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Sep 25 · 124
Published My First Book!
Hello everyone, for those that are still here I'd like to inform you that I have my first poetry book Before It's Too Late published under Amazon Kindle! It features many of my poems here, ones I wrote in the past but not posted and some afterwards of my hiatus here.  To all of those that have supported me since I began my account, thank you very much for the fervent encouragement and being very welcoming. This project is dedicated to all of you.

Much love and thanks,
You can preview/purchase it here at:
Jul 2019 · 204
Two Walls
My head is a carousel that never ceases
Driving me insane
Growing more irritable as time rages on
Two walls pressing together
Crushing the rational thought
My face has distraught
Written all over  it
Sorry If I look like I hate you
That's how I feel about the cards I've been dealt
Over and over
I have to be a modern day Thomas Edison
To get anything accomplished
Some days feel like I'm being admonished
I want to scream but I don't want to scare anyone
How can I feel hopeful
When I reach a dead end everywhere I go
I'm trying so hard to keep it to myself, I hope you know
None of it is your fault
Drugs and alcohol won't help me cope
I'll just worsen in this state
I hope my sanity and focus can elope
I've had my goals under a scope
I'm angry at being alive like this and myself but never you
Negative but too optimistic to ask for help
We're at a crossroads
You might want to turn around
There's too much road work ahead
Dec 2018 · 230
Twelve Traits
Twelve days of Christmas
Your true love should give to you
Twelve of their best traits
The Pear tree is going to have to be empty this year
For what is truly sincere
Excitement of items are so out of here
That something so special, so dear
Will be in
For the rest of times
Santa better skip this house
Because I'd hate for our time together to be interrupted
You have no idea how many times my heart has erupted
Out of endless joy
Being around you
Dec 2018 · 176
Miraculous Gift
Kissing under the Misled Toe is for amateurs
I want to go all out
Let me show you the kind of miraculous gift you are
By the strength of your vocals and intensity of your muscles
Instead of some poor attempt of materialism
I'll let my actions prove what the real focus of Christmas should be
Nov 2018 · 157
Cheaters have a *** addiction to multiple women
Loyal men have a *** addiction to their wife
Nov 2018 · 160
When I say I love you
I mean it
But I'll let my affection do the talking
Anywhere on the floor
Triggering your riptide to burst out
Now we're sitting in it
An ocean of love
Don't worry about the mess
I get so giddy seeing your physical reaction
All I want is for you to feel satisfied 24/7
It's what you deserve special girl
These boys will play with your emotions and make your heart hurt as you cry
But all I will do is make your legs cry
And give you those goosebumps
That you give me when you dont even try
I feel wholesome when I look at you
I don't need a reason why
You're my sunshine sky
This is not a lie.
Oct 2018 · 203
A true test of a man's character
Is to see if he'll bother to stick around
When you impose no copulation before marriage
Many will shut the door
To never look back
Civility is something we often
Forget to possess
Some never choose to have it
Oct 2018 · 404
Red Oak
I'm your Red Oak tree
Climb on top of me.
Oct 2018 · 237
Don't wait until Halloween
To make her scream
Not from fear
But for more.
Oct 2018 · 146
She's a supermodel without the penthouse
It's a million dollar mistake if you're not careful
The overall outlook seems baleful
It can still be amended
This is a tiring game of pretended
I'm just hoping I've contended
We're in a time where people say whole lots of words but never meant them
Poetry plays a hand in it's crazies, cheaters and wifebeaters
Why are you trying to be her?
She has nothing on you and that's a fact
I care for how we interact
If you're not seeing someone let's have a discussion
You've dealt with and dished out the repercussions
I'm hoping to be the one the curve the stock arrow
Your life, your wishes, your fears, your passion
Each and every inch of your bone marrow
Don't worry about your one room apartment
The neighbors will have to understand
I care about you and your potential
Giving you something you always deserved
If not me, somebody better
They're out there somewhere.
Oct 2018 · 289
If you're what I have
I'm going to be the one to raise your calves
High heels dropping off
I made a landing on you and I'm here to stay
There's no running away
Just the same feeling after we've sensually peaked
Making our dissatisfaction weak
With the world and our issues
Loyalty is rare
Everyone just wants to be bare
With nothing else
I like the action
But it's pointless without the emotional connection
My desires always comes second
That's a huge rule
Many of us miss
Oct 2018 · 127
Form a petition
To stop calling sleeveless shirts wifebeaters.
