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3h · 24
They dragged my body
all over the city, publicly shaming me
in front of happy crowd
of clapping morons.

No, I don't despise them, quite
the opposite. I owe them everything.
They made me a horseman,
and then knight,
they gave me name and freedom.
They made me who I am today.
Let's not talk about war,
let's talk about more pleasant things,
for example
about how beautiful we are,
and how beautiful is the world
we are living in.
Nov 22 · 160
The People
Peter Balkus Nov 22
No, we won't lose,
we are too proud
to be enslaved.

We won't be told
what to do - by the media
and the government.

Yes, we will win,
we are too beautiful
to waste away.

Money divides us,
but Love will unite us
one day.
Nov 16 · 658
Peter Balkus Nov 16
turns me into a poet,
who turns my Autumn
into poetry.
Nov 8 · 123
Random Word Generator
Peter Balkus Nov 8
Nov 4 · 101
Peter Balkus Nov 4
They do exist,
I know it
for a fact.
Without them
this world
wouldn't last.
Nov 1 · 644
I'm A Poet (2)
Peter Balkus Nov 1
I am a poet,
I will never die,
I see people
waving me goodbye.
But it's them who will have to go,
not me,
for I'm a poet,
I forever live.
Peter Balkus Oct 28
Death never takes too long,
she's always first,
before anyone else.
Born ready.

She never takes her time.
She only takes our one.

She never hesitates.
It's life, which has the second thoughts,
an indecisive fool,
who always waits,
till it's too late.

Death no, she's always on the dot
to make - and break -
the rules.
Oct 26 · 187
Something Optimistic
Peter Balkus Oct 26
You say your life *****
and that you are a mess.
Yes, life could've always been better,
but also could've been worse.
Oct 25 · 380
Peter Balkus Oct 25
Thrown into life
by coincidence.

Trying to make sense
of the things

don't make any sense.
Oct 17 · 152
Magic Carpet
Peter Balkus Oct 17
Magic carpet
made of the Autumn leaves
takes me up
to the place I would rather be.
Oct 17 · 308
The Covid Blues
Peter Balkus Oct 17
Hey girl, take off the mask,
I want to see your face.
I want to see your smile,
I want to see your grace.

Take off those plastic gloves,
I want to touch your hands.
I want to feel your skin,
I want to feel it again.

They tell us what to do,
They tell us how to live.
They want us to obey,
they don't want us to be free.

But life is short, my dear,
much shorter than we think.
So please don't look away,
don't run away from me.

For life is short, my love,
much shorter than we think.
Tell me, are we born to be free,
or we're born to live in fear?

You've changed since the last time I saw you,
I can see it in your eyes.
Has anyone lately reminded you
how beautiful you are?

So please, take off the mask,
I want to see your face.
I want to see your smile,
I want to see your grace.

Take off those plastic gloves,
I want to touch your hands.
I want to feel your skin,
I want to feel it - again.
Peter Balkus Oct 15
I can't tell my heart what to do,
it won't listen to me, that's for sure.
It will do the opposite, true,
and it's me, who will look like a fool.

I can't tell my heart what to do,
since the first time I met you, I knew
that we can't be just friends, me and you.
But my heart wasn't sad, wasn't blue.

And I said to my heart: You are cruel!
and it smiled at me, smiled at you.
And I looked so helpless that night,
and you - you looked so beautiful.

I can't tell my heart what to do,
it knows best, it knows that I love you.
And it knows that I know that it knows.
Brain? Oh, brain. Brain has no say at all.
Peter Balkus Oct 10
Because the moon
and because the stars.

Because light matters
when it's dark.

Because they need
a bit of silence
to survive.
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Oct 8 · 215
Autumn Leaves
Peter Balkus Oct 8
Autumn leaves
scattered under my feet
like wedding flowers.
Sep 27 · 213
Happiness Is Easy
Peter Balkus Sep 27
I overheard this whisper,
this gentle, peaceful chat:
Look, happiness is easy,
it's them, who make it hard
Sep 25 · 1.2k
I'm A Poet
Peter Balkus Sep 25
I'm a poet,
I have nothing
except words.

I'm a poet,
I don't care about
the world.

Take your money,
take your cars
take your pearls.

I'm a poet,
I don't care about
the world.

Well, yeah, sometimes
I wish I was
someone else.

But I'm a poet,
poets can't escape
their Fate.
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Sep 13 · 350
Don't Be Surprised
Peter Balkus Sep 13
Life isn't fair,
death isn't neither,
but at least she tries.

Life may be clever,
life may be smart,
but death is wise.

