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3d · 36
Just him and his pen
against the whole world,
he'll lose many battles,
but he'll win the war.
Apr 15 · 1.2k
Angel of Notre Dame
Peter Balkus Apr 15
I saw an angel,
his wings on fire,
falling down
from the window
of the cathedral.

I saw an angel
falling down
and I cried,
for with his fall
I have died.
Sad day for art lovers...
Apr 10 · 62
First Day In Heaven
Peter Balkus Apr 10
First day in Heaven is nice,
everything looks great,
silence and light around
and love everywhere.

But if stay there overnight,
if you stay there for couple days,
if you stay there for a week,
you won't want to stay there for a year.

You will see how darkness falls,
you will hear the angels' cry,
you will feel the the well-known touch
of a sadness and despair.

You will soon find out the truth,
the whole truth about this place,
you will see the hatred's smile,
you will hear the scream of death.

Fallen angels sleeping rough
on the broken, tattered wings,
and the good souls out of mind,
whispering prayers for themselves.

Martyrs and all disciples
playing cards and drinking wine,
their sins on their sleeves,
their ****** by their side.

First day in Heaven is nice,
everything looks great,
silence and light around
and love everywhere.

But if stay there overnight,
if you stay there for couple days,
if you stay there for a week,
you won't want to stay there for a year.
Peter Balkus Apr 9
What are you doing here?
Why not sleeping? It's late.
People sleep when it's night,
aren't you one of them?

What is wrong with you, huh?
Feeling down? You depressed?
Maybe you need some help,
well, you couldn't care less.

So you write poetry?
You're just wasting your time,
it won't make you go places,
it won't make you a rich man.

Look at people your age,
they are making careers,
they have wives, they have kids,
they all have jobs well paid.

Stop daydreaming, grow up!
Get a grip, life is short.
We have only one life,
you have only one shot.

Why you're laughing at me?
You know what? It is sad.
I feel sorry for you,
I hope one day you'll change...

You are not listening!
You live in your own world!
Who do you think you are?!
Oh, stop acting like God!

That's enough, I have tried,
giving up now. Your choice.
Going  back to bed.
Good night. Do what you want.
Apr 9 · 88
Getting There
Peter Balkus Apr 9
Getting there, but - don't know where,
to be honest - I don't care.

What counts is that I'm getting there,
slowly, slowly, step by step,
every second, every day
I am closer, yes, I am!

Sometimes it feels like I can see it,
I can taste it and I can hear it.
Sometimes it feels that I am there
and I am not here anymore.
Like I got there, finally,
feels a bit strange, but - feels like home!

But it's still long time to go,
many sleepless nights and days,
still on my way, getting there,
through the snow, the hail and slit,

getting there,
well, don't know where,
but to be honest -  I don't care.

Would't help me, if I did.
Peter Balkus Apr 7
You have only one life,
but at the same time
you live forever.

I know, it's confusing,
no, you won't understand it.
So enjoy your life,
don't try to be clever.
Apr 7 · 114
Peter Balkus Apr 4
it's me again,
hope you don't mind.

I need to talk to you,
you don't need to listen,
that's fine.

I missed you,
I know it sounds wrong.
I am sorry.
If you insist, I will go.

I shouldn't be here,
I should be at work,
making money for myself
and for the government.

I didn't tell anyone that I'm here,
they'd say I'm wasting my time.
But they waste their lives,
living without art,
like animals.

I want to be here, with you,
I want to stare at your face.
It relaxes me, it makes me happy,
it makes my day.

You are so beautiful.
I'd love to know you better,
I know I can't.
There's an abbys of time between us,
dividing us -
we live in two different worlds.

I'd better go,
I'm standing here too long,
the security guard is watching me,
I must look odd.

I'll see you soon,
take care for now.
Stay safe,
have a nice day,
Inspired by the painting 'Doña Isabel de Porcel' by Francisco de Goya (The National Gallery)
Apr 4 · 111
Peter Balkus Apr 4
Oh Sadness,
Sadness is all mine,
she never leaves me.
She's always with me,
day and night.

