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Pen Lux Aug 2022
I live in California
but I'm afraid of the ocean,
I live in the mountains,
surfing the web,
spinning my webs,
catching flies,
discover lies,
say goodbyes.

sorry that I mislead you,
misread you.
Pen Lux Aug 2022
so much time

blades of bright green
cutting deep
dried up
into soft browns

the sky ceased to weep
a world of sun
it's the children who are crying
Pen Lux Aug 2022
good morning rain fall
no tears in this revelation
everything is soaked
life overflowing
pouring morning
take a drink of the dwindling spark
the King will be sacrificed
Pen Lux Aug 2022
loosely gripped
onto plump lips
my pen shifts
supple movement
keeps me in the flow
as I shift from green stones
to the ocean: white and blue!

breaking down isn't an option
meditation and intention
spreading my wings with direction
Pen Lux Aug 2022
In this moment
a p a r t
from      y o u
My insides turn
heart compiling
filing and sorting
every other moment
when wearetogether
forever better?
heating weather
beaten leather
never cheddar
fallen feathers never made such loud a sound
as when I found you bound and turned around
your remnants scattered and littered the ground
which I had called home
Pen Lux Aug 2022
unsure and unfit
for love
doesn't sit comfortably
beside me

confidence deteriorating
burning core // frozen surface
tilted slightly and not at all perfect
Pen Lux Aug 2022
I don't want anything.

I'm happy with what I've got.

staying put in places where I have opportunities to better myself
finding that life is a bore and I am a prisoner to it
coming and going from place to place with pure intention to bring something to the table.

here we are folks, in the best **** place you could ever find yourself
with everything you've ever wanted and more.
let's get moving
time doesn't wait
it simply wastes.
so listen with an open mind while you're in the audience
'cause that's your job.
perform with gusto and passion,
you don't want to disappoint.
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