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When you asked me
To runaway with you
I took two minutes to pack
And three to realize
It was but a bad joke
Only you can take me out of bed
And get me through the day
With you all of my troubles lay dead
All of my demons are chased away

You need no sugar, need no cream
I like you dark, bitter and true
Together we make a perfect team
For with you I never feel blue

I’d dare to say you’re my best friend
Whether simple or a fancy blend
We’re a match to the very end
An ode written this morning during coffee euphoria
Peter Gareth May 12
How I deeply wish
You could read my poems
As you once read me
You were really good at it
Peter Gareth May 11
(Madeline Lune)

I fall in love with people with whom I do not truly know
I fear I will never fall in love
As whenever I know a person is when I lose interest
The only way we could be together always is
If there are parts of you I will never be able to figure out

(Peter Gareth)

I fall in love with people with whom I do not truly know
As if I’m only capable of loving the ideal of love
I always fall for shadows, never flesh and bone
Is there something wrong with me?
For it feels like every time I let someone in
My heart wander away
Some lines Madeline Lune and I wrote together... she is a super talented poetess and if you haven't read her work yet, make sure that you do
Peter Gareth May 9
I wish you could see yourself
The same way as I do
For it's quite a view
Too bad only you can't see it
Peter Gareth May 9
Why do I keep doing this to myself?
Once again I’m skunk as a drunk
(Perhaps the other way around)
In that dark alley behind our bar
Desperately searching for you
In the bottom of another bottle
Rehearsing that effect speech
I’d say right in your face

Truth be told, these lines are all in vain
I’ll probably never see you again
And even if I do, I’d be speechless
Falling under your spell (and your legs)
So I giggle at myself
While pouring another shot
And toasting to my silly monologue
Bartender, bring me another bottle of the good stuff!
Peter Gareth May 7
I'm not good with rhymes
Nor have an exquisite vocabulary
Nevertheless I pen, 'cause when I do
I give away my bare ***** soul
Setting myself free through
Paper & ink
Writing about writing is such a cliche, but I never get tired of it
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