Oh Sadness,
Sadness makes me cry,
and I can't leave her.
I hope she'll leave me,
when I die.
Apr 4 · 89
Let Poets Be Poets
Peter Balkus Apr 4
Let grey skies brew the rain,
let children play,
let men drive their cars,
and let poets sit and stare
at the stars.

Don't try to change them,
they won't,
they don't care about cars,
they don't want to die old.

All they want is to dream
and to write,
and to love, feel the love,
fell in love at first sight.

Nothing else matters to them,
nothing else counts.

Let poets be poets.
Apr 4 · 668
The Day I Met Her
Peter Balkus Apr 4
The day I met her...
it was a sunny day.
No clouds on the sky,
no chill in the air,
and zero chance of rain.
Mar 29 · 258
Prayer Break
Peter Balkus Mar 29
Some need a prayer break,
but I need a break from praying,
as the time I spent talking to God,
seems like was spent in vain.
Mar 26 · 132
Peter Balkus Mar 26
It used to be fun
watching them
juggling and making silly things,
embarrassing themselves
for the sake of it.
I welcomed them in my life.

But not anymore,
now I am bored,
I'm fed up with them,
doing the same tricks,
pulling the faces,
making funny sounds.
They don't entertain me anymore,
they don't make me laugh.

They annoy me,
they bore me,
I don't want to watch them,
I'm done.

They can *******,
****** clowns.
Mar 25 · 117
Sleeping With Ghosts
Peter Balkus Mar 25
They hold me tight,
they kiss my lips,
my eyes.

When it's time to wake up
they say: "Don't worry,
stay in bed.
Keep dreaming,
keep dreaming,
don't let anyone wake you up."
Inspired by song  Sleeping With Ghosts by Placebo
Mar 17 · 91
Big Boss
Peter Balkus Mar 17
They say he's coming.
He may come
any time from now on.

They say to be ready:
Keep yourselves busy!
Do the work!
And when you finish, then pretend,
that you are busy
just in case he'll suddenly knock
to the door.

No messing around!
all jokes aside!
you will laugh when he leaves!
But till then no time for that!

Don't talk!
Don't smile!
Do not sit down!
Don't yawn and sigh
as he may caught you red!

Stay vigilant
and do you work!
He'll come one day!
He may already be on his way.

But days go by,
and months, and years,
still waiting, he hasn't come yet.

And colleague whispers to my ear:
He'll never come to check on us,
it's all *******, my friend.
He is too busy with his own work,
or maybe too lazy to care,
so relax, don't stress yourself
Mar 15 · 108
The Biggest Ever Lie
Peter Balkus Mar 15
The biggest ever lie is
that I don't love you.
The biggest ever lie is
that I don't want you,
that I without you
don't lose my mind -
that is the biggest ever lie.

The biggest ever lie is
that I don't need you,
that - when I am without you -
I don't cry.
That I am happy,
when you ain't with me -
that is the biggest ever lie.
Mar 14 · 119
Mar 13 · 307
Peter Balkus Mar 13
are architects
of their own demise.
Mar 11 · 284
If Love
Peter Balkus Mar 11
If love's a sin,
I am the biggest sinner,
who doesn't seek
forgiveness from the Lord.

If love's a crime,
I am a criminal,
held in the prison,
where no one escaped from.

If love's a sea,
I am the strongest wave,
I am its storm,
I am its loneliness.

If love is cruel,
don't ask me to be kind.
If love's a madness,
I want to lose my mind.

If love's a dream,
don't wake me up, I beg you,
when Summer ends,
let Autumn be my bed.

If love's a garden,
I am a blooming flower,
you water me,
my lady gardener.
Mar 10 · 261
Peter Balkus Mar 10
Not diamonds, neither gold,
not a cross pendant,
neither a watch,
not even the smallest bead,
hidden carefully
at the bottom of your pocket
you will be able to take with you
on a journey to the Uknown.

Only as much as fits within the darkness
under your eyelid.
No more.
Mar 6 · 109
Mother Earth
Peter Balkus Mar 6
The body I temporarily own,
I cherish and I adore -
it'll be taken from me,
I will become

The eternity I crave,
my nothingness I try to escape -
she will offer the shelter for them.

