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Despite the Mirth
Given at birth
Only promise met
Is of death

©Pauline Morris
Like a fish without water, a bird without a sky
Standing on the shores of deception, wondering why

With my head in the clouds, flying so high
Drowning in reality lie after lie

Now I was smart enough to know a shark is a shark and a snake is a snake
That some people really are nothing more than fake

Despite the warnings, the signs, and the voices that raged
Willingly I flew in, to be locked up and caged

I just wanted so badly to believe in the notes of that song
I wanted to be protected, to be loved and to belong

When friendship and love is the weapon of choice
It's not only the heart but the whole being it destroys

©Pauline Morris
Close to death
A finale breath
Reaper's touch
A finale hush
Pain dissipates
In loved one's eyes reinstates
The rain it pitter patters 
Against my window splatters 
And the only thing that really matters 

Is your not here with me 
It's like the sky could see 
And started crying so soft and slowly

©Pauline Russell
The walking dead in the land of the living
Soulless eyes and hearts unforgiving

They seek to destroy
******* out your joy
Shatter your skull
Make your mind dull

Rip out your heart
That's just the start
Dead set eyes
You'll never relize
Till it's to late 
Your heart they ate

Breathing remains
Nothing else the same
Now hollow of feeling
Soul was sent reeling

Some don't know
Out of them life flowed
We're all missing parts
Mostly the heart
Also gray matter
Obscenities spatter

Growing in number
Pillage and plunder
All must be fed
Living in the land of the dead..

©Pauline Morris
I never was warned
Now I'm stuck on the horns

I'm burning in the fire
Stuck in the mire

Each choice will pierce
This decision is fierce

This situation is dire
My brain is going haywire

It's about to expire
What an awful quagmire

The universe against me is conspiring
With all it guns locked and loaded, it's firing

It's aiming straight at my heart, my head
I swear it wants me dead

Such an enigma
On the horns of a dilemma

©Pauline Russell
One loose Pebble could send me plummeting
And I feel an earthquake coming
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