Dear Lord,
no more shootings, please.
I'd appreciate it.

it's not up to you?
So it's up to who then?

My heart is in flower
like daffodils in February,
not scared of the Winter's cold,
or rain, sleet and wind.
Blooming, yellowly bold.
Always ready to die
for their new faith - Spring.

I wasn't
lying to you,
I only
wasn't telling
the truth.

Peter Balkus Oct 4

You can live beautifully in a prison cell
where only table and hard bed.
In the whitewashed, empty walls
you can be an artist, God.

You can be an angel not having wings,
living amongst dirty animals,
without the light from outside,
you can be the light.

Where night is long and deep,
you can be bright as a day.
You don't need the sun
to shine your beauty away.

You can stay beautiful,
when death knocks at your door
and - in the name of beauty -
take her home.

Peter Balkus Oct 4

Let's cease this peace,
God bless this blitz,
war is like kiss
of life, like a bliss.

See enemies
on their knees!
Let's kill them, whizz!
Dead bodies, squeeze
in one grave, please!

Don't break, don't ease,
let's cease this peace,
war's like a kiss
of life. Like bliss.

God, He agrees.

Peter Balkus Oct 4

There's a country where live
people who don't have their own place.
They travelled the world and never reached
their destination.

They were exiled, misplaced, not admitted
anywhere, drowned in their tiny boats,
shot by steel hearted guards.

There's a country, no one knows about,
like an island somewhere
in the middle of ocean,
yet never found.

Nothing is strange about this country,
except that it exists.

We all one day will arrive there,
it's the matter of time.

Peter Balkus Oct 4

when I look up in the sky,
I see angels.

I never believed in them,
but it's different now
I know they exist,
I know it, somehow.

I know they are here
for reason,
and that without them
world wouldn't last.

when I look up in the sky
I see them.
They fall, with heads down,
very fast.

Too fast.

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