco's,
they smoke ****,
drugs they buy and sell.
Pregnant ******* the bus stop,
is smoking a cigarette.

Nobody cares about it,
so why I care?
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
Running around
big red button,
like in musical chairs,
laughing, mocking and kicking themselves,
having a good
who should press it first?

Children at play,

Peter Balkus Apr 2018
If victory
don't let me sleep,
I will choose the defeat.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
I tuned in to a Christian radio,
they had an interesting debate
about the power of Jesus,
about life after death.

I phoned them to take part,
but I did not get through.
All lines were very busy -
for those with different views.
Peter Balkus Mar 2019
It used to be fun
watching them
juggling and making silly things,
embarrassing themselves
for the sake of it.
I welcomed them in my life.

But not anymore,
now I am bored,
I'm fed up with them,
doing the same tricks,
pulling the faces,
making funny sounds.
They don't entertain me anymore,
they don't make me laugh.

They annoy me,
they bore me,
I don't want to watch them,
I'm done.

They can *******,
stupid clowns.
Peter Balkus Apr 2019
You have only one life,
but at the same time
you live forever.

I know, it's confusing,
no, you won't understand it.
So enjoy your life,
don't try to be clever.
Peter Balkus Apr 2019
it's me again,
hope you don't mind.

I need to talk to you,
you don't need to listen,
that's fine.

I missed you,
I know it sounds wrong.
I am sorry.
If you insist, I will go.

I shouldn't be here,
I should be at work,
making money for myself
and for the government.

I didn't tell anyone that I'm here,
they'd say I'm wasting my time.
But they waste their lives,
living without art,
like animals.

I want to be here, with you,
I want to stare at your face.
It relaxes me, it makes me happy,
it makes my day.

You are so beautiful.
I'd love to know you better,
I know I can't.
There's an abbys of time between us,
dividing us -
we live in two different worlds.

I'd better go,
I'm standing here too long,
the security guard is watching me,
I must look odd.

I'll see you soon,
take care for now.
Stay safe,
have a nice day,
Inspired by the painting 'Doña Isabel de Porcel' by Francisco de Goya (The National Gallery)
Peter Balkus Feb 2018
No matter how bad I dance
I have no chance with her,
she always wins.

She says
It's not about skills,
it's about passion

I say I have no passion for it,
but she only laughs
and takes my hand,
saying I'll teach you, my friend,
you will make a great dancer,
you will be great!
So hurry up,
I urgently need
one more dancer in my cabaret.

She urgently needs
one more dancer
in her
Peter Balkus Jul 2016
Waiting for her,
dreaming about seeing her
and listening to her voice,
dreaming about touching her hair
and her wrists. About hugging
and holding tight,
about kissing her eyes
and lips, heading down, south.
waiting for her,
waiting for her all my life.
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
Nobody reads poems
written by a dead man,
his poetry
can tell them the truth
about the world.

Nobody is remotely interested
in what he says.
- What does a dead man know
about life anyway!

Nobody cares about his poems,
his rhymes don't rhyme for them.
His words are empty,
his  metaphors - silly.

One day they'll understand,
they'll care.
Peter Balkus May 2018
She let them disobey
and live carelessly.
She loves
her future children
Peter Balkus May 2018
Death can
turn back
the hands of time.
Peter Balkus Oct 28
Death never takes too long,
she's always first,
before anyone else.
Born ready.

She never takes her time.
She only takes our one.

She never hesitates.
It's life, which has the second thoughts,
an indecisive fool,
who always waits,
till it's too late.

Death no, she's always on the dot
to make - and break -
the rules.
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
He is contacting me,
regarding the delay
in getting back to him.
He bothers me all the time.

He is reminding me
that he has sent me a message
with all the information
regarding our potential cooperation.

He is disappointed
not hearing back from me.
He is asking
what is wrong with me.

I carefully check my mailbox,
all folders, including spam,
I want to find a typo,
which would prove it's a scam.

I want to find a reason
to get rid of him, but I can't,
I can't find anything,
God knows I try.

Devil is texting me
all the time.
He wants me to work with him,
I get many calls from him,
which I decline.

I wanted to block him,
but it didn't work.
He's got so many addresses,
so many accounts
he sends his emails from.

I thought that one day he would stop,
he would give up,
but no, he won't,
I know it now.

I realized
that he'll always be around,
gotta get used to him,
get used to ignoring him,
and carry on with my life.
Peter Balkus Apr 2018
He believes in equality.
He kills his people
Peter Balkus Apr 2016
dedicated to people of Gambia*

Narrow minded beast,
by his own barbarity.
Power is with him,
but real power is with people.
They are not stupid. They think.
People and Freedom on their side
are his worst enemies.

It's a matter of time,
he will lose and people will win.
He abhors them, but he is scared of them.
And soon he will be out.
They have no doubt.

Look at him, look into his eyes
you can see
he's already losing his ****.
He knows his time has come.

Mr Dictator,
get ready for a kick *** goodbye.
Peter Balkus Sep 13
Life isn't fair,
death isn't neither,
but at least she tries.

Life may be clever,
life may be smart,
but death is wise.

If you see a smile
on a dead man's face,
don't be surprised.
Peter Balkus Sep 2019
I had a dream
I was in a cemetery.
It must have been Summer,
as all the trees were green
and pleased my eyes,
so did the flowers, so bright.

It didn't feel like graveyard
at all
No, nothing like a sad place
where we all go at some point.

It felt more like a garden,
where silence is and joy.

And I didn't want to wake up,
I didn't want to leave,
for there was no place to go.
Peter Balkus May 2019
I love dreaming
about beautiful things,
for dreams are often realer
than - reality.
Peter Balkus Jan 2018
Its loud roar, frightening howl.
The crave of water,
like scream of aborted motherhood.
Peter Balkus Apr 2018
You won't change me,
I know who I am,
I've got my music,
I don't need anything else.

I'm just a man with the guitar,
who loves writing songs,
I've got soul on my shoulder,
a soul full of love.

So take your money,
take your fame and your pride.
Don't worry about me,
I'll be fine.
Peter Balkus Sep 2016
body trapped in a soul.

Picking up
unwanted morning calls.

no place to go.

until the final fall.
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
August never ends
in grace.
It reminds us of the passing time
and it always hurts.

August makes us commit
inner suicide,
before September hits
and gives us a second life.

August never ends
in grace.

In August
Death puts a smile
only on dead man's face.
Peter Balkus Sep 2016
She said she likes me,
the way I approach her,
like saying sorry for looking at her, naked.
The way I look at her body. Not like other men,
but like him, Orpheus.
I don't intimidate her, I don't take an advantage of her
being bitten by snake, busy with the wound.
I can make my presence pastified.
She's not ashamed of me,
she knows who I am, and that we are on the same

I'm blind to her. I'm blind for her.
She bears her ******* and bends forward
to reach the bitten, painful place.
And even if she looks away to the sun,
she talks to me, in the language of time.

She says she likes me. She smiles.
She wants me to bail her out
from the kingdom of Darkness. But I can't.

I promise her I will do my best,
At least, I will try.
I will fail. But I will try,
for she likes me.

When I leave her,
I never say goodbye.
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