Peter Balkus Apr 14

Love is when the distance between our bodies
matches the distance between
our souls.

Peter Balkus Apr 11

I hope this letter
will find you in a bad health.

I hope you will rot in Hell.
There must be Hell.
If you exist,
then Hell must do too,
there must be justice
for such creatures as you.

I hope you will get
what you deserve.

I hope this letter
will find you


Peter Balkus Apr 10

It's early April,
and you are away.
I, lonely man,
was crying all night yesterday.

You are away.
Pink cherry trees in bloom
reminds me of you.

You will never be absent to me.
You are
my all year Spring.

Peter Balkus Apr 9

If I don't have you, then what do I have?
A life without life, a time without time.
House without windows, church without God,
love without heart, and heart without love.

I've been walking down the Bayswater Road,
looking at my shadow, as it walks me off,
and I asked myself, with tears in my eyes:
If I don't have you, then what do I have?

Like a homeless man, sleeping in the street,
like a wingless angel, like an orphaned kid,
with no money, no legs, no sight, and no hope,
If I unsister you, then where will I go?

Peter Balkus Apr 7

Without you
my life is not a journey,
but a lonely sleepover
in a zero star hotel,
with no heater and no hot water.

A dark room with single bed,
where smudged window with no view,
small table and one chair.

A wreck of the ship,
stuck on the shallow water,
rotten by time,
in decay.

Without you
my life is not a journey,
but straight line
from A
to A.

Peter Balkus Apr 6

Kill me when I'm awake,
not in a sleep.
I want to smell the gas, feel the hit,
I want to touch the blade of death.
I want to know the truth about you and me.

Don't be a coward, don't kill me in a sleep,
it would be too simple for me and for you.
No one would cry for me, no one would call for justice.
New day would come and I would wake up
not remembering a thing.

Kill me, when I'm wide-awake,
If I have no right to live, then I want to have right to know
that I'm dying.
I'm not a child anymore. And you are neither.
You never was, that's why it all,
your madness and my death.

Kill me, when I get up,
look around, make bed.
Or in afternoon. Evening could do too.
But please make sure it's not too early neither too late.

Peter Balkus Apr 4

I will
be born again,
as soon as impossible.

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