If you see a smile
on a dead man's face,
don't be surprised.
Sep 10 · 333
Silent Prayer
Peter Balkus Sep 10
The best prayer is when you pray in silence,
talking to God like listening to the rain,
when you have this feeling -
when you know that you know
that all the loud prayers are in vain.
Aug 17 · 420
I Can't
Peter Balkus Aug 17
If I try hard,
I can get her out of my

even if I try hard
I can't get her out of my
Peter Balkus Aug 13
Poets think,
poets write,
poets pray.
Poets live
in the bright

Poets shine,
poets don't fall far
from grace,
because poets
have no life
--- to waste.
Aug 13 · 113
My Coffee
Peter Balkus Aug 13
My coffee
is never sweet enough.
Even if I put five sugars,
it still tastes awfully.

I once tried ten,
and it didn't work.
I wonder why.

My coffee
is never sweet enough.
I guess that's what happens
when you're fed up with life.
Jul 31 · 213
Peter Balkus Jul 31
- it always comes
too early.

- it always goes
too late.

is an impatient 

for silence
after the heavy
Jul 26 · 345
Garden With Pool
Peter Balkus Jul 26
There's a garden after life
with lotus flowers,
with palms and mandrakes.

There's a big pool
with colourful fishes
and exotic birds.

Peace and silence
and untroubled happiness
are awaiting us there.

And sometimes I wonder
why we can wait.

For we don't want to die,
but once we enter this place,
we won't want to be born again.
Inspired by painting 'Garden With Pool' by Unknown
Jul 25 · 159
Funeral Care Vs. Poet
Peter Balkus Jul 25
You don't have to plan
your funeral,
if you know that you'll never die.
Jul 24 · 196
Angels. haiku
Jul 22 · 159
Peter Balkus Jul 22
I often talk to walls,
I know they listen.
They hear my every word,
my every whisper.

I tell them everything,
my deepest secrets.
I treat them like good friends,
I really need them.

If one day they fall down,
I'll fall down with them.
Jul 19 · 137
Angels And Demons
Peter Balkus Jul 19
Angels  and demons
share flats  and beds.

Angels and demons
are the best
Jul 14 · 1.2k
Kiss Of Life
Peter Balkus Jul 14
I dream of kissing her
even if it may be
the kiss of death.

My life is dead
without her lips
Jul 1 · 798
Peter Balkus Jul 1
Some girls are pretty,
but she is beautiful.
May 18 · 751
She Doesn't Have To
Peter Balkus May 18
She doesn't have to take off her clothes
to turn me on.
She doesn't have to look into my eyes
and bite her lips
to make me drip.
She doesn't have to say a word
to catch me
Mar 5 · 287
Peter Balkus Mar 5
We will never be

Even death
is our love's best
Mar 3 · 405
Apples From Austria
Peter Balkus Mar 3
Apples from Austria
are bigger
and blushier,
much sweeter
than other.

I want to bite into them,
fill up my mouth
with their juicy pulp,
and eat them all!

But it would be much nicer
to keep them in the bowl,
and just sit and watch them
silently beautiful.
Peter Balkus Mar 3
Rusty padlock on Heaven's door.
That's not what we were hoping for.
Was it worthy taking this trip?
It was so easy to believe.

Rusty padlock on Heaven's door,
wrong keys scattered on the floor.
So we're not the first who have been tricked,
we're not the first who've been fooled.

Rusty padlock on Heaven's door -
is that what you get for being good?
None of us was expecting this,
what are we now suppose to do?
Mar 1 · 135
I Pray
Peter Balkus Mar 1
Yes, I pray,
I pray for those who prayed in vain.
For those whose prayers were ignored
and failed.

I pray
for those who prayed to stay alive,
but died instead.
For those whose prayers became the prey
of mockingbirds.

And yes, I know,
my invocations will be lost
in silent air.

But I still pray
for those whose prayers went unheard.

For you, for them
and for myself.
Feb 25 · 941
It's Not Her Fault
Peter Balkus Feb 25
It's not her fault
that she is beautiful.
It's not her fault
she has a lovely smile.
Don't blame her for
making my life so full.
It's not her fault
she makes my all deaths die.

And when night falls,
the moon is out, in lightness,
and silence comes
and whispers to my ear:
It's not her fault
she lightens up your darkness.
It's not her fault
that she is all you need
Feb 6 · 204
Autumn Leaves
Peter Balkus Feb 6
Beautiful June
and July is,
and Summer rain.

But Autumn leaves
are beautiful too,
aren't they?
Sep 2019 · 439
Peter Balkus Sep 2019
The say: "Without you all
the world would be a better place.
No dead bodies washed out on the shore.
No guilt of those who failed to help."

They hate us,
they wish we didn't exist,
they shout "Go to hell! You **** of the world!".

They say they won't help us,
it's impossible to help us all.