Oct 2018 · 213
I don't know what we're supposed to write
Why does everything I do feel trite?
Spending my nights binging Nick At Nite
Formulating ideas to get them right
Another sleepless night
Becoming a sleeping day
Lost on what to say
It feels like the whole world will pay
One way or another
Do you feel the same?
Sep 2018 · 2.6k
I'm looking to find my balance
Decorating it like valance
I'll bring plenty to the table
Talk about that spring balance
No more kidding around, kid's allowance
You want a real man
Looking for someone to stan
It won't happen at expectation
It will be a genuine donation
To your soul
When you're engulfed by the ghoul
Three strikes when you bowl
Too traumatized to smoke one
Good thing though, you don't want to be done
It's an unlawful run
Like you're afraid of Attila The ***
There's no need
To be swallowed in depression and other's greed
We all have our history of beads
That bog us down
You're not the only one in town
To have these emotions
But I might be one of the few to have that devotion
Causing intense commotion
You better bring the lotion
Because I'm making this swamp dry
Letting this fog die
I'm not a perfect guy
Maybe not the best buy
Maybe Geek Squad
I can barely carry quads
But I can carry you
To the shores
You can retain my core
These muscle remain sore
But I'd rather it be that way
You're the forever in the day
Unless you break my bays
Floodgates of acid
Don't like to come to this in placid
Or even casual
It all has to be natural
Call me super
You won't be believing your eyes
It's tough enough to realize
That you don't always need to be chastise
I like to run up the imaginary commas clockwise
Here's words to the wise
You got to read them
Carefully heed
Before you bleed
Out too much to grasp the rails
Carrying the pails
Dropping them horribly
I hope you'd be out unscathed
This pool we've bathed
Has changed us all
So refuse to stall
Face what's been breaking you
Because there's no replacing you
I'm not always going to be chasing you
So you better have a good reason
Don't force me into the feeling of treason
I can be your beacon
Your personal deacon
It's easy to weaken
Whether you're Persian or Puerto Rican
Same thing applies
The world can be full of flies
But you got to smack them down
Hard and ruthless
Just don't be shallow or toothless
I can definitely prove this
They'll devour you whole
Make sure they know you're swole
From the North Pole to the South Pole
You got it locked
Keep your weapon glocked
Firm and steady
So you're at the ready
Don't force yourself
To change to those peering
I'm going to be on the sidelines cheering
Snickering and sneering
It's all useless after the clearing
Do you want another hearing?
It'll be the same
You're born into this game
No need for the money and fame
You got that perfect level of tint
You're not desperate, you're just in a crisis like Flint
Everyone gets there
Under the rut
Under the rule of the oligarchs in the sophisticated tiki hut
Full breeds and muts
Are what they declare
But they couldn't be more wrong
We all don't sing in song
But the subtle singing still matters
No matter how hard they try to shatter
Don't destroy your bladder
Because you're growing sadder
Confront me, I'll drop it
Like the hottest mixtape
So I can fix your heart with invincible tape
Together we can vape
Just don't get too carried away
I like the bonding, let's keep it that way
Trying not to run out of things to say
To the likeness of you
What a beauty to see you swoon
Hate being gone so soon
If you were
That would be a tremendous stur
Causing me to say every derogatory slur
At the sky
Looking for a reason
Why this all transpired
You make my heart go higher
I'm not your sire
But we need each other
I got my brothers from another mother
But you are the rest
Pounding chest
Can you make another perfect guess
On where my loyalty lies
The last thing I'd ever do
Is lie to you
All these pictures I drew
All these planes I flew
The numbers turned into a slew
Nothing compares
To the Mary Sue
I found at the helm
I'll go wherever you realm
These gargoyles I'll whelm
They'll have to keep fighting
Cause my heart keeps igniting
It's a little freightening
But I'll make it work
I always do
Not always starting with the clues
But I can decipher all the blue
Turn you into orange and red
Making sure you're never truly dead
I won't ever imagine that story line in my head
Some things are better left unsaid
Give me your perfection instead.
