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Jun 2022 · 57
The queue
That snake shape queue you were in
Aligned with my destiny
Brought our first words into being.
An interesting ping pong warm up exchange
Of facts and opinions
So irrelevant to the world
Gave origin to a great talk.
One we could breathe trust
And curiosity.

I remember the silent travelers around us
Probably hearing our conversation
A young couple even, considering our chances
We shared the same line of seats
Three hours passed like nothing.

Then one day I called your mobile
Hoping this would trigger something further
A hope is like a two way ticket
That wants no return
That phone call did shorten the physical distance
But you seemed much farther away.
Apr 2022 · 150
I wonder if any ever asked
If we are fixed by the skin
Or from the soul

If the flower is kept from its color
Or from its root

If we are born for making mankind
Or being one

Because the paint on the wall
Will vanish and the bone will perish
But our hearts are already eternal.
Apr 2022 · 164
The stolen Lily
The seed was buried
Forsaken through the winter
Hidden into the earth
A poem in the drawer.

Then over a morning dew
Unseen hands of beauty
Delivered the Lily anew
Its glow of purity.

As it grew fast and firm
The flower would soon become
The season's blast of charm
That draw with its perfume.

The time of the story came
When hands now full of shame
Pulled out Lily's apart
And broke also my own heart.

But flowers are never ceasing
Since they connect with earth
And shalow they rest purifying
Exhaling when they rebirth.
To the lilies out there ;)
Jun 2021 · 64
Your soft voice
Is so gentle
A breeze under the door
A poppy on a green field
Wanting to get noticed

I try to hear
To grasp where it comes from
The life who carries that voice.
Like a bee under the wind
Wishing to get by
Doing her job

You say farewell
Like the last inch of a Sunset
on the Horizon
You leave a Purple tone
A screen of Beauty
in my Heart.
Jun 2021 · 53
A message to your heart
If you are out there reading this
My penpal of Hope
Know nothing is what it seems

Your true angles aren't so crooked
Your real intentions and desires
Are beautiful fires
That will light up the bust of your Soul

A God's torch will guide your path
A God's angel will keep your back

Never in vain
You will sustain
With Love and Freedom

Carry on,

With Love,

Your penpal of Hope
Apr 2021 · 793
I've gone walking
In the midst
Of memories
And I lost myself

There's so much
To go through
Smiles, phrases, faces
Moments, people, places...

I've gone walking
Redeemed and tuned
There is nothing that we can do
Caged we pay the price,
And feel the spin of the dice
Tumbling in our own shoot.
Dec 2020 · 74
Simple and vivid
Friendship remains so easy
An opener for Love
Dec 2020 · 87
What shall this, be
If there were no waves
There would be no sea
My feelings come and go
Passing endlessly

Where there's sun and beam
Reaches us with no doubt
Even scarce they seam
Warm the very heart

My world is a river
Passing below the bridge,
I cannot stop the shiver
Encrusted at the ridge

I feel the troubled waters
The frenetic speed
It's useless, and yet true
Let's just breathe...
Dec 2020 · 57
Seeing in Blindness **
Hope is the faith we have to cling to
When everything we wish for
has not yet arrived.

To come out of the dark
The shallow fires have made us fly
Above deserts of ignorance.

We have found treasures through poverty
Happiness through pain
We have built bridges from valleys
We gained hope through time.

That we may still reach
The fruits of the heart
Seeing in Blindness.
Sep 2020 · 113
Angel Escort
I hear the sounds of the heart
When they arrive up in my shore
Though I may feel a bit apart,
Or rest a bit unsure

But the music is within
Being played inside of us
Making miracles unseen
Let's give hands and dance thus,

If you see me in the clouds
In the moon of my own thoughts
Come and rescue me from doubts

You will be my admired escort
That never had to shout
To lead me in the dance court.
A hommage to everyone who has difficulties in social situations or having hearing problems.
May 2020 · 201
I came running down that aisle of dreams
Ready to burst
When the priest looked and said
You are late

I entered a bit awed
Of the role I was playing in that church
Surprisingly I was the Groom

Happy faces looking me in the eye
The more upward the more familiar

I got till the end of that enchanted PATH
With only one thing in my mind
who is she?!

