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Sep 23 · 184
Peter B Sep 23
So, your time has come,
good luck.
I'll pray for you.
They say you love me,
I love you too.

It's hard to say goodbye to life
when you are only thirty three,
but - it's your choice,
it is your life,
I will not judge you,
I know that death
could sweeter be than life.

But one thing I've to mention,
you think you die for me,
for us and for the world,
I disagree, my dear,
I think
you only died for yourself.
Sep 23 · 129
Death Is A Privilege
Peter B Sep 23
is a privilege of us.
Maybe the biggest privilege
we could ever have.

is a privilege of us.
In the labyrinth of life,
the only way out.

Some people say
they want to live forever. Nice.
Buy they will laugh at their own words one day,
they will laugh,
when they understand that death
is the privilege of life.
Sep 23 · 141
Peter B Sep 23
The say: "Without you all
the world would be a better place.
No dead bodies washed out on the shore.
No guilt of those who failed to help."

They hate us,
they wish we didn't exist,
they shout "Go to hell! You **** of the world!".

They say they won't help us,
it's impossible to help us all.

But when they see a sinking boat
capsizing under our weight,
something tells them to send the patrols
and bring us safely to the shore.
Sep 22 · 111
Peter B Sep 22
There are lines
between the lines
and the lines
between those lines.
And another set of lines
inbetween of them.
Don't worry if you can't see them,
if you don't know what they mean.
One day you'll read them all
and understand everything.
Sep 22 · 170
Famous Poet
Peter B Sep 22
And when I die,
the fame will come,
but I'll be far away from the limelight,
from all the glitter and gold.

From posing to cameras,
from being someone I'm not,
from doing this for the money.
I'll be far away.

I'll be - home.
Sep 22 · 165
Dream. Cemetery
Peter B Sep 22
I had a dream
I was in a cemetery.
It must have been Summer,
as all the trees were green
and pleased my eyes,
so did the flowers, so bright.

It didn't feel like graveyard
at all
No, nothing like a sad place
where we all go at some point.

It felt more like a garden,
where silence is and joy.

And I didn't want to wake up,
I didn't want to leave,
for there was no place to go.
Sep 20 · 77
Peter B Sep 20
I sometimes go to the hills
and try to spot them flying.
I heard that when you spot an angel,
in your life there will be less dying.

I spend many hours waiting,
people say I should go home
that I'm wasting my time.
That angels don't exist.

But I know one day
I'll see their light.

Well, if they don't exist,
then so don't I.
Aug 28 · 99
Peter B Aug 28
Travelling used to be fun,
crossing borders
without showing the passport,
welcomed with wide smiles,
no questions asked,
for there was no questions to ask.

Not scouring the suitcases,
no patdowns, no fuss.

No metal detectors, no police, no guns,
just handshakes and hugs,
warm 'Hi' and 'Have a wonderful time'.

Travelling used to be fun.
Aug 28 · 263
Peter B Aug 28
Ripe cherry
waiting to be picked
by the gardener,
before crows
will peck her
to pieces.
Aug 27 · 90
Peter B Aug 27
He is watching us
he's appreciating our efforts
to stay alive.

It pleases him,
when we carry on,
and multiply.

He loves when his children
do what they've been told,
without making a fuss.

When they obey,
he smiles.

He loves his people,
like master
loves his slaves.

God likes us,
the way we strive
to stay alive.

He doesn't like
those of us,
who wants to die.
Aug 27 · 143
Peter B Aug 27
He is contacting me,
regarding the delay
in getting back to him.
He bothers me all the time.

He is reminding me
that he has sent me a message
with all the information
regarding our potential cooperation.

He is disappointed
not hearing back from me.
He is asking
what is wrong with me.

I carefully check my mailbox,
all folders, including spam,
I want to find a typo,
which would prove it's a scam.

I want to find a reason
to get rid of him, but I can't,
I can't find anything,
God knows I try.

Devil is texting me
all the time.
He wants me to work with him,
I get many calls from him,
which I decline.

I wanted to block him,
but it didn't work.
He's got so many addresses,
so many accounts
he sends his emails from.

I thought that one day he would stop,
he would give up,
but no, he won't,
I know it now.

