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Just showered the week off me,
I do it daily, but it only works
on Friday
I do not use 'Camay'
because it's probably
a registered trade name
and I won't get in a lather
for any of their fame,
unless they pay me lots of
What was the slip?
the hop and skip
the trip
just a blip on the radar?

How far did it go
was I there
do I know?

told me later.

I drank lemonade
but it was Scheherezade
who drank me in

I tried to begin
the paIn
stopped me.
This day, so long,
until I remembered
years had passed.
If there's no I
in Team
and no I
in Me
do I
fit in.
richly held
hidden in
fractured chest

big people
shifting boxes

a child's fissure
clasping favourite shell

swift salvage
in tight world
rescue from
gaping hole

#family #disruption #moving #treasures #mementos #lost #ignored
For a very young child, moving house can be incredibly bewildering, disruptive, even traumatizing, especially when moving countries tends to mean belongings need to be severely curtailed.  Few remember their own childhood attachments, closely held treasures, even if perceived by harried adults as inconsequential as a bag of broken seashells.  Would a little more listening and empathic explanation with kindness ease things well at such transition times
Love is wonderful
And unforgiving.
Seemingly hard to find
But for me, too easily given.
Mine is the mind that always fights against time and when in two minds about it, (one which would doubt it) the other one gives me the strength to carry on the fight.

A day might come and I might give in,
leave the living, but I can't imagine that
happening soon.


even when standing my ground the
hands on the clock seem to race faster
around the dial
and though that ****** me off
no end
I smile because time's really a friend
and I am in need of one,
time is ideal as one
and I am as one with it.
And she looked in the mirror
And whispered
"I don't know you"
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