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If there were no waves
There would be no sea
My feelings come and go
Passing endlessly

Where there's sun and beam
Reaches us with no doubt
Even scarce they seam
Warm the very heart

My world is a river
Passing below the bridge,
I cannot stop the shiver
Encrusted at the ridge

I feel the troubled waters
The frenetic speed
It's useless, and yet true
Let's just breathe...
Hope is the faith we have to cling to
When everything we wish for
has not yet arrived.

To come out of the dark
The shallow fires have made us fly
Above deserts of ignorance.

We have found treasures through poverty
Happiness through pain
We have built bridges from valleys
We gained hope through time.

That we may still reach
The fruits of the heart
Seeing in Blindness.
I hear the sounds of the heart
When they arrive up in my shore
Though I may feel a bit apart,
Or rest a bit unsure

But the music is within
Being played inside of us
Making miracles unseen
Let's give hands and dance thus,

If you see me in the clouds
In the moon of my own thoughts
Come and rescue me from doubts

You will be my admired escort
That never had to shout
To lead me in the dance court.
A hommage to everyone who has difficulties in social situations or having hearing problems.
I came running down that aisle of dreams
Ready to burst
When the priest looked and said
You are late

I entered a bit awed
Of the role I was playing in that church
Surprisingly I was the Groom

Happy faces looking me in the eye
The more upward the more familiar

I got till the end of that enchanted PATH
With only one thing in my mind
who is she?!

When I was ready to lift my hand
To make an objection of what seemed to be an illusion,
a misunderstanding,

I woke up
Confused, and you instinctively

You may kiss the bride!
I love it when dreams are ackwardly vivid, even upside down , and then apparently the veil is gone and reality is different, sometimes it is a good feeling and it takes time to get on the track again.
As my memory ran through the most difficult days I had
I remembered that I never had imagined that peace would come.

My life had been torn for so long that I became a Ghost,
I would deliver myself to that hoping to fight the real.

Then I remember the first day of my Life,
When you came, and my face was at the ground level
seating my paws, on the dark... between paddles...

I did not know you, or your intentions,
I could not suppose of an unknown feeling
That home feeling...

How could I know
But now I do
That this was the first day of my Life.
In honor of the people who adopt abandoned, or mistreated animals, that they can receive many blessings...
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