Sep 2018 · 227
Another Revival
Already on this momentum
Seeking another revival
Don't care much about the rivals
Looking forward to the arrivals
Please follow the bibles
That we're providing
You got to be cognizant of the horse you're riding
To get here, to make a mark
If you want to sing like a Lark
You got to be caring of your performance
This window of opportunity is enormous
You got to mitigate the dormice
To know who's truly there
Too many are in a sad state of affairs
I got my goals in the crosshairs
Forget harping on the job fairs
I want to throw my influence in the air
See if you can even catch it
Working tirelessly, trying to match it
Don't leave any cracks, bury the hatchet
It looks to me that this is sloppy and ratchet
Laugh it off, zero attachment
I'll explain my dfetatchment
But first you got to understand
Despite not being from the same land
We have to be on the same ground
I've taken despair by the pound
Way too animals left there
If you truly care
About your art
To alleviate the tension and not fall apart
You need to be focused
Strong and cohesive
Try to be adhesive
Pick up those pieces
Vacate to your beaches
Make sure you bring your breeches
So you can start your speeches
Of verse
Over again, rehearse
Seeing the world in obverse
Verbally amerse
Playing the fair central
Be astute with the pencil
Utilize that utensil
To bend your will
Creating the chill
Among the audience
You have to have the skill of clairaudience
To truly make things work
Not only do you have to ravage, you have to merk
Never wipe off that smerk
So you can avoid being a mere clerk
At some ordinary place
You got to respect every face
Keep an open mind on the preface
Life's not a race
Emotions can be beautiful or pure mace
Working hard to not be a disgrace
Is amicable
That's what should be predicatable
But it isn't
We've fallen so deep
You hardly hear a peep
About the best ones
Until they're gone
Showcasing the swans
At this funeral
How many numerals
Do we have to witness
To puncture through this
And call death to seal it with a kiss
There's a heavy mist
When the arms are scarred along with the wrists
From short-term problems
We try so hard to solve them
Mentally ignore, block them
While life has no problem stocking them
You're your own gem
Whether you believe it or not
I hate to let my work rot
Into unproductivity
Practicing better civility
Is what will help us thrive
Eagerly survive
Is much I try to revive
People from theirs issues
Keep in mind those scar tissues
Should be history
Not only in the class
Don't be afraid to look back, just avoid the rehash.
Sep 2018 · 203
Tropical depression
Tired of this elongated recession
Needing that moment of egression
I would rather just sleep until the next day
Yet it doesn't put the elephant away
Only making it more obvious
Master of procrastination
No matter how many pilcations
It seems to be the same result.
I always wish my creative output was more then it is
Sep 2018 · 463
So many desire endless drugs and women
I just see you as the only woman near my milky way
Don't let the spark go away
Always having to participate a parley
Looking for a smart way
To fight off the troubles at my beach
Sep 2018 · 200
It gets lonely at the top
But not upon me
You should be the only gorgeous elve in the magical canopy
I almost don't want a mortal man out of me
Just to spend immortality with you
Sep 2018 · 256
I've had poems written about me
I guess it's the payoff for writing devoutly
I don't want to be cloutly
But I accept that it's there
I never knew I'd entertain a thought
Leaving anyone awestruck and distraught
What a magic the good lord brought
Upon a fellow like me.
Sep 2018 · 297
Forget pre-Madonnas
We want to get away from all the self-proposed Shakespeares that think their opinions matter more here
Humanity should rid itself from elitism and stop being insincere
It would put our contributions in the clear.
Aug 2018 · 205
She'll be in front of a mirror forever
Worried to death she's lost her appeal
But I take one look at her and be amazed
Worrying that I'll finish early when we start
Because she's so gorgeous that I can't handle
My urges to express
That in my male anatomy
There's not much else I'd enjoy just as much
Then spending the rest of my life losing my breath
To such a beauty
I can't imagine a loveless marriage
I'd be thinking
How can I make her scream in pleasure louder then last time?
It is a musical score that puts romanticism to shame.
Aug 2018 · 235
I'm looking to rest
My beating heart
In your soft, smooth arms
Being connected to a subtle goddess
All she deserves is something modest
Your chest I want to rest
On into nightly peace
Security is what I feel
Your doubt's I always will repeal
When I love, it's for real
I'm here because everything you are has impress
Not just to see you undress
You are not someone to be controlled or abused
You are an embodiment of perfection
That chooses me among many other man
Her love is something you earn
I'll always try harder
Aug 2018 · 135
Baby Blue
Baby blue eyes
Beautiful blonde hair
Gorgeous but cautious eyes
Not a touch of make up
I'm thinking what a cutie
But even when she makes no effort older creepy guys still bother her
Aug 2018 · 158
The most important component of a relationship
Is trust.