To the mystery of life
she will find the clue,
and the child who will die in me,
in her belly will move.
Mar 5 · 296
The Image Of Her
Peter Balkus Mar 5
I won't take anything with me
on the unknown journey,
when I die,

but I will smuggle the image of her
under the eyelid,
closed, closed wide.
Mar 5 · 113
People Say
Peter Balkus Mar 5
People say 'we live once',
I laugh at what they say;
I have lived many times,
for I die every day.

People say 'seize a day
for so short is your life';
Out loud at what they say
laughs a dead butterfly.
Mar 4 · 517
Sometimes I Wonder Why
Peter Balkus Mar 4
Sometimes I wonder
the beauty makes me cry.

Sometimes I wonder
bright stars fall from the sky.

Sometimes I wonder
what precious has to die.
Mar 4 · 195
Here With Me
Peter Balkus Mar 4
I was sitting at the table,
drinking tea,
thinking of her
and how beautiful it would be
if she was here with me.
Well, she was here with me.
Peter Balkus Mar 1
I was standing tall
with my head held high,
had no shame, no guilt,
no fear in my heart.

Bullets she produced
I caught in my teeth,
laughing in her face,
it's her who was weak.

But this day has come,
I've lost all my strenght,
all my bragging's gone
all my confidence.

I did try my best
to stay strong, defend
my egoism, pride
and my selfishness.

I've burnt all white flags
she has sent my way,
now the same white flags
I am waving her.

For this day has come,
she has found the way
to win, make me fall,
oh, have come this day!

All my castles - sand
turned out to build them,
walls around me, hah!
she be-rubbled them.

No escape for me,
no caves, hide-aways,
she is coming and
now I'm all but hers.
Mar 1 · 247
Listening To Morrissey
Peter Balkus Mar 1
Listening to Morrissey,
I'm thinking of her,
why I let her go,
why I let myself fall
from the highest floor
of the highest building in the world.

Why I let myself drown
in the deepest river, why
I let myself go blind.
I sleep alone in the street,
far away from home.

Listening to Morrissey,
I am thinking of her,
why I let her go,
why I let myself go mad,
why I said 'No' to Love.

The happiness is so close,
so why I am running away?
How long you can live dead?
Tell me, how long?

Listening to Morrissey,
I am thinking of her.
I am thinking of
Mar 1 · 193
When She's Gone
Peter Balkus Mar 1
Ain't no moonshine
when she's gone.
Mar 1 · 148
Peter Balkus Mar 1
I sometimes go to a cemetery
to see my friends,
ask them how they are doing,
are they okay.
And, they are always okay.
Mar 1 · 194
Peter Balkus Mar 1
Labyrinth of life
has only one exit:
through its entrance.
Mar 1 · 254
Peter Balkus Mar 1
They don't settle down,
their home is in the stars.
They quietly wait
for sweet homecoming.
Feb 26 · 214
Angel Amongst People
Peter Balkus Feb 26
He came here by accident,
God must have made a mistake.
He doesn't like what he sees,
he doesn't belong to this world.

He wants to be so perfect
in everything he does,
but people spoil it for him,
people - they hold him down.

He loves to go for a long walk,
in churches he can sit for hours,
he spends all days in gardens,
talking to birds and flowers.

He wants to live beautifully,
he wants to love and to smile,
but people - they're full of anger,
people, they hold him down.

They disgustingly spit on a pavement,
they never whisper, but shout,
they only think about money,
only talk about material life.

He cries at night in his bed,
he's slowly losing his mind,
he finds this world disappointing,
he can't wait to go back - to the stars.
Feb 26 · 306
Peter Balkus Feb 26
Angels cry,
even if they're not falling.
Feb 26 · 120
The moon
Feb 24 · 820
Peter Balkus Feb 24
Tell me, tell me please,
how many teas you've drunk today,
how many tears.

Tell me, tell me please,
did you sleep on the floor again,
I see.

Tell me, how many days
you've spent staring at the window,
dreaming of her.

Tell me, tell me please,
how long you'll be running away from Love
being a mess.

But you know well
one day she'll find you
and she will look into your eyes
and unblind you.
Feb 23 · 95
Peter Balkus Feb 23
I hope she will wait for me,
I hope I'll see her again.

Yes, I am dead to her,
a speck of a memory,
but I hope she will wait for me.
I hope she will wait for me.

