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Aug 22 · 106
God bless him for being so faithful
And never turning his head

But I will always notice
The girls who are

Who in the blink of an eye
Could steal him away

And I will always feel
A fool
For thinking I deserve
To hold his hand

- p. winter
Aug 22 · 93
i fear to let go
to close my eyes
and wake to find you

- p. winter
Aug 21 · 171
Our Story
We know not all endings are meant to be happy
We’ve seen not all fairytales are meant to come true
But tell me „forever“
Tell me „I do“
I will too, and gladly
For our story’s unwritten
And I’ll take a chance
On filling the pages
With you

- p. winter
Aug 20 · 57
A gift from heav'n
To bless my life
A man for whom
Is no worthy wife

But must I choose
'Tween he and He?
Two loves
True loves
Dismemb'ring me.

- p.winter
Jul 21 · 92
Nothing I can do,
Try as I might,
To keep the tears
Inside at night.

- p. winter
Jul 21 · 71
Sadness meets me every day
A new disguise put on display
Making sure wheree’er I go
I see him in each face I know.

- p. winter
Jul 21 · 164
As days tick by
My lips find it
Harder and harder
To smile

- p. winter
Jul 20 · 122
I’m your marionette
You pull my strings
With all the force you like.
My head will nod
My feet will trod
Whichever way you like.
My body lies
In your control
Just the way you like.

- p. winter
Jul 10 · 157
“Always give credit where credit is due
Always to others but never to you”

“You’re allowed to feel proud”

“But that’s vain to do”

“My dear, it’s not vain if it’s proven true”

- p. winter
My dad keeps trying to teach me its ok to be proud of yourself and still be humble at the same time
Jul 8 · 81
You can gain a lot in a year.
Enough to hide what once was
Or once wasn’t
On display.
But never enough to
Eliminate what always has been
And always will be
Hidden in the crevices.

- p. winter
Jul 8 · 57
This body
Has been with me
For as long as I have lived

Why must it
Betray me so

- p. winter
Jul 8 · 50
Not Again
Please, no
Not another dinner missed
Not another envied model
Not another pitcher of tears

It was so good
I was so good
It creeps
Back to me

Please, no
Not another hour spent
Just staring
In the mirror

It went so well
I was so well
It slinks
Back to me

Please, no
Not another skeletal reflection
Not another angry scale
Don’t make me hate
The world again

It was fine
I was fine
It always finds its way
Back to me

- p. winter
Jul 7 · 101
A Giggle or Two
I remember the period
Of rich, suffocating gloom
That I've written of
Millions of times before.
But more than that
I remember when
Flowers bloomed
And I laughed for the first time
In two months.
I wish I could remember
What was so funny
Or with whom I was so content.
But I remember
That the feeling
Inside of me
Was dangerously wonderful.
So I promised
Right then
To never go a day
Without a giggle
Or two

- p. winter
Jul 6 · 163
Perfectly Imperfect
I lowered my standards for you.
Not because you were anything less than wonderful,
But because I used my fear of imperfection
As an excuse to protect my heart.
But you, and your imperfections,
Are perfect to me.
- p. winter
Jul 6 · 157
third person
i used to write in the third person
the girl in my poems
a foreign character

but now i live what i write
and i write what i live
and i make sure the world knows
whom i truly
have become

- p. winter
Jul 6 · 448
Perhaps the most
Difficult challenge
I've had to face
Is trying to believe
I could ever be
Remotely worthy
Of your love.

- p. winter
Jun 23 · 89
Trace your fingers down my arm
Make a stop at every scar
Kiss them kindly
Help remind me
Life is better where you are
- p. winter
May 26 · 80
I’m not easy to love
Don’t expect me to be
I’ve got bruises and baggage
And boundaries
And I might make you yell
Or I might make you smile
But if there’s one thing I’ll make:
I’ll make it worthwhile.

- p. winter
May 9 · 115
too afraid of lo_ing you

- p. winter
Apr 28 · 48
a thousand little daisy heads
are strewn across the floor
each more gruesomely dismembered
than the one before
and so i sit
and so i cry
and so i watch them rot.
not e'en a thousand daisies
know why you loved me not.