So brain-numbingly simple
People fail to comprehend it
Your problems will only distend
The more you hide and pretend
Don't let beauty end
Because fear has loomed irrationality over you
What strange creatures we are.
Aug 2018 · 231
I just wanted to enjoy the day
Sitting on the bench
Glad I'm not in the drench
From the heat
Talking to people is so neat
But when you only start a conversation
To get my number
It only makes me feel number
To certain situations
I hate to assume
So that's why I don't easily partake
I'm trying to avert myself from the fakes
When you leave me here
Realizing you only wanted something out of me
It puts me into defeat
It's happened multiple times before
Tired of this deplore
This heart tries to vehemently roar
It's definitely a fight
Jul 2018 · 345
I thought I was the only one
To have these reproaching regrets of not staying in touch
It happens to be a story device we've seen too much
We make everything remote
Finishing this bad habit with a garrote
Is not the most pleasant portion of our lives
But the hammer has to come down somehow
We don't want to be sitting on a table asking ourselves why we didn't try when they were alive.
Jul 2018 · 242
Hollow Joint
The fear of a soldier
Is a Hollow Point
The fear of the government
Is a Hollow Joint .
Jul 2018 · 338
My Game
Your past boyfriends may have ignored you playing their game for hours
But mine is thrusting into you for hours
Wanting to see how well I can pleasure the one person that matters most
Your precensce puts my sadness into a roast
Please don't change
You make me want to change
For the better
Jul 2018 · 371
Don't unzip my pants
Unless you love me
Not for my looks
But what consists of me and my head
Nobody hates getting head
But I don't want it if I'm not loved by her
When you spread your legs and I enter your beautiful paradise
It's because you're my partner who I aspire to do that for life with
But that's not why I'll be drawn to you
It's what you do and how you do it
The way you are
I want to go to sleep knowing you're not here to get off
But here to spend your life with me
The fooling around is fine
As long as I know you're mine
And my personality makes me seem mighty fine
I won't mind
Your hands exploring my torso
I am your map
Find and explore the locations
I will gladly guide you to new frontiers
Jun 2018 · 280
Going undercover
In the sheets
Your pleasure is what greets
Go ahead and drink your wine
As we're on Egypian silk
Relax and don't be afraid
To ask for more
Too bad if I'm getting sore
That's the kind of reminder I want
Remembering a glorious session
Intense harmony
Aggressive is just as great as soft
Dig your nails into my back
My love for you won't crack
But my ability to hold it in will
It gives me chills
Thinking about it
Every glance at your beauty is a Jessica Alba moment in the summer
Jun 2018 · 329
Deepest Hours
You call yourself ugly
But I would send you in ectasy so sky high
That'd you need life alert
Because you can't walk straight after our bonding
In the deepest hours of the night
Your muscles so tight
Don't let go
Let it flow
I want our closeness to grow
Don't be afraid to be vocal
It's paradise to me.
May 2018 · 309
Soft Touch
It can be a soft touch on the arm
A strong, commanding smell of perfume
Eyes to surely bloom
Something so beautiful
Hoping the feeling is mutual
I take it slow
The chemistry has to be there
There's so many factors to share
It's going to be awhile before I'll agree to seeing you bare
Not because I don't find you attractive
But because I don't want to disappoint you
Hurt you or disrespect you
If I'm going to share myself with you
It's because I think you're who I love
And not just a body up above
Me giving something I don't deserve
Because I lied
I'm not that type of guy
But that tempting touch
And the questions on what I like
Are flattering
But be cognizant to take it slow and let it flow
There's not much that's worse than forced relationships
A man has to be fully sure
Before he gives her the allure
That plays in her head when she seems me lure
Myself into her vision
May 2018 · 232
Heavy Sleeper
The sadness is kicking in
I don't want her beautiful soul to feel the tip of the needle
As I delve deeper
I'm a heavy sleeper
On the important
But her happiness
Is also important
I have to drive this out of the tunnel
For us to truly move forward
I do everything for her
I have done everything for her
I don't regret a single **** thing I've done for her.