But when they see a sinking boat
capsizing under our weight,
something tells them to send the patrols
and bring us safely to the shore.
Sep 2019 · 262
Peter Balkus Sep 2019
There are lines
between the lines
and the lines
between those lines.
And another set of lines
inbetween of them.

Don't worry if you can't see them,
if you don't know what they mean.
One day you'll read them all
and you'll understand
Sep 2019 · 399
Dream. Cemetery
Peter Balkus Sep 2019
I had a dream
I was in a cemetery.
It must have been Summer,
as all the trees were green
and pleased my eyes,
so did the flowers, so bright.

It didn't feel like graveyard
at all
No, nothing like a sad place
where we all go at some point.

It felt more like a garden,
where silence is and joy.

And I didn't want to wake up,
I didn't want to leave,
for there was no place to go.
Aug 2019 · 386
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
He is contacting me,
regarding the delay
in getting back to him.
He bothers me all the time.

He is reminding me
that he has sent me a message
with all the information
regarding our potential cooperation.

He is disappointed
not hearing back from me.
He is asking
what is wrong with me.

I carefully check my mailbox,
all folders, including spam,
I want to find a typo,
which would prove it's a scam.

I want to find a reason
to get rid of him, but I can't,
I can't find anything,
God knows I try.

Devil is texting me
all the time.
He wants me to work with him,
I get many calls from him,
which I decline.

I wanted to block him,
but it didn't work.
He's got so many addresses,
so many accounts
he sends his emails from.

I thought that one day he would stop,
he would give up,
but no, he won't,
I know it now.

I realized
that he'll always be around,
gotta get used to him,
get used to ignoring him,
and carry on with my life.
Aug 2019 · 302
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
He wanted peace
and love,
he found war and death.

He didn't care
about the material world,
like poets don't.

Trapped in the human body,
he couldn't win,
people made him lose,
like they always do
with someone who is greater than them.

I look at the men in robes,
with crucifixes
hanging around their necks
and I think to myself:

If he was alive today,
he wouldn't admit he knows them.
They'd call him Judas today.

If he was alive,
he wouldn't want to have anything to do with them.
Aug 2019 · 280
On Behalf
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
We live
on behalf of someone,
who lives
on behalf of us.

We claim
stranger's prize when we die,
and stranger
claims our prize.

And you may feel
like it's you,
who chooses
and picks the stuff.

But it's someone else
who for you
makes choices
in daily life.
Aug 2019 · 346
Nothing But Darkness
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
There is nothing but darkness
on the other side.
Black night, like an ocean,
with black moon,
like dead man´s smile.

Nothing but darkness
at the end of the tunnel
of life.

The flickering flame
of darkness.

Some people
call it light.
Aug 2019 · 469
The Rich
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
One day they will join
their brothers-in-dust,
and live together in the box rooms
under the ground,

where no tables, no chairs,
just beds,

simple beds.
Aug 2019 · 1.9k
My Shadow
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
My shadow
it wants to be me,
it's jealous,
can't walk and can't sleep.
It thinks
that I'm living a dream,
and to be me
it would do anything.

Be careful
what you wish for
- I say to it.
Aug 2019 · 426
The Gallery
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
The gallery is closing soon,
hurry up,
don't say you will come
another time.

I bet you want to see "Sunflowers".
You say you can wait.

You can? Okay, but
what if they can't?
Written after my visit to The National Gallery in London.
Aug 2019 · 319
Susanna (And The Elders)
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
Maybe I would have stayed,
if they told me the truth
why they are there for.

And maybe, if they tried a bit harder,
came clean and smelled nice,
maybe I wouldn’t have minded.

If they knew how to speak to me,
if they behaved like gentlemen, not ******,
maybe they would have had me.

If they showed a bit of decency
and a bit of courtesy,
an ounce of a dignity,
not spying on me,
only with lust in loans,
maybe they'd have me all.

If they bought me flowers
or sang me a song,
or played a sweet tune,
made me feel like a Princess,
I wouldn't have said No.
Inspired by the painting "Susanna and the Elders" by Rembrandt.
Aug 2019 · 9
Dead Man's Poetry
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
Nobody reads poems
written by a dead man,
his poetry
can tell them the truth
about the world.

Nobody is remotely interested
in what he says.
- What does a dead man know
about life anyway!

Nobody cares about his poems,
his rhymes don't rhyme for them.
His words are empty,
his  metaphors - silly.

One day they'll understand,
they'll care.
Aug 2019 · 543
End Of August
Peter Balkus Aug 2019
August never ends
in grace.
It reminds us of the passing time
and it always hurts.

August makes us commit
inner suicide,
before September hits
and gives us a second life.

August never ends
in grace.

In August
Death puts a smile
only on dead man's face.
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