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There’s just too much life
Outside these concrete walls
For me to keep wasting time
On things that don’t matter
And people who don’t care
My new mantra...
Peter Garrett Oct 11
The rope’s tied on the ceiling
Razors are by the tub’s side
Colourful pills inside the drawer
A loaded pistol is on the desk…
They've been there for weeks
Repeatedly calling my name
And I’m not sure if I am
Strong enough not to
Follow their voices
Hopefully they'll just go away
We were born in a cursed land
A place lost in time and space
Where dreams come to an end
And our beat sound out of pace

So I can’t blame you for leaving
Before mediocrity took your glow
I do hope you find some meaning
Around the pines covered in snow

For there’s beauty in the wild north
If you let it guide your spirit forth
The cold will turn into warmth
Inspired by one of the bravest person I've ever met
Peter Garrett Sep 25
You spoke about leaving
So often and for so long
That I didn't believe
You'd be gone
I just wish I was there for you... something to regret every day.
Peter Garrett Sep 23
Every day I fight…
A poet’s hopeless battle
Desperately trying to tame
The raging ocean in my heart
Into something beautiful

Every day I fail…
For I can’t swim to a calm bay
Or find any beauty in my words
Still I fight, for I’m a fighter
And that’s what fighters do
I'm probably just doing it wrong...
Peter Garrett Sep 17
Lately I've been feeling most odd
Watching the hours slowly go by
Like every day is an endless dream
And I'm just too numb to wake up
Most of my friends moved... or are just too steeped in their own plans. Feels like the world's spinning for everyone but me.
Peter Garrett Sep 11
I don't mind if you don't mind
You can be Miss Atomic Bomb
And I'll be Mr. Brightside
Such a The Killers fan...
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