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Peter Balkus Sep 25
I'm a poet,
I have nothing
except words.

I'm a poet,
I don't care about
the world.

Take your money,
take your cars
take your pearls.

I'm a poet,
I don't care about
the world.

Well, yeah, sometimes
I wish I was
someone else.

But I'm a poet,
poets can't escape
their Fate.
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Peter Balkus Sep 13
Life isn't fair,
death isn't neither,
but at least she tries.

Life may be clever,
life may be smart,
but death is wise.

If you see a smile
on a dead man's face,
don't be surprised.
Peter Balkus Sep 10
The best prayer is when you pray in silence,
talking to God like listening to the rain,
when you have this feeling -
when you know that you know
that all the loud prayers are in vain.
Peter Balkus Aug 17
If I try hard,
I can get her out of my

even if I try hard
I can't get her out of my
Peter Balkus Aug 13
Poets think,
poets write,
poets pray.
Poets live
in the bright

Poets shine,
poets don't fall far
from grace,
because poets
have no life
--- to waste.
Peter Balkus Aug 13
My coffee
is never sweet enough.
Even if I put five sugars,
it still tastes awfully.

I once tried ten,
and it didn't work.
I wonder why.

My coffee
is never sweet enough.
I guess that's what happens
when you're fed up with life.
Peter Balkus Jul 31
- it always comes
too early.

- it always goes
too late.

is an impatient 

for silence
after the heavy
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