I realized
that he'll always be around,
gotta get used to him,
get used to ignoring him,
and carry on with my life.
Aug 27 · 123
Peter B Aug 27
He wanted peace
and love,
he found war and death.

He didn't care
about the material world,
like poets don't.

Trapped in the human body,
he couldn't win,
people made him lose,
like they always do
with someone who is greater than them.

I look at the men in robes,
with crucifixes
hanging around their necks
and I think to myself:

If he was alive today,
he wouldn't admit he knows them.
They'd call him Judas today.

If he was alive,
he wouldn't want to have anything to do with them.
Aug 27 · 107
On Behalf
Peter B Aug 27
We live
on behalf of someone,
who lives
on behalf of us.

We claim
stranger's prize when we die,
and stranger
claims our prize.

And you may feel
like it's you,
who chooses
and picks the stuff.

But it's someone else
who for you
makes choices
in daily life.
Aug 27 · 217
Nothing But Darkness
Peter B Aug 27
There is nothing but
on the other side,

dark night, like an ocean,
with black moon,
like a smile.

Nothing but
at the end of the tunnel
of life.

The flickering flame
of darkness.

Some people
call it light.
Peter B Aug 22
So you are a poet and one day
you want to be known to the world?
You will, when you die,
just wait.

You want your books
to be published and selling out?
Okay. But first
you need to be dead.

Poets get no recognition,
before they die.
But they still write,
they do their thing,
they raise their inner voice.

Maybe they sometimes
want to shut up and quit,
but they have no choice.
Aug 22 · 141
To Myself
Peter B Aug 22
You will wake up one morning
and suddenly realize,
that what happened yesterday
doesn't matter, at last.

All the wars that you lost,
and the ones that you won,
and the movies you watched,
and the women you loved.

It will feel like not you
lived the life that you've lived,
and not you wore the crown,
calling yourself a king.

One day you will wake up
and suddenly realize,
that the past you've been caught into
doesn't matter,
at last.
Aug 21 · 361
Peter B Aug 21
Death is calling me,
but I'm pretending
I don't hear her voice.

She wants me now.
She is dead *****.
She says I'm hot.

I don't want to go,
I'm kinda not ready yet.
But at the same time,
I want to say Yes.

I'm hesitating,
haven't decided yet.
I still have a choice!

She knows one day I will break.
She has no patience,
she can't wait.

But it feels like the decision
has been already made
- by her.
Aug 21 · 215
Flowers Can Speak
Peter B Aug 21
Flowers can speak
and beautiful is their language,
their voice.
You can hear their whispering,
when silence falls.

But when they wither and die,
they scream
louder than mothers of the children,
taken away from them
to be killed.
Aug 21 · 229
The Rich
Peter B Aug 21
One day they will join
their brothers-in-dust
and live together in box rooms
under the ground,
where no tables, no chairs,
no carpets, no sofas,
just simple beds.
Aug 20 · 1.6k
My Shadow
Peter B Aug 20
My shadow
it wants to be me,
it's jealous,
can't walk and can't sleep.
It thinks
that I'm living a dream,
and to be me
it would do anything.

Be careful
what you wish for
- I say to it.
Aug 20 · 79
Silence From Above
Peter B Aug 20
It's telling me something, quietly,
like a flower opening his petals to the sun.
It's telling me something, at last.

It used to be stone-silent,
not even ringing in ears,
like when blood rushes to the head.

It used to be like cemetery – dead and soundless.

But now, I can hear a tiny sound reverbs.

It's falling on me, motion slow,
revealing something I didn't know,
something new.

Like something turned to dust
- it used to be silent, but now
I disowns its stillness, its hush.

I don't know yet what it’s telling me,
but I'm so glad it's telling me something
at last.
Aug 19 · 186
The Gallery
Peter B Aug 19
The gallery is closing soon,
hurry up,
don't say you will come
another time.

I bet you want to see "Sunflowers".
You say you can wait.

You can,
but what if they can't?
Written after my visit to The National Gallery in London.
Aug 19 · 269
One Life
Peter B Aug 19
Make the most of your life
- people say,
we only have one,
so enjoy it, my friend.

Only one life,
no more, no less.

