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71.3k · Feb 2018
Love Isn't Blind
Peter Balkus Feb 2018
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
18.1k · Sep 2018
Full Moon
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
Her eyes
reflect my moon.
In her eyes
it's always full.
16.4k · Aug 2018
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
I see him
trying to find a reason
to carry on.
It's hard to find
one reason
to make him stay
11.9k · Oct 2016
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
I'm busy
watching her,
I have no time
to rest.

thinking of her,
no time
for anything
9.9k · Nov 2015
Poppy Fields Forever
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
Those poppy fields were lifeless,
but now they shine with light.
The war has made them bleeding,
the Peace has made them smile.

Each flower is a soldier,
who sacrificed his life,
who gave up his own future
to make our future count.

Each flower tells a story
of man and woman's fight,
you hear them in the glory
of petals shining bright.

Shhh, quiet, can you hear this?
The flowers -  making sound.

The unsung heroes singing
the song of joy - and life.
8.1k · Aug 2015
Good Monkey
Peter Balkus Aug 2015
I've been good monkey today,
I didn't disobey in any way and it made my guard pleased.
I deserve a banana, and that what really matters to me.

I've had some stupid thoughts about stupid things,
but I managed to rid them off of my head.
I'm really proud of myself.
I deserve my banana. Yes!

So where's my banana, where?
6.9k · Nov 2015
Happy Friday The 13th
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
When you love her
and she loves someone else,
Friday The 13th
happens everyday.
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
they were shouting
in the square,
I was inside,
quietly watching
5.4k · Apr 2016
If I Had A Pussy
Peter Balkus Apr 2016
If I had a *****, I would own the world,
I would be the king (the queen, to be frank),
I'd have all men thumbed under my ****.
If I had a *****, I'd own whole of the land.

Peace would be upon me, and upon us all,
for ******* can do things penises able not,
***** is like heaven, ***** is like hell,
when ***** in *****, devil loses strenght.

If I had a *****, I would spread the love
in neighbouring cities divided by walls,
I'd make enemies to be friends again,
and war would be over, happy would be man.

If I had a *****, there'd be more of us
fighting for Peace, Love and the happy times.
One more to the Peace floor, to the war one less -
if you had a *****, you would understand.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
I know one day Death will come
and take me to her home.
She will give me a place to stay,
she will feed me, she will be my friend.

But she doesn't know,
no, she doesn't know,
that I will never be her
- I'll always be yours.

I'll be dancing on my grave,
I'll be laughing at her,
I'll be singing the song of joy.

No, I will never be hers,
for I'll always be yours.

I'll be holding you tight,
I'll be kissing your eyes,
I'll be whispering in your ear,
that I'm yours,
that I'll never be hers.

I'll always be yours,
for I'll never be hers.
5.0k · Oct 2015
The Town
Peter Balkus Oct 2015
This town, where the old church sings his song of silence,
and houses have no windows,
no smiling faces in them,
this town was mine, for a while,
but then she came and said to this town "goodbye".
4.7k · May 2016
Kissing Tulips
Peter Balkus May 2016
I've been kissing tulips today,
and it felt great.
Not as great though
as kissing her lips.

I've been kissing tulips today
all day,
that I'm kissing her.

It wasn't the same though,
it wasn't the same.
4.6k · Sep 2018
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
Seagulls are circling
above the sea.
Sea shells are sleeping,
being kissed by the wind.

The sea is standing high,
higher than me.
4.5k · May 2016
She Cares About Worms
Peter Balkus May 2016
She cares about worms,
she picks them up from the ground
where people stand,
and put them carefully in a safe place.

I pray I can be her worm one day.
4.0k · Sep 2016
Unknown Error
Peter Balkus Sep 2016
Unknown error has occurred,
unknown things started to happen,
unknown windows opened up
by an unknown applications.

Unknown pictures and descriptions,
from which unknown files emerged,
they got multiplied so quickly
in the very unknown way.

Unknown error has occurred
in a strangely unknown way.
If you need help press OK
if you wanna leave - press ESCAPE.

If you see black screen - please wait.
3.9k · Aug 2018
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
someone created us
and then
- having realized that we were imperfect -
abandoned, left.

