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Mar 2017 · 215
Where I Wanna Be
PeotrySong15 Mar 2017
I wanna be
Near where the sun meets
The sea.

I want to know
Where it goes
To sleep.

I want to see
The sun leave

And the stars come out to shine
Near nine.
I wanna make that wonderful
Moment mine.

I wanna see where the fire
Meets the sea.

I wanna see all the power
And glory.

I wanna see
Where the ocean
Makes the commotion
Of ducklings.

Where I really wanna be
Is where the sun
Touches the sea.

I wanna see all of its power
And glory.
I wanna be where the fire
Touches the sea.

That's where I really wanna be
Please don't take that away from me
Because, that's where my heart wants to be
Mar 2017 · 191
You Were Never Mine
PeotrySong15 Mar 2017
Why do I have a broken heart?
I didn't even get you from the start.

Why do I cry from your words?
You were never mine but hers.

Why do I have these feelings?
When you never shared them?
You were just the letting me fall.

I shouldn't have a broken heart.
You were never mine to start.
I shouldn't be crying from your words,
You were never mine but hers.

— The End —