Peter Balkus Aug 9

I went to church the other day,
not for a prayer, of course.

I went to church the other day,
no shame was in me, no remorse.

Empty and silent was the church
and I could only hear my own voice.

It kept echoing, reverberating,
bouncing off the thick walls,

then suddenly paused, faded away
and silence emerged in the halls.

I went to church the other day,
not for a prayer, of course.

Peter Balkus Jul 21

Waste of money,
waste of time.
Waste of motherfucking

Peter Balkus Jun 28

Vote for me! I'm the best!
I will make your future bright.
Fire! Fire! Help!

Vote for me! Anyone can hear me?! Help!
Fire! Vote for me. Fire! The future is bright.
Fire! Education! Fire!
I'll bridge the gap between rich and poor.
National tragedy. National comedy.

Handshake. Photography. Pornography. Smile. Cheese. Smoke. Handshake. Money. Flash. Sunday roast.
Suits. Ties. Where are you from?

Are you okay? Are you there? Hello?
From the other side.

Peter Balkus Jun 27

Oh, unfair world we're living in,
poor people die for rich men's sins.
But don't despair, love always wins,
with love you'll never lose a thing.

When loved ones, called out, have to leave,
they still live in your memory,
they are with you, and you with them,
don't cry, one day you'll meet again.

One day, one day Justice will come
and wash away the dreadful pain.
The sun will rise and blissfully shine
above the poor and innocent.

And rich men's gold will turn to dust,
no longer their joy will last.
One day, one day Justice will come,
and bring a smile and take you - home.

Peter Balkus Apr 14

Love is when the distance between our bodies
matches the distance between
our souls.

Peter Balkus Apr 11

I hope this letter
will find you in a bad health.

I hope you will rot in Hell.
There must be Hell.
If you exist,
then Hell must do too,
there must be justice
for such creatures as you.

I hope you will get
what you deserve.

I hope this letter
will find you


Peter Balkus Apr 10

It's early April,
and you are away.
I, lonely man,
was crying all night yesterday.

You are away.
Pink cherry trees in bloom
reminds me of you.

You will never be absent to me.
You are
my all year Spring.

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