Pentanomical Dec 2017
Something got in my throat
Got something to say but can't
Don't tell me
I'm falling for you again

You got me bad, girl
You really got me bad
I wanna get you back
Gonna get you back

There's something about your eyes
That got me in a daze
It's like I'm in a haze
When we are face to face

Don't you know
There's no limit to where I can go

You got me bad, girl
You really got me bad
I wanna get you back
Gonna get you back

Sometimes my hands are shaking
Feels like my heart is breaking
Waiting for your call
What else can I do
When all I want is you

You got me bad, girl
You really got me bad
I wanna get you back
Gonna get you back

Gonna get you back, yeah
Gonna get you back
Honey, I'll be back
Don't worry I'll be back
Pentanomical Nov 2017
I was young, I was weak
And my future once looked bleak
I had no direction, no motive
Broken but no one noticed
But that changed with a look
When you glanced above from your book
I was hooked

Who could've known, even now when I've grown
That it would've been meant to be
Even the blind could've seen
What we had was real
And so I waited awhile, and you looked at me still
And so I waited no more, walked there and opened my mouth
I felt like I wanted to shout
From the top of my lungs, how's it going
My legs moved without knowing
My lips moved on their own

So we talked and we talked
Then we took a walk
It felt like a spark
Then we met again and again
Wasn't a matter of if but when
Then I showed you that ring
My heart could almost sing
And you said yes, as if I couldn't be more blessed
In the end, we tied the knot

At least that's how it would've been
You never looked at me
I never walked to you
There was nothing I could do
And at night I still dream
About what could've been
Pentanomical Nov 2017
I got skeletons in my closet
But you already knew that
Anybody else
would leave me just like that
But not you
Oh, but not you

What do you see in me
I have literally no redeeming qualities
Some might call me downright silly
But yet you stayed
Still you stayed

I really don't deserve you
Angel from above
Why are you blessing me
This pitiful idiot with your love
Your attention and your embrace
I can't live up to that
I really am just a ****
But you love me anyway
And I wouldn't have it any other way
Pentanomical Nov 2017
Sometimes at night I wonder when I'm gone
Will you all remember me or move on
All that matters in the end is my legacy
Let's just hope this story won't end up a tragedy
One word two words
Couple more then it turns into a chapter
Turn the next page comes another
The story of my life is simple
Just like any other

But is that all that is though
Can I accept it as it is though
If I write these words down will anyone know
Who will I be remembered as
A great man, a father, or just some *******
Will I be able to live up to my dreams
Or will it be lost to the past

Past, present, future
It is this thought that we nurture
That's just our nature
Against all the naysayers
Telling us to grow up
We hope that one day we'd blow up
And touch the sky
Hoping life would give us wings to fly
But I still don't know why

I once thought all it took was happy thoughts
But no matter how hard I fought
I couldn't make these voices stop
Sowing doubts in my head
Saying my life will be a flop

Don't know who to trust
Don't know what to do
Don't know how to get through this
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs
Throwing up my fists in the air
As if to fight an enemy that's not there
But I know exactly where he is
The enemy's inside
And that's the best place to hide
Pentanomical Nov 2017
Sleep my dear
Cause the demons are near
No they can't touch you
But they'll hurt you just the same
No you're not to blame
You're just caught up in this wicked game
Like all of us
Oh, like all of us

But be strong, love
Just give your all
That's enough
Stay alive
and that's enough
You got your role I got mine
And I've got to stay tough
For the both of us
For the both of us
I hope that'll be enough
Pentanomical Nov 2017
Is there something I could've done
Is there anyway I could've won
To change the results
Was it ever my fault
So close yet so far
So close to unlocking the door
To that place we'd always dreamed of
To that place we call could have

But now I fall apart
Shards of glass inside my heart
Deep in my core
Oh, I'd never felt this before
Deep in my core
So once again, I fall apart

Did you think this was a game
You fooled me twice and I took all the shame
You never said hello, only goodbye
And left me wondering why
Wished I could go on
But really I just wanna be gone
From you and from this place
And that's just great
You be you, I'll be me
At least now I'm free
Pentanomical Nov 2017
Wait wait and waiting
All hope seems like they're fading
It's just me and the night
And this thought wondering why
All through the night
All through the night

I'm not asleep but not entirely awake
But what difference does it make
Whether you're drunk or you're sober
Doesn't change the fact it's over
I turned to my right hoping to see you under the covers
But you weren't there
Right, you were never there
Not anymore
I guess it's fair, but I just can't bear
Losing you so suddenly
I can't sleep
And I need you here with me
Be there for me
Even if I was never there for you

I guess that's true
And I'm sorry for that
You never realized what you had
Until it's gone just like that

And now you're gone gone gone away
Even before I got to say
That I love you, baby
And it's driving me crazy
All these regrets
Why can't I forget
It's messing with my head
Why is life always so cruel
Especially to angels like you
But there's nothing I can do
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