May 2018 · 228
Into Print
People think it's the love and the ***
The deep emotional vex
That completes the hex
But it's really seeing the piles of paper
That never seem to taper
Get put into print
In a text size that you don't have to squint
A sense of joy and accomplishment
That's why I get so much elation
An old house always getting renovation
Some of us attempt to deconstruct those walls
But we're invincible with the notepad and pen
I have this giant grin on my face
When I write in a cozy place
And meet the quota I set
No matter what response I get
I shall be happy to be able to hike up the word count
And do what I enjoy
That's what makes this all worth it.
May 2018 · 198
Don't owe me
At all.
May 2018 · 290
This house has been empty for over a week
No companion on my side
I won't break, switch sides
And replace him like it was nothing
Pets are not novelty items
You hear me?
They're something we hold so dear
I've trajected so many tears
Since the day of his passing
My heart on a trespassing
Level of loneliness and bereavement
This is a crowning achievement
For those wanting me to be down
Yet I can't fully be upset
His wishes were met
He no longer has to fret
He got to be at peace
And no matter how much that makes my notebook papers crease
It's a fantastic release
For a poor, sentimental soul like me.
May 2018 · 231
When he tells you you're beautiful
He's a scoundrel, he's lying
But I'm entranced, deep sighing
I hate to be implying
But I will not be lying
There's zero point to any of that
Karma has the eyes of a Cat
Watching over me
If I minded something hovering over me
That's a major red flag
For the white flag camp.
May 2018 · 277
Single Mothers
All the Single Mothers out there
If he's spending all his time playing Fortnite instead of being interested in being a father
Run like hell
If he keeps getting in trouble with the law
Run like hell
If he constantly brings over people you don't know in your house around your children
Run like hell
If he has you do all the work as he sits on his *** and smoke ****
Run like hell
If he shows signs of abuse towards you
Single mothers are off the table for me in this time frame
Because I can't provide financial stability and know I am not ready to be a father
So baby if you're a Single mother and want to date me
Don't take it personal
I just want to give your kids the world and more since they are the most important thing in life
I'm not at that level yet
Don't be upset or think I dislike kids
Just know I want to be at my best
And don't want them to suffer because I still have my own issues to sort out
There's more capable men
Who can be standup father's
And those are the men I tip my hat to
Baby girl you deserve everything and more
God has a special man in store
For you and your kids
It's just not me
And its DEFINITELY not those lowlifes.

It's time we start respecting you and being what we're supposed to be.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Single mothers out there!
May 2018 · 306
Cinematic Night
We can go camping
Make love in the leaves
Under the cinematic night sky
There's nothing that would please
More then that
Shooting star
Blessings from afar
I hope I'm on par
With your beautiful soul
Pick a place you want us to share
And I wouldn't dare
To argue you on it
Anything it takes to put that gorgeous smile in that face
I will do
You say please
I put your legs on my shoulders
Ready to please
Let me play your favorite song
While I put in my dedication
My only healthy medication
May 2018 · 193
Dressing Room
If you wanted me to go shopping with you
I would say yes
To every dress
As lovers, I'd want to put them on you
You'll come out of the fitting room and I'll have to cross my leg over my excitement
From how attractive you are
Don't insult yourself
My body and mind thinks the complete opposite
Apr 2018 · 210
If you ask me what excites me
I'd tell you
the way her beautiful smiles sets off when she sees me from far away
Just like yesterday, I'm in love today
Apr 2018 · 337
Human Traits
It's the normal human traits
That get me going
Most of it isn't ******
It's how the person's demeanor is
To get me to pass the attraction quiz
The way she carries herself, the way she treats people
If you be yourself
You don't have to worry about your body and how hot it is
Your personality is what drives me sky high
I'll want to get intimate solely on that
Not because I like your body
I hardly think about it
But if you bring it up
It would be a nice sight as we're sharing each other
There's no side chicks
There's no affair
Just you and only you
I've already had dreams of marrying the last one I was into
Don't mistaken me
My emotions for you will most likely be heavy
If I've fallen for you already
Apr 2018 · 234
Strong Walk
A prominent walk that commands attention
Serious look, sometimes intimidating
Not the kind of man you would think spending hours crying over her
I felt the *** stir
The attachment is a blur
It makes sense
How could I be so dense?
