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Penny Vincent Apr 2015
Right here in this moment
As I look into my eyes
My heart tells me I'm not good enough
But it's just been a hoarder of lies.

The raindrops were colored
With old stormy skies
I thought I saw rainbows
With my searching hopeful eyes.

The scent of true happiness
Wafted free in my mind
Always just out of reach
Of what I was hoping to find.

My heart has held on
held strong and held tight
To pain and shame and hopelessness that pierce my soul at night

I can't say anymore
That the hurt and pain aren't there
But the search is now over
For the giver of despair.

I am giving my heart back
To the child I'm supposed to be
If you truly love someone
You must set them free.

Right here in this moment
As I look into my eyes
It's no surprise my heart protected me
But it's just been a hoarder of lies.
Penny Vincent May 2013
one may have  a mom and dad
others just a mom
some could have two dads
but none of these are wrong!

many families are different
many are the same
some have bits of this and that
all sing a different song.

you were born into the world
your family is your own
the good the bad the love
you're right where you belong.
Penny Vincent Apr 2013
I am speaking to you who is suffering the pain of loss or lost promises..
I too have held it all inside and held on to the lie that no one knows my pain...
I pretended to be the person I longed to become, but the gaping hole of pain would not let me go...
I could not let it go, I could not give it away...
But, I discovered after many years and many tears that in my broken, humbled state, I can ask that it be taken from me...
I surrendered, I allowed my Savior to prune the dead branches..
I accepted His promise, and I slept..
The pain is a memory now, it is no longer pain...
I care about you who is reading this, about your pain, about your suffering
He is with you
Penny Vincent Mar 2013
A child of five knows not what lies ahead in five years
the life experiences are of five years.
A child of 10 knows not what lies ahead in 10 years
the life experiences are of 10 years
A person of 20, or 30, or 40, then knows not what lies ahead
Why do we agonize so much over that which we cannot know yet?
Can we learn from children that we are still growing and learning?
And that "someday" is always here, and always around the corner?
Penny Vincent Mar 2013
Life is
Life was
where you happy then? or do the hard times fade away in your sorrow of change?
I can say with the certainty that only comes with time: "Time does heal all wounds".
Time brings out the truth, and the wounds were self inflicted! If I could say to my younger self - you are not the problem, you are the answer. You will find that the hole ripped out of your heart is not gone forever, you have had it all along. When your broken heart is mended, it will not be the same, it will have grown to know true and truthful love.
Life is
Life will be

— The End —