Maybe we are nothing, but
a failed plan of a perfect world,
a faulty universe,
which nobody cares
3.8k · Sep 2016
Peter Balkus Sep 2016
are calling me.
3.5k · Oct 2016
Trumping Up
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
up the jam,
but please don't
Trump up
3.3k · Mar 2018
Peter Balkus Mar 2018
I'm sitting in my room,
believing that I can change the world,
knowing that I can't,

I'm sitting here, alone,
I'm thinking of those who are suffering,
those who've lost everything,
those, who will never feel like home.

I'm sad,
feeling like crying,
wishing to save the world,
knowing well that I won't,

but something tells me
to keep on trying.
2.8k · Aug 2018
Brain And Heart
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
Brain is to think
heart is to feel,
brain's will is strong,
but free is heart's will.

Brain is heart’s fault
heart - brain's worst mate,
brain - love's worst foe,
love - heart's best friend.

Brain says Oh yes!
when heart says No!
When brain says Stop!
heart says Let's go!

Brain is to think,
heart is to feel.
Brain's will is strong,
but heart breaks brain's will.
2.6k · Aug 2018
Overheard in London
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
"You go bus?
I go train.
Weather no good,
rain, rain, rain."
2.6k · Oct 2016
Samsung New Phones
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
Samsung new phones explode
in hands, in pockets, in pants.
My phone is not Samsung, thanks God,
He knows I'm not ready to die.
2.6k · Sep 2018
Christian Radio
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
I tuned in to a Christian radio,
they had an interesting debate
about the power of Jesus,
about life after death.

I phoned them to take part,
but I did not get through.
All lines were very busy -
for those with different views.
2.5k · Sep 2018
Sea Shells
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
I like sea shells,
because they are not waiting
to be found.

They are fine on their own,
sleeping in the sand.
They don't need anything else
to smile.

The roar of the sea
and the whisper of the wind
is enough.
Written on 22.09.2018 after short visit to a seaside in Brighton, UK.
2.4k · Oct 2015
London Town
Peter Balkus Oct 2015
This city never sleeps,
it drinks beer
and smokes ****
to get through the night.
2.4k · Oct 2015
Her Eyes
Peter Balkus Oct 2015

Her eyes
break the vessel of my heart.
My brain
has already sunk.
2.4k · Oct 2018
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
I love sea.
In my previous life
I must have been a sailor
or seagull,
or a seashell.

This life scares me,
but I'm not scared to die.
I know I will be a sailor
or a seagull,
or a seashell
in the afterlife.
2.3k · Apr 2016
Sea Never Rages
Peter Balkus Apr 2016
Sea never rages,
it’s only us who call it raging,
when waves get high
and hit the shore,
when wind blows hard
and howls,
it’s only us who smell the anger.

Sea never rages,
is always quiet,
calmed down,
2.3k · Oct 2018
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
I'm sitting
by the sea
and asking myself
who else I'd want to be
other than me.

I hear the waves
answering me:
There's no else
you would want to be
2.3k · Oct 2016
Spice Milfs
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
If Spice Girls Come Back,
in spite of moms' duties
is a real thing,
I'd like to suggest
a new name for 5 cuties:
Spice Milfs.
2.2k · Nov 2015
Children At Play
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
Running around
big red button,
like in musical chairs,
laughing, mocking and kicking themselves,
having a good
who should press it first?

Children at play,

2.1k · Oct 2015
Royal James Bond
Peter Balkus Oct 2015
James Bond is cool
but I'm not sure
the armed guy should be the one
to rule,
to save a belle
from hell.

A man with a gun - it could be anyone,
not only Bond.
But guns are wrong,
and we all know, it won't
make world a better place, oh no.
Violence is not the way.

I'd like to see Prince William as James Bond,
with bunch of flowers in his hands,
instead of gun.
That would be fun.

And Duchess Kate
as real Bond's girl,
always a smile away from her man.

That would be great.
2.1k · Oct 2018
Patient In Love (Prayer)
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
Let me be patient in Love,
like patient is olive tree,
waiting long years
to bear its first fruits,
and much, much longer,
before they are ready to pick.
Peter Balkus Oct 10
Because the moon
and because the stars.

Because light matters
when it's dark.

