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The pools of water in my eyes,
Blur my vision,
But for once,
I'm okay with not seeing.
I wear a broken watch on my left wrist
To convey that,
Time is not always right.
Just something random and simple
she is ancient, bold
blood like fierce gold
old skins falling down
the thorn inside the crown
death is new life
rewrite and rewrite
the psalms of the wicked
dare me to thicken
to drench my soul in the quarells below
but i wont quake
i wont shake
for it is not my sanity to take.
We each bear our own weight
And our own stories.
Our difference is what makes us
Different from any other animal.
We are animals with unique minds
Trying to find minds to match our own.
We all bear the weight of our own wings.
Beautiful wings that can carry us to the
Edge of the sky.
The chains we make around ourselves are what keeps us grounded.
They're what holds us back.
We are creatures that need lights to follow in the dark,
If not a friend to lead us then
Our own mind as the only thing that we can really
We all need anchors to steady us,
To bring us back when we've fallen.
To remind us of who we were and who we now
We all need light.
We all want the world,
But we sometimes forget that every
Star has their own world.
So don't take theirs.
Make your own.
A poem about humanity.
I miss having you
In my stream of consciousness
Because now all I do
Is try to push you
To the back of my mind

You don't belong there
Do you feel the desert sun as it pulls all the moisture from your skin
You barter for each breath lest it escape between your lips
There is smoke in the night
It stings your eyes and is full bodied in your chest
The sand is warmth between your toes
It burns with the heat of the day
Although the sun has just been lain to rest in her bashfulness, looking for her stamina to wear tomorrow
One would not think gravity would pull so hard
It does not seem fair when the stars look so beautiful and call so close
I shudder in the dunes
Oh that dreams were a grain of sand
That they were as weightless
It is not such
I cannot bury the tears
Even still they fall into the earth
A kiss that becomes a vapor
I will water the earth with my sweat and tears
My pores pour out and my spirit follows
She makes me toil and I am not above my humanity
It humbles me, my staircase of pride is a stumbling block
How does one face a new day
I bite my tongue,
To spit in the face of destiny is a fools errand
Yet she has done me no favors and I owe her no respect
A token slipped between hands, a bet and a wager that will not be paid
Unless blood is spilt
The earth claims all, as she bore all
The sand in the desert is burying secrets
The ground knows so much, she does not taste but swallows up
She is a scholar of sinners and will outlast the shudders of your spine
Patient is she
It costs her nothing to wait
You wanted her
The way a child wants a shiny toy
Right before Christmas

Thinking about her, the things you’d do if

You got her

You wanted the anticipation
You wanted the present,
wrapped up
with a nice ribbon on top!

You wanted to see her eyes sparkle
If you were to say something funny
Or endearing...

You wanted to taste her hot chocolate

But toys get old!

You should know, you’re not a child any more.
Every Christmas you end up wanting something new.

The only thing that remains is tradition,
Going home for the holidays

I thought I was tradition!
Thought I was home...

I thought a lot of things.

But I do KNOW one thing,
My hot chocolate is Christmas!
Kissing you
Is like drinking ice water -
Sending chills through me,
Teasing me with every taste,
Stinging my mouth with each inhale.
Making me crave more -
Like a breath of fresh air.
And gosh I dont want to stop
Because it tastes so **** good
Not too sure how I feel about this, but I wanted to share anyways.
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