One life,
but so many deaths.
Peter B Aug 19
Death never takes too long to come,
she's always first, before anyone else.
Born ready.

She never takes her time.
She only takes ours.

She never hesitates.
It's life, which has the second thoughts,
life - an indecisive fool,
who always waits,
till it's too late.

When death is always on the dot
to make - and break -

the rules.
Aug 18 · 178
Susanna (And The Elders)
Peter B Aug 18
Maybe I would have stayed,
if they told me the truth
why they are there for.

And maybe, if they tried a bit harder,
came clean and smelled nice,
maybe I wouldn’t have minded.

If they knew how to speak to me,
if they were gentlemen, not ******,
maybe they would have had me.

If they showed a bit of decency
and a bit of courtesy,
an ounce of a dignity,
not only lust in loans,
maybe they'd have me all.

If they bought me flowers
or sang me a song,
or played a sweet tune,
made me feel like a Princess,
I wouldn't have said No.
Inspired by the painting "Susanna and the Elders" by Rembrandt.
Aug 18 · 266
End Of August
Peter B Aug 18
August never ends
in grace.
It reminds us of the passing time
and it always hurts.

August makes us commit
inner suicide,
before September hits
and gives us a second life.

August never ends
in grace.

In August
Death puts a smile
only on dead man's face.
Aug 17 · 118
Peter B Aug 17
I won't be happy,
until I **** the hunter in me.
Hungry hunter, he's hunting
having no mercy on anything.

Nothing matters to him more than the prey,
blinded by instincts,
born to ****.

I won't be happy,
I will not be free,
until I **** him,
before he kills me.
Aug 16 · 160
Peter B Aug 16
Some candles
don't get blown out by the wind
and even a hurricane
can't make them scared.

Some candles
are much lighter than the sun.

Some candles
produce an inner light.
Aug 16 · 635
Peter B Aug 16
She is like geranium
on a rainy day -
nothing can match
her brightness.
Aug 16 · 206
Peter B Aug 16
Beggars on every corner,
stabbings every day,
no one seems to care about it,
so why I should care?

Potholes are getting bigger,
and the bins are always full,
scruffs takes the stuff out of them,
food leftovers and cigarette butts.
Nobody cares about it,
so I should care why?

Kids do shoplifting in Tesco's,
they smoke ****,
drugs they buy and sell.
Pregnant ******* the bus stop,
is smoking a cigarette.

Nobody cares about it,
so why I care?
Aug 14 · 393
Glory Days Are Over
Peter B Aug 14
Glory days are over
and there's no coming back.

The suitcases are ready,
the train's on its way,
I can hear its howl.

Goodbyeing this city
where we were born and raised.
Children waving at us,
but we aren't waving back.

Glory days are over.
So the poet was right -
life is but a drop
in the ocean of Time.

Glory days over
this supper will be last,
hearts are to be broken
future to become past.

I'm looking at you in the mirror,
but there's no one I can see.

It was nice
not knowing you, Misery.
Aug 14 · 135
The End Of The World
Peter B Aug 14
Some people say they know when
the world will end,
the exact time, the exact date.

They say: Get ready you lot,
The end is coming,
ready or not.

But I've come to conclusion
that the end of the world is happening,
now and here.

Just look around, can't you see?
Aug 14 · 120
Fearless Dying
Peter B Aug 14
bloom without a fear
of turning into dust.

aren't scared to fly,
they don't know that their first day
is the last.

Dead man
is not scared to die,
the only future he's got
is his past.
Aug 13 · 142
Hong Kong In Me
Peter B Aug 13
All my life
someone was telling me what to do,
but I've had enough,
I'm numb to the orders now,
'Do this, do that' -

I'm breaking away,
setting myself free,
I'm not scare to die.

I want to do it my way now,
I have nothing to lose.

There is more to life,
than just being alive.

is something you choose.
Inspired by recent Hong Kong protests
Aug 13 · 407
Now When I'm Done
Peter B Aug 13
Now when I'm done
with running,
we can talk.

From now on I'll have more time for you,
I'm not that busy anymore,
not hustling, fighting
against the time.
No more running
like a blind,
chasing my own shadows
I'd never find.

Now, when I'm done,
we can talk,
just let me know.