Because they need
a bit of silence
to survive.
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2.0k · Oct 2015
I'm A Robot
Peter Balkus Oct 2015
I'm not a robot, or... actually
I am the one. I live remotely
controlled by someone larger than me
someone who's clearly invisible.

I always do what I have been told
by someone who can decide it all.
I work, I sleep, I have some fun,
I didn't choose to live and I
won't choose the day I'll have to die.

All I can choose is what colour of shoes
I want to buy, what kind of suit,
what will I eat today, how many
sugars I want, ketchup or mayo
or garlic sauce, Pepsi or Tango,
take away or eat in. And the rest
is in someone else's mind and hands.

In spite of it all I love myself
as a robot and I don't wanna be no one else.

(That's what I have been set up to say).
1.9k · Aug 2019
My Shadow
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
My shadow
it wants to be me,
it's jealous,
can't walk and can't sleep.
It thinks
that I'm living a dream,
and to be me
it would do anything.

Be careful
what you wish for
- I say to it.
1.9k · Apr 2018
Peter Balkus Apr 2018
She wants me
to paint her,
she calls me
her little Vermeer.
1.9k · Aug 2018
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
The bridge
between poor and rich

Many people died
and many is fighting
for life.
1.8k · Jun 2016
Let Me Introduce Myself
Peter Balkus Jun 2016
I'm a man,
future dust.
All I've got
is the past.
1.8k · Aug 2016
Karaoke Battle
Peter Balkus Aug 2016
Welcome to karaoke battle,
the battle of the year.
Britney Spears
versus Jennifer Lopez.
It's not about who win,
it's about who will lose first.
1.8k · Nov 2015
Starbucks Sadness
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
Sitting in Starbucks
drinking sweet coffee from Christmas red cap.
Not many people inside. Table for two, me and I,
music in background, quite nice,
at least I don't mind, but who does mind
when festive time has just arrived?

Enjoy your coffee, my friend,
but in the meantime, have a look outside
the window,
at rough sleepers and their hands,
open and empty.
This year
Christmas came early again.
1.8k · Sep 2018
I Like Sea
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
I like sea,
because it lets me
It never laughs at me,
it only smiles.
1.8k · Nov 2015
Rape Of Europe
Peter Balkus Nov 2015
They are holding
your pale wrists
1.7k · Mar 2018
Peter Balkus Mar 2018
Would you
swap yourself
for a hostage,
that you may die
and that there may be
no reward,
no Heaven,
no afterlife?
Would you?
Would I?
Would anyone?
Poem inspired by Col. Arnaud Beltrame, French hero officer who swapped himself for hostage and sadly died in a terrorist attack on a supermarket in Avranches, western France, yesterday. R.I.P.
1.7k · Oct 2018
Taking My Time
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
I'm taking my time,
though not much is left.
And each day of my life
feels more like a theft.
1.7k · Aug 2018
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
Poets are wasting days,
like been given to spare.
Poets are counting nights
to the beginning of Life.
1.7k · Jan 2018
Female Torso
Peter Balkus Jan 2018
Influenced by Alphonse Legros's sculpture "Female Torso"*

Look at this,
have you ever seen
anything more perfect than that?
Wold you ever say no
to this unearthly shapes?

Look at those curves,
they are but one angel's curve.

It is more than you could want,
more than just a body to touch,
more than just a meat to ridge.

It is something worthy living for.
1.7k · Oct 2016
To Meet The Queen
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
To meet the queen - my biggest dream.
To look Her in the eye and say Hi
Your Majesty. Long time no see.
What's going down? I mean: How do You do?
It was my dream to stand here, in front of You.

Was it Your dream too, to see me here, out of the blue?
Noo? Oh, then booooo!

It was my dream to bend my knees in front of You.
But it hurts, Jeez! Can I stand up now, please?!
Okay, okay, I'm going now,
Your Majesty has had enough.
Before I go, let me, please, tell you this short story:

I said to my friend I want to meet The Queen,
he said to me: "No chance. Pigs won't fly, dude."
I still don't know, if  he was talking about me
or You.
1.7k · Sep 2018
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
They call him racist,


monster, not a man.

They call him bad guy
he is better than them.
1.6k · Aug 2018
Peter Balkus Aug 2018
Her soul is a shelter
where I hide
from strangers.
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