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Paula Ann Mayabb Oct 2015
Ive got life
Ive got love
Im doing well
Isnt that enough?

Ive got faith
Even in the rain
After every storm
The rainbow came

Ive been low
Ive been high
Its what you make of it
You decide

Everything happens for a reason
This I believe
Hold up your hand
If you know what I mean

If you have love
If you have faith
What tomorrow brings
Will be ok

Just remember
You have life
Today it might rain
But tomorrow will be sunshine

Take a deep breath
Now let it out
Close your eyes
Do the same thing now

Open your eyes
Do you see
How lucky you are
You have food to eat

When you feel low
Just sit and think
There are people worst off
Then you or me

You have a bed
You have a house
Your not on the street
Your blessed
And now

Dont let the lows
Ruin your highs
Take life by the horns
Let it be a hell of a ride

Be grateful
For what you have
Take each day
Live it like its your last
Paula Ann Mayabb Oct 2015
I Do
your crazy
im insane
perfect match
lets play in the rain

With every ounce of me
From my head to my toes
Deep inside my skin
Where all my blood flows

There is love in my veins
And its all for you
Id make myself bleed
If it meant saving you

Id do anything
To keep you safe
Your my one and only
Your my forever soul mate

When you hold me in close
Hug me like a bear
I feel warm and safe
Nothing will harm me
So i dont have to care

We can relax
Feel comfortable with each other
No more hiding
Like we have done in the past
Hid from others

We wont break each others hearts
This i know is true
I cant wait to marry you
I cant wait to hold your hands
And say I DO
Paula Ann Mayabb Sep 2015
Twinkle twinkle
Little star
I wished upon you
It was so bizarre

Prince Charming
The man of my dreams
Leather jacket
Ripped up jeans

I made a wish
That finally came true
Im so lucