They always are
one blink of wings away
from eternity.

They always are
one sunrise away
from the dust.

They know well,
that their first dance
is the last.
He passed away in 1791,
aged thirty five.
He never saw a car,
never heard a noise of a machine.
His lungs
never breathed a smog.

He didn't wait
for the industrial revolution,
wild capitalism
and their awful consequences.

He left much earlier,
saving his senses
from the ugliness of the world,

from the unpleasant times,
which were soon to come.

He - happily - withdrew
from the end of the world.
can string two souls

Love can make them

Love is great,
it never says
I know one day she will come
and take me to her home.
She will give me a place to stay,
she will feed me, she will be my friend.

But she doesn't know, no, she doesn't know,
that I will never be her - I'll always be yours.

I'll be dancing on my grave,
I'll be laughing at her,
I'll be singing the song of joy,
no, I will never be hers, for I'll always be yours.

I'll be holding you tight,
I'll be kissing your beautiful eyes,
I'll be whispering in your ear,
that I'm yours, that I'll never be hers.

I'll always be yours, for I'll never be hers.
Nothing is sweeter,
nothing makes me happier,
nothing makes me more forever-bound,
than loving her.
Her touch,
an ointment
for my wounds.
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