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Peter B Jul 10
They're trying to keep us quiet,
but our mouths will never shut.
But we will keep amazingly silent,
when they want us to speak up or shout.
Peter B Jul 10
When they win a race
the light of grace is on their face,
but soon it dims, it fades away,
and they feel like losers.

I am not like them.
Peter B Jul 10
One day death will come and take me.
She will give me a place to stay,
she will feed me and dress me,
not knowing
that I will never be her.
Peter B Jun 3
They died long time ago
in now-forgotten wars.
And no one knows them here.

Though someone,
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Peter B Jan 26
Pandora wasn't just pretty,
she was beautiful.

But it was a paradox
that man couldn't marry her
without her mysterious box.

The box was made
of jewels, gold.
Her husband opened it.

The evil was inside,
and it spreaded around the world
with a great speed.

Well, the cat
never kills curiosity,
but the opposite.
Peter B Nov 2020
Let's not talk about war,
let's talk about more pleasant things,
for example
about how beautiful we are,
and how beautiful is the world
we are living in.
Peter B Nov 2020
No, we won't lose,
we are too proud
to be enslaved.

We won't be told
what to do - by the media
and the government.

Yes, we will win,
we are too beautiful
to waste away.

Money divides us,
but Love will unite us
one day.
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