I only blame myself
I'm cursed with brute strength and softness
You might not find error in it
But I question it daily
Apr 2018 · 262
Bursting Out
If she is great with kids
Talks to elderly people like actual adults
And cares for people over money and possessions
Tell her to marry you now
I'm still bursting out of the ****
With a nocturnal howl
So accqainted with the disenchanted and the foul
I almost forgot what anything else was like
You've sent my interests in a hike
I can finally puncture this emptiness with a pike
Wedding bells
Wedding dress
I think I'm part woman sometimes
I like to read between the lines
But only my own
No mixed signals
No swindle
No correlation because you're afraid of being alone
Somebody who burns for me
Like I've burned for them.
Apr 2018 · 400
Clean Desk
You keep a clean office desk
So it's easy to shove everything off of it
To gently put your ******* it
And make her feel like she's the real reason you do buisness
Because that's how I see it.
Apr 2018 · 573
Softest Hands
If she lost everything
She could move in with me
Sleep in my twin bed
While I sleep on the floor
Wear my shirts and my pants
All she needs and more
Leave it to me to take care of the house chores
Just relax
Make yourself at home
It's already hot in here but now it's scorching
Sleeping with a new girl every night is overrated and boring
Why do that
When you can make the same one sing her angelic moans
And her elegant rise of her posture
As she feels it all at once
The fact I can hold a record on how many times she has been satisfied
In a row
Is thrilling enough
I'm a little rough
But those soft hands exploring my skin
Will ignite the true man within
The one I try so hard to be
I can be aggressive and strong
But only when everything I care for is in danger
Otherwise, I should be no stranger
To her
All I intend to do is make her cry tears of joy and content
Never leaving her heart on the floor
Just her clothes
My forever lasting rose
No prose
Could ever replace you
Sharing myself with anyone
But you is a terrible thought
That leaves me distraught
You are the web I want to be caught
Absorb my insecurities and depression
And **** it right there
I should forever hold your stare
Completely entranced clothed or bare
Its not up to me to decide
Without your agreement
It's just my selfish desire
I keep to myself
But hoping one day I've always earned it
Your love is not a game
But a testament if I'm doing the right thing in life
Apr 2018 · 262
Both Knees
Let me prove myself
That I'm different
I'll get on my knees
You won't have to say please
My head between
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen
Let pleasure you immensely
Until the night is done
Without you doing for me in return
I'd count each blessing as you let out your noises of enjoyment
No other men would want this as bad as me
It's not a sign of weakness
To get down on both knees
And give the lady of your dreams a feeling to remember
It is a sign of respect
Ladies always go first
Even in the sheets
Don't be afraid
To be yourself
That's all I want you to be
You deserve some time to get something so elating
Not the only reason why we could be potentially dating
But it's important to me
That we have a connection beyond physical before we get there.
respect your lady. Give her the gift of pleasure every night and don't expect her to return the favor
Apr 2018 · 288
It feels like I'm repeating the pattern
Ambition vaster then Saturn
My heart refuses to be cold like Vattern
People always have their back turned
It's nothing new to me
The improvements have been few to me
Don't try and start a feud with me
I get why they took a knee
Because hate is on a killing spree
It's been awhile since I drank a pouch of Capri
I'm not trying to be a fusee
Only when it is done the correct way
I could write this all day
But not feel like I'm exigent
It just continues and effects like vesicant
I hope that there's a mouthwash that reduces this bad taste
Because I hope these aren't a waste
I aspire to not be copy and paste
I still got a ton of haste
I'm opened up, spaced
I hope this doesn't debase
My prior work before this
I'm just reiterating how I feel
Turning it into a spiel
Living in poetry is ideal
So I hope these words congeal
And hold the same appeal
To the newer readers
You're not the bottomfeeders
You are the possible leaders
To this stormy and confused campaign
Help end the blain
That's caused me mental pain
I just want to be your Thomas Paine
But I can't unless you show me your light
So we can sleep better every night
To end stress, people get high as a kite
I know that isn't right
We can't ignore the problem
We have to create a way to stop them
And that's been the desperate attempt I've had
That's why I get so glad
When I achieve it
You are not something I ever want to aggrieve.
To the fans/followers of mine
Apr 2018 · 219
Dance Until
A benignant person
Deserves everything and more
Only fate knows what's in store
The negativity we'll try to ignore
Throughout the verbal blood and gore
We'll dance until we're sore
As the best is yet to come
The lonely are never out of ***
And the prudes are never out of gum.
Apr 2018 · 354
Disco is endless love on the floor
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