When I was ready to lift my hand
To make an objection of what seemed to be an illusion,
a misunderstanding,

I woke up
Confused, and you instinctively

You may kiss the bride!
I love it when dreams are ackwardly vivid, even upside down , and then apparently the veil is gone and reality is different, sometimes it is a good feeling and it takes time to get on the track again.
May 2020 · 87
As my memory ran through the most difficult days I had
I remembered that I never had imagined that peace would come.

My life had been torn for so long that I became a Ghost,
I would deliver myself to that hoping to fight the real.

Then I remember the first day of my Life,
When you came, and my face was at the ground level
seating my paws, on the dark... between paddles...

I did not know you, or your intentions,
I could not suppose of an unknown feeling
That home feeling...

How could I know
But now I do
That this was the first day of my Life.
In honor of the people who adopt abandoned, or mistreated animals, that they can receive many blessings...
Feb 2017 · 270
Two hearts
Maybe love will hurt you.
Maybe it will help you discover who you are.
It will be a bridge between your soul and another's soul.
You will cross many times that same bridge to find your loved one's heart.

You will do it no matter the difficulty or the distance between the two edges
Because when you love you only see what drives you there.
You won't see any barriers.

And it may come the time when you have to say goodbye
For the last time.
That bridge, that connection, may lose communication
But something meaningful happened for
Two hearts.
Aug 2015 · 390
Mad world where we live
There´s something totally mad in this world
Behind all appearances of goodness.
And I know there´s so much love to grasp,
But I don´t feel people realizing it.

We are supposed of evolving
In absolute and unconditional ways.
In a sense we all should be really happy,
In some kind of cosmic sways
But this don´t happen nowadays.

I know where I would like to live,
In a place where just rules would strive
And win. Not because of Men!
But at least by a supreme, balanced Order.

That´s my hope.
A earth with no ideals,
Those out fashioned pills...
But more fair in events of daily life.

With no schizophrenic  bodies
And technical high-heels
Of insanity.

What if we knew the way
Where he head now?
Would this change?

Yes, the world is mad.
Like I said...
Something really mad because it appears like normal, ordinary. I feel dashed sometimes, because bad things shouldn't be reigning as completely acceptable... And they are being...!
Aug 2015 · 303
It´s not complicated when I speak
But I´m silent.

I feel like a good old wine,
In the shelf.

People pass and say, how antique
70 years old, it must be good!

I say: - Yes I could.
*I think this is a state of mind. Sometimes people get stuck in the many difficulties which life presents. But this doesn´t mean they are unworthy. Unfortunately, many feel like it.
Aug 2015 · 246
House of Ghosts
My mind is the house of ghosts
They are intruders
I am the host.
Aug 2015 · 654
Feeling astray
Bring me the sweet old days
We hang together.
The streets we crossed in sways,
Better and better.

We had this youth within,
And we made it last my friend.
We tanned so much skin,
In the outside we spent.

We hugged every day,
Because it felt so good!
We would long our stray,
Every time we could.

A ritual long forgotten.
Now we are apart.
And man, I feel so **** rotten
A game without a part...

I miss the feeling of sunshine,
In our summers lived on the edge,
Like we had our own shrine,
Another day was our pledge!
A Poem to Friendship
Aug 2015 · 255
Look at jet planes at the horizon
The way they leave a track

Beyond them the Sun is burning
A Beautiful Orange fire
Blazing the skies

A powerful flux of living is due
To that star continuous effort...

In a primitive community a man can stare
At the Sun and feel grateful.
So the modern man.

Both have this cosmic root
Of living.
Aug 2015 · 344
We used to...
Do you remember the litter of abandoned cats
we used to look for?

Those tiny little creatures appearing dispersed,
With different colors,

They injected us surprise when they gazed
With those cute eyes.

In the old street between the streetlamp and the waste container.

Now I searched from time to time
But not even a cub...

And I miss when we used to...
Jul 2015 · 184
There´s  a new dimension,
It´s called Truth.
If you have attention
As you hold youth.
Don´t you dare waste it
It´s not bullet proof.
So you better taste it.
Jul 2015 · 207
How deep
We never get to know
How big is the world we live in.

