poet Mar 2018
i wish i could be angry about
i wish i could be confused about
i wish i could be sad about
i wish i could desire for help about
i wish i could ask for help about
my numbness.
but i can't,
i am numb.
poet Mar 2018
scrolling through the
mesmerizing feed
through his writing
his words are beautiful
true talent, of course,
but more
he's an amateur
that should be
a professional

he's kind
and funny
and when i praise his work,
he praises me,
not just because he wants to
give back
the words
i gifted him
but because
he thinks
i'm good enough

he's only through a screen
but the screen shows a lot
and i'm glowing
and i'm happy
and he's making me happy
i'm happy
for once.
it won't be
for once
because stars don't just disappear
in a second.
he might stay.
i might stay.
we will be okay.

thank you
for giving me
one of your stars
poet Mar 2018
i am a grain of sand
of rice
of billions and billions of others
no one can see me in this tsunami

i want an adventure
something that will grant me
the freedom i need
just like a genie

i hope that you will love me
and care
but maybe you don't
because "i" is the nobody that is desperate
for love
poet Mar 2018
there are three meanings for
"take me out"

- shoot me, drown me, hang me, etc.
- i want to go on a date, so please bring me with you
- i am trash to you

how do you do this?
multi-task like this?
you're doing all three things
at the
poet Mar 2018
the keyboard
the pen
the pencil
the notebook
the computer
all the magic is here
all the magic runs through my mind
it travels down my veins
i can't stop thinking
it keeps going
i keep using my tools as wands
i've fallen in love
with two concepts:

the story

and the writing.
poet Mar 2018
she is beautiful
she is
she's helping me out of a dark pool
she may be mine.

i don't know
if i want her like that,
or just as friends.
either way would be nice.

i love her so much,
but i don't know
which way.
there are so many lanes to take,
but i am one car,
and one car only.

all i need to know,
is that i love her.
and she's my best friend,
or something.
i think
that's that.

— The End —