- p. winter
Apr 25 · 248
i had a type
you didn't fit
so i moulded it
to you

- p. winter
Mar 29 · 70
I must be
Who everyone wants me to be.
I don’t know who I am anymore,
But I know it is not enough.

- p. winter
Mar 2 · 234
surrounded by others
surrounded by love
yet always
- p. winter
Mar 2 · 143
my heart is protected by a picket fence
awaiting a strong gust of wind

- p. winter
Jan 9 · 114
O Wretchēd Love
O wretchēd love, I do beseech thee,
Free me from this prison thine.
I've felt the cold of hell's abyss,
I've tasted poison in each kiss,
And so, o love, I ask but this:
Release me now, to heav'n divine.

- p. winter
Dec 2018 · 119
Penelope Winter Dec 2018
a forgotten soul in a noisy room
looking for someone
to remember

- p. winter
Dec 2018 · 93
Penelope Winter Dec 2018
i am fighting each day
to be able to look in the mirror
and see not what you left me for
but what you first loved me for

- p. winter
Nov 2018 · 236
Penelope Winter Nov 2018
there was a time in my life
when sadness was a habit.
an inevitable spiral.
it was never not there.
until it wasn’t,
and healing came
like sunlight through
a crack in the clouds.
but every now and then
i get flashbacks
and feel myself falling back
into my inevitable spiral.
and it feels oh so good.
and it feels oh so natural.
old habits die hard.
old sadness lives on.

- p. winter
Oct 2018 · 444
Thoughts of a Falling Angel
Penelope Winter Oct 2018
Pull the trigger, kick the stool.
The world doesn’t mourn every feather-winged fool.
Close your eyes, whisper your goodbyes.
The world doesn’t cry for each angel that dies.

- p. winter
Sep 2018 · 403
He Didn't Love Me
Penelope Winter Sep 2018
He didn't love me.
He loved the way I danced to our favourite songs.
He didn't love me.
He loved the curious way I admired simple fish in the pond.
He didn't love me.
He loved the way I frowned when I knew I was wrong.
He didn't love me.
He couldn't have.
Because that would make me a monster.
To see his hopeful heart
And leave him nonetheless.
He didn't love me.
He didn't love me.
Dear God
Please tell me
He didn't love me.

- p. winter
Sep 2018 · 105
Penelope Winter Sep 2018
I was a rose
I was beautiful
I ripped off a petal for you every day.
But when all that remained
Was my thornēd stem
You gave her my blood red bouquet.

- p. winter
Sep 2018 · 91
Penelope Winter Sep 2018
you are the sun and i the moon
for your radiance gives warmth and life
and only when i reflect your glory
do i become my best and brightest self

- p. winter
Aug 2018 · 88
Penelope Winter Aug 2018
she found her strength
when she realized
the only one coming to save her
was herself.

- p. winter
Aug 2018 · 88
Penelope Winter Aug 2018
don’t you ever dare
feel superior to anyone

because you believe
you’ve suffered more.

each is tortured
in different ways.

your pain
is never more or less valid
than anyone else’s.

- p. winter
Aug 2018 · 113
Penelope Winter Aug 2018
an evil thing
to dream of love
at night where all is well
only to wake
and find yourself
still stuck in daylight’s hell

- p. winter
Aug 2018 · 90
Penelope Winter Aug 2018
you will never love me in this lifetime
you will never love me while I am awake
so why wouldn’t I want to close my eyes
and be with you in my dreams forever

- p. winter
Jul 2018 · 89
Penelope Winter Jul 2018
I have feelings
Not for you
But for who you used to be
I still have feelings for the you
That had feelings
For me

- p.winter
Jun 2018 · 149
your new me
Penelope Winter Jun 2018
you think you're moving on
that i never made an impact
that you'll forget my name
as easily
as you forgot my love.
but i see it in your new doll,
you can't help
that i am etched into your conscious.
her hair and eyes the same chocolate shade as my own.
her dancing the exact mirror of mine.
she says your name and your ears hear my voice.
you think you're moving on
with someone new
but you're just moving on
with your new me.

- p. winter
Jun 2018 · 343
Penelope Winter Jun 2018
Summer, take the rain away.
Summer, take the pain away.
Winter froze my flowering heart,
Teach it how to bloom today.