I'm all ears,
I'm all patience.

I'm all yours.
Aug 12 · 149
Peter B Aug 12
They have their own world,
secret language they speak.
They worship angry God,
made of their own fear.

They are scared of themselves,
despise what they don't know.
Their aim - to survive,
to conquer - their goal.

They go from town to town,
they ****, ****, and they dance watching homes burning down,
claiming Peace, innocence.

You can **** them with gun,
with a book you have read,
but they will never die,
they will never be dead.
Aug 11 · 191
Stop And Search Me
Peter B Aug 11
Stop and search me whenever,
I've got something to hide:
lost pride of selfish man,
bitterness in my heart.

Stop and search me, arrest me
for the death that I hide
under the lightless eyelids,
in my soul - in my life.

Stop and search me, I dare you!
help me expose myself.
I deserve to die lonely,
and to rot in my grave.

Hiding under my coat
knives of shame, guns of pain,
bombs of despair I carry
since I've stopped seeing her.
Jul 30 · 82
Full Of Life
Peter B Jul 30
is full of life.

Even those,
who want to die.
Jul 21 · 1.4k
Peter B Jul 21
They say change is gonna come,
so I'm waiting,
watching people squeezed on the train,
beggars begging,
youngsters stabbing and shooting,
mothers crying,
and politicians - sitting and debating.
Jun 28 · 194
I Fall In Love
Peter B Jun 28
I fall - in Love -
like leaves in the Fall.
Summer won't haunt me,
neither Winter's cold.
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Jun 28 · 345
For Only Love Matters
Peter B Jun 28
For only Love matters,
the rest is a clutter
you won't take with you
on the journey Home.
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Peter B Jun 22
The policeman probably thought:
'What this guy is doing here?
He definitely isn't up for anything good.
He seems to be nervous,
no, it's not a tourist,
they have cameras, they take a photo and leave.
Must be yet another activist.
This guy, he's annoying,
scruffy dude,
****** at least."

But I was there
for no bad reason,
but simply to pay respect
to the queen of feminism.
Jun 21 · 163
Freedom Of Speech
Peter B Jun 21
If you say bad things,
you can go to jail.
If you say good things,
no one really cares.
Jun 19 · 237
Peter B Jun 19
Life is so short,
there is no time to waste.
In the blue sky
let's dance our death away.
Jun 19 · 320
Peter B Jun 19
The sky
yells at me,
I don't yell at the sky.

I used to, a lot.
But at some point
I stopped.

I shut my mouth,
I wiped my tears,
I got up
from the ground,
from my knees,
I looked up
and smiled.

No more yelling,
no more yelling
at the sky.
Peter B May 31
He knows a lot,
more than we do,
he's very clever,
he's got the highest IQ.

He knows his planets
and all the universe
like his own pocket,
he knows them best.

He knows the laws
of physics and nature,
his head is one big

But he doesn't know
one simple thing:
how salty are,
how salty are tears.

No, he doesn't know
this simple thing:
that salty are,
salty are tears.
Peter B May 31
This poem
won't change the world,
but it will give me a courage
to take another breath.

This poem
won't help anyone,
but it will help me to survive
another day
outside the paradise.

This poem
won't save anyone's life,
it will go unnoticed,
not read by anyone,

it will make me think twice
before befriending Death
and sending Her
flowers or smile.
May 31 · 219
I Die For A Living
Peter B May 31
I die for a living
it's fun,
it makes me feel 
so alive.

I know it sounds wrong,
yes it does,
but it makes me feel happy

May 30 · 260
One Day
Peter B May 30
One day,
one day you'll see
a smile on dead man's face.

One day
they will come after you,
but you won't be there,
you'll be far away.

One day,
one day the sun will shine
for those, who have never seen
the light.

One day,
one day you'll say:
'So all this pain wasn't in vain'.

One day
the unsung heroes
will sing themselves.

One day.
May 29 · 326
Children Of Death
Peter B May 29
They're getting younger
every year,
their wrinkles fade.

Their smile is getting wider
day by day.
Their bodies
supple back.

Their hair
are getting stronger, their teeth
- whiter. One day
they will be young again.

The cradle awaits them,
her womb,
in which they'll flourish
and bloom.
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