It´s all made of invisible ties,
We pertain to the roots of the past.

And if you look for all you´ve learned
You just see the tip of the iceberg.

If you asked me what love is
I couldn't´t grasp the feeling

Because it´s deeper than I know.
It´s like when you yell at dusk

And your voice echoes.
It never reaches the end.

And so the voice turns to you.
Jul 2015 · 575
I wonder where my nightfalls
Go, when they pass candidly
And violet swallows the sunlight
Jul 2015 · 367
The Monk Perspective
The world is not better after I became a Monk.
But in the meantime I changed the way I see it.

So there are always space for improving,
Even our perception of the outside.
Jul 2015 · 619
Dormancy effect.
Do you know the feeling when you can´t feel your leg,
After a long period of being seated in the same position.
You want but you can´t get up...

That happens also when you are sad.
The dormancy of the spirit.

You know that if you concentrate,
Wait a little while, it will pass.

And you can go on...
Jul 2015 · 355
The Rain
The sky was open, solemn and bright.
My intriguing mind wondering what would happen next.
My Life, elements of so many hard times and frustrations
Charging my Soul, crushing me sometimes
In a silent root, played with invisible hands.

I guess the World is a strange place,
For each one of us, a different meaning.
We fall like the rain, each drop from the sky
We stay here, we grow, we laugh, we cry

Then one day, we return
We go perhaps to the same place
A place we call Home, near the stars...

In this moment it´s raining as when I born
After a moment of Pain and Joy
I wish this brings a beautiful journey
In this great Universe.
Jul 2015 · 416
An explendid Visit
God entered into my Window a few moments ago
I gazed him: He came with a God expression
Of -  let the pain go!...
And I, could not resist his vow...

Since I´ve not insisted he smiled and I
Like invaded by such force reunited into the One.

So I energized in this haven of Light.

My hands were pressured gently
And felt like I was poured throughout the skyes!
What feelings of eternity arose,
What sense of hope in my heart!!

He left with an expression of God
Of - Just believe!...
And I, just did.
Jul 2015 · 260
My heart is a soft breeze
Under the porch

Or maybe, it´s just your lips
Smoothing my senses.
Jul 2015 · 230
Unspoken Peace
I can take a Train
To the vain...

I can move West
Away from the rest...

I can go Ahead
And leave no thread...

Nothing strikes me
No Pictures on the Wall
I am something Unknown
A Process
Without Goal...

But I love the remains
Of which I left
Without disdain...

I have no Love
I search no Glory
Except a dove...
Jun 2015 · 210
Take your road.
The road always belong to those who feel the courage.
It´s never for the ones who hide at the bushes
You see this road of ups and downs, cliffs and dangers?
Take a small step, be curious, go!

No matter how rough might be,
Don´t forget
To be!
Dec 2014 · 282
Complete is an adjective
That stands for empty states of being.

Whenever I am empty
(of thoughts)
I am complete.

It´s rather strange
How we arrange words.

Silence is fullness
Silence is presence
Silence is abundance

And stillness is a state
Of motion.
*inspired in Eckart Tolle teachings
I am not sure if this is a statement, a prayer or a poem.
I know that I am older and wiser.
I know that I am not all or nothing.
I know there are people strong
People that fought as I did
And if I am not wrong
I will succeed.
The Sun rose for all the land,
And touched the face of rich and poor.
In this moment I felt secure,
My heart turned rock from sand.

I had opened my eyes to see from within.
Some sort of energy became to stand
That life was beautiful and meaningful,
The flowers colorful and vivid.

In each person I could see something new,
With no past references I could get through,
My heart was a hand holding a candle,
Wishing its light could glow on you.

Like rock it is as then, the heart that once was sand.
A poem of deep faith
Feb 2014 · 309
This was a day in September
If you remember
We were rolling hay
In a Van Gogh´s painting

After we discovered pure Gold
meant to be our tightest hearts
And so we rolled so much hay
in that long September
We got rich and famous
Feb 2014 · 530
I see you at the middle of the street
With your loose style amidst
The dull colours of mist

Your presence is not severe
You carry no presumption
You are always discrete.