- p. winter
Jun 2018 · 119
Wild Love
Penelope Winter Jun 2018
My head once rested on your shoulder.
Your skin once brushed 'gainst mine.
Our eyes once smiled,
But love, once wild,
Will always tame with time.

- p. winter
Jun 2018 · 116
Wonder (haiku)
Penelope Winter Jun 2018
And I can't help but
Wonder if he thinks of me,
Or chose to forget.

- p. winter
Jun 2018 · 114
Penelope Winter Jun 2018
You protect yourself from pain
By leaving before it goes too far.
But without closure, you leave me
With the greatest pain of all.

- p. winter
Jun 2018 · 169
I Once Was a Bird
Penelope Winter Jun 2018
I once was a bird
I once could fly
Over ****** dam creeks
Through the blessēd sky

I once had wings
As strong as the Sun
A chant never boring
And never outsung

But winter was always
A season away
As the trees would fade
And the birds migrate

Their v formation
A hopeful glow
Of the freedom I never knew
I’d never know.

Each year with the snow
And the cardinal’s arrival
The Zhaunagush came
As we ran for survival

Lungs on fire
Our only chance
To escape such hellish

Not all of us
Could run so fast
Some fell into
The white man’s grasp

We kicked and screamed
But made no sound
Were silenced ‘til buried
Unnamed, in the ground

I once was a bird
I once could fly
Now caged I sit
Missing the sky

Eggshell walls
Glisten from outside
But within, you learn
What closed doors can hide
this is a super old poem i once wrote for an english class about residential schools
Mar 2018 · 138
'Til Winter
Penelope Winter Mar 2018
In summer clouds
My mind will dream
'Til white lips kiss
Earth's cheek of green.

In flowery dress
I'll twirl my hair
'Til sighs pirouette
Through chilly air.

In grasses tall
My footprints will grow
'Til their stories are
Erased by snow.

Until each flake
Begins its dive
In fire and fireflies
I'll thrive.

- p. winter
An old poem from the end of summer :)
Mar 2018 · 98
Penelope Winter Mar 2018
is not
a passionate storm
it can be
gentle and warm
an artist's soul
in tangible form

- p. winter
Feb 2018 · 103
Penelope Winter Feb 2018
a woman of little remorse
for all the suitors she dismissed
when she knew the one she longed for
was herself

- p. winter
Feb 2018 · 631
Worth the Wait (haiku)
Penelope Winter Feb 2018
For now it’s torture
But one day I’ll get to say
You were worth the wait

- p. winter
Feb 2018 · 144
how to be a poet
Penelope Winter Feb 2018
live simply
feel intensely
love passionately
write dramatically

- p. winter
Jan 2018 · 131
Penelope Winter Jan 2018
i knew i was dreaming
not when the deer head on the wall blinked
but when you touched me
as if on purpose

- p. winter
Penelope Winter Jan 2018
A rocking chair sits
On a porch
On a house
On the corner of ol’ Honey Lane.
It looks over fields of lavender stems
And rocks with the wind and the rain.
I grew up walking past it,
On ol’ Honey Lane,
And would sometimes drop by for a swing.
I brought books and some snacks,
Played with dollies and jacks,
This poor rocker withstood everything.
I grew a bit older but kept coming back
To my rocker on ol’ Honey Lane.
I’d bring it my sorrows and rock til the morrow,
Forgetting my worries and pain.
The gentle caressing of lavender lullabies
Scattered the clouds of grey.
And whene’er I was lonely, I knew that only
My rocker could brighten my day.
Still older I grew and soon began dreaming
Of cities more couth and refined.
So I hopped on a plane, fled my ol' Honey Lane
And left my poor rocker behind.
I traded my jeans for a dazzling dress,
And dollies for wine and pearls.
But nothing within could dare to trade in

The mem’ry of that young, little girl.
The girl who spent hours watching lavender fields,
On the corner of ol’ Honey Lane.
I knew without haste, there was no time to waste,
I had to go find her again.
So back home I flew, to see family and friends,
To smell lavender waft through the air.
I ran to the porch of the old corner house,
And saw my dear old rocking chair.
I hopped on it’s seat, kicked my feet off the ground,
And remembered the wind and the rain.
As the sun went to sleep in the lavender fields,
So I slept on my rocker
On ol’ Honey Lane.

- p. winter
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