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you invite me into your heart
give me a warm welcome

lead me through the foyer
and show me around

but it all feels familiar
i think ive been here before
may i stay for a while?
there is familiarity in abstraction
but only visible to those
who have trained themselves to see the truth
I'm bad at letting go
  Sep 5 paige tenielle
Daily conflicts between I miss you and I need to love me more
You disappear when your world is perfect
You reappear when you're alone
I've been constant  - always present
Always ready to give you all
I said no more
I am not an option you get to choose
i think of you mistakenly
i pray you lay awake and see
our future , us together
for always and eternity
3:15 am
a darkness does welcome me into a world of the unknown. its hands bound so tightly around my fragile wrists, they snap with grace and ease, painlessly. whilst dragging me too quickly for me to catch my step, its hands move to my shoulders, tautening its grip with unspeakable force. i feel the crush of my once in-tact bones.  fear growing inside me, the anxiety ridden heat bubbling its way from my stomach to my throat. exiting silently, my mouth wider than my eyes, i cannot voice my wishing for it to stop. in my ear is an unmistakably familiar voice assuring me of my fate. she tells me i will not escape, for this is an eternal hell ive become infected with. hell, a sickness? rather than a place for the ******? the skin on my knees has taken a leave of absence. permanently, perhaps. the sensation of rock filing against my poor, young bones should feel as a fire eating at my body. howbeit, i feel nothing. is it so-? is this is not a dream, my unconsciousness protecting me from the torture i do endure as we speak?
a draft , from me to you.
  Jul 17 paige tenielle
Oh what I wouldn’t give
to feel that ******* love
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