Calmness and a sense of balance
Intertwine our spirits and words
Like an angel guidance

We talk in a smooth environment
No criticism on thoughts
Both speech and silence content.

Truth and acceptance glows
In your eyes,  honesty flows
Within. A glittering scene.
In honour of a very simple and reliable friend.
Jan 2014 · 403
Light Bubble
Faithful reason of mine
That saves you pure and divine
Even in presence of evil

(Surrounding me...)

But not passing through this line
That guards you with tenderness...

You remain forever Rose
Where never lacks the beauty shine.
*representing the unconditional love and forgiveness
Jan 2014 · 568
I never meant to say goodbye
Because you were a brilliant friend
So if you depart I wish you the sky
Where we suppose good souls blend

Your friendship don´t disappear
I would not allow that happen
I have kept your heart dear
Must go on living then

Sometimes I feel you´re here with us
And I feel the good old days again
In spite of difficulties we stand thus
Regarding the love we remain

So don´t get sad my brilliant friend
And get the most of your tour
Around the space sea of light

You know I really comprehend
Now you don´t let yourself blur
And please be sure you shine bright!
* In memory of a good old friend
Jan 2014 · 671
the creative demand
Mozart! & The superb generous souls
That gave their life´s like a poem
Brought a ritual way of living
No spotlights on, just ears
Listen to them! the old superlative
Like spears flying in the desert
Of years... They cannot reach our side
Their immortality isn´t near
We live, but we don´t listen
We are the desert, No thirst after all
No inspiration

Escaping from the dark
Humanity howls
The mundane it´s so global
No sense of uncertainty, of magic
No glorious feeling, no mastery

Not a drop of excitement
We need no greedy, obscure ways of living
But we sure need Enlightenment
Music and Passion
Aug 2013 · 598
The creaking of the floor.
“Against cannons, we march, we march”

   A thin light glows in the spirit of man
   Radiates… when Peace befalls.
   Lies on earth the vivid substance,


   Raw essence, indestructible, offspring of Earth,
   Of its womb
   Renews itself, grows, triggers

    And man soccumb in fright
    At every turn, falls into its web
    In its plot.
    And embodies the flame without secret.

    It´s brief the small glory of man
    History says

    In man an entire end is emminent.
Aug 2013 · 445
The mountain.
Only passion aspires perfection
Love, knows perfectly the ups and downs.
It loves at the vísceras of death
And at the pinnacles of happiness.

It´s soft at the valley
Where waters made its way through
And insuperable for men to fight against.
Maybe Love doesn't aspires perfection, Love is perfection
Aug 2013 · 724
dizzy hurted heart
It´s difficult to love when we are down,
It´s like having nowhere to sleep,
We just pretend that we have an option.
Under the bridge or on the garden bench.

Like dust, we rise a couple seconds
At the passage of the unknown
Anxiously aiming to be oxygen
In someone´s lungs
But we fall painfully slow on the ground.

Like smoke of a fire
Or fog we have an effect
A principle of being
But we just can't feel it

A cause
Or a mere colatteral accident in life?
A real pain
Or nature´s oblivion...?
Jul 2013 · 330
...To be one
Sing to me little baby
Of how we used to be one.

Yeah darling, together
We were strong like the wave.

But hey, look at it
When it splash into the rocks
And soaks the shade of the cliff
It´s always a step forward
In the journey of life.

So sing to me baby
Of how we used to be one.
Jul 2013 · 520
Blue meadows.
I am feeling the deep blue of the ocean
To get in touch with my soul.

My soul has white horizontal stripes
Like the wings of my birds
On the deep blue.

I am the wings of my birds,
And the deep blue of the ocean
Along with horizontal stripes.

I am everything unrest and free
Like the white souls of the birds
That sing beautiful songs
To the hearts of those who hang them
Inside cages.

My deep blue ocean views
Of me and of what I am
Along with the same old you.
Apr 2013 · 594
Ego breakdown
The man sits in his bed after a long period of sleep.
He tries to jink his mind, that tries to convince him since then.
His mind is persistent, like a jailer, it has the job facilitaded by bars.
But the man knows his spirit is free.
He just has to find a common road
A road of eternity.

— The End —