My small ship is heading home,
my life is in hands of the sea,
but I hope I will make it one day
and I hope she will wait for me.
"In Homer's Odyssey, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus, who is known for her fidelity to Odysseus while he was absent, despite having many suitors."
Feb 23 · 124
Peter Balkus Feb 23
Love is a flower,
which never

Love is a mirror,
which never
Feb 22 · 98
Only God Knows
Peter Balkus Feb 22
Only God knows
how much I love her
and why I can't
get her out of my heart,

and why I can't live
and can't do without her.
Only God knows
why she is my God.
Feb 22 · 292
Peter Balkus Feb 22
When you're in love,
it never ends.
It always stays
until the end,
which never comes.
Feb 22 · 109
A Letter To Myself
Peter Balkus Feb 22
Are you happy now,
having let her go,
lying on the floor,
yelling at the sky,
are you happy now?

You said you don't mind
being on your own,
you said she's too much,
she gets in the way
of your goals and plans,

you can't be with her,
you know what you want,
that you're never wrong,
you deserve much more,
so are you happy now,
now, when you abandoned Love,
when Death is your home,
are you happy now?

Are you happy now,
having let her go,
lying on the floor,
kissing your own lips,
stroking your own hair,
touching your own wrists,
drinking your own tears,
when no life, no hope,
and the loneliness
cuts your heart in half?
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?
Feb 16 · 243
Peter Balkus Feb 16
The man on a bus stop
on Valentine's Day,
he looked so sad,
he was talking to himself,
he was cursing himself.

He said:
I could have had her,
I could have been happy,
if I only wanted to,
I could've been happy by now.
But I'm a ghost,
I have no life,
since the day I said 'No' to love.

I am a mess,
I want to die,
my heart is an empty house,
locked from inside.

I have no purpose,
no goals,
no future, no past.
Since I turned my back to love,
my time is a pile of dust.

I could have had her,
if I only wanted, I could have had,
I could have breathed her breath,
I could have smiled her smile.
Her beautiful eyes,
I could have seen with,
but I've chosen to be blind.

Her voice, I could have lullabied,
but I've chosen to be deaf.
Her lips I would have been kissing now,
but I've no lips, only dry wounds,
since I said 'No' to love.

I thought I could be happy
on my own,
I am a *****,
a selfish *****,
I am a mess,
I am a dead man,
I am a ghost...

Oh, it's my bus,
no it's not my bus,
no bus will take me where I want,
no bus will take me home,
I have no home
since I said 'No' to love.

I have no home,
my grave's my home,
since my love's gone.

The man on a bus stop
on Valentine's Day,
a shadow of man
in tears.

It was me.
Feb 7 · 191
Her Smile
Peter Balkus Feb 7
Her smile
erases any traces
of my time.
Feb 6 · 153
Die Young
Peter Balkus Feb 6
I always wanted to die young,
but now,
now I'm too old for that.
Feb 6 · 212
Peter Balkus Feb 6
I visit churches
to breathe the silence,
for in the silence
you can find God.
There is no silence
in this world.
Feb 6 · 201
She Is Poetry
Peter Balkus Feb 6
She is Poetry
an I am nobody,
I am dust-to-be,
speck of mortality.

I don't know why she cares,
why she even talks to me.
But she does talk to me,
and I am listening.

She says: You are listening,
when no one is listening,
you care when no one cares,
when no one wants me
Feb 6 · 98
Feb 6 · 183
Rain (Haiku)
Feb 5 · 193
I Wish I Was A Guitar
Peter Balkus Feb 5
I wish I was a guitar,
how easier it would be
to express love living in me,
when my own tongue
helplessly tied.

I wish I was a guitar,
which softly weeps,
how joyous weeping this would be,
how sweet!

My six strings tune
whispered to my dearest's ear
she would adore!

She'd touch my board,
she'd hold me tight,
she'd kiss my neck,

she'd love me more!
Written while listening to Guitar Concerto in D major RV.93 (2) by Antonio Vivaldi
Feb 5 · 233
Peter Balkus Feb 5
Only she knows
that I won't sleep tonight.

Only she knows
how beautiful is my life.

Only she knows
that love is on my mind.

Only she knows
that I will never die.
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