Peter Balkus Oct 26
He is happy now
in a peaceful rest.
He fought for his country,
he did his best.

It wasn't easy life,
bed of thorns, no roses,
but he is smiling now,
whispering It was worthy.

He could've lived much longer
if didn't go to war,
he could've spent his days
in never-ending awes.

But he chose a different fate,
much different fate he chose.

Staring at the stars,
he is smiling now.

Knowing that his land
ain't a land of the chained,
he is full of joy
and young again.
Inspired by "The Great War Symphony - The Dead Soldier" by Patrick Hawes
Peter Balkus Oct 25
I collect dreams,
I've got loads of them
at my tiny place -
they are everywhere!

On my bedroom floor,
in the corridor,
in the kitchen, stacked
on the wash-machine,

next to plates and mugs.
And under the sink.
In the cellar, and
in the attic too.

They are - everywhere,
no place left, no room.

But I'd never wanted
to chuck them away -
I believe my dreams
will come true one day.
Peter Balkus Oct 25
I hope you like
the world you created.
I hope you are less bored now.

I hope you are having fun,
watching us.

I hope
it makes you feel less lonely,
less mad.
Peter Balkus Oct 24
I'm not scared of the sea,
and the sea
is not scared of me.
It exists for me
and tells me that to be
is much sweeter
than not to be.
Peter Balkus Oct 23
is the place
where there's no pain,
no cry,
no injustice,
no death.

It's a nothingness,
where a happiness
of being
- not necessarily
of being alive.
Peter Balkus Oct 22
Oh Handel
is like a beautiful
I simply can't handle
Inspired by 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' by George Frideric Handel.
Peter Balkus Oct 22
mihi Domine"
by Christobal de Morales
- what a peace (!)
of music it is!
Inspired by Christobal de Morales' 'Parce Mihi Domine' heard on ClassicFM
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