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petalsofhope May 2018
She's been locked in a cage
        With clipped wings and
Her mouth stitched shut

So when he freed her
From his imprisonment
             She forgot how to fly
Or speak her mind
petalsofhope Dec 2015
I look into her eyes
I see pain
I see how broken she is
I see how lost she is
How she wanted to break free
From the sea of misery
How she wish for an undo button
How she long for a new life
A life without regrets
A new start
A new beginning

I look down to her lips
She wears a smile
She can fool anyone else
Let everybody knows how strong she is
But deep down
I know better
I know that
She's wearing a smile
That she doesn't even believe in

I know her too well
I want to remind her
That she's not who she was
This is not her
She should have been someone else
Someone better

She looks back at me
With emptiness inside her eyes
With her broken soul
Everything feels so familiar
Then it hit me
I'm only looking at the mirror
petalsofhope May 2014
I think

It's scary when
                      You're surrounded by many
     But can only trust yourself

It's scary when
                       You believe in yourself
               But no one else does
  Apr 2014 petalsofhope
annie rose
the one who you trusted
the one who you told your secrets to
the one who you loved
broke your heart in a flash
with just a few words

all of those happy moments
down the drain
all of those promises
are gone

vanished like a winter storm
now it's just another day
every single ounce of us
was broken with the lack of trust
It's too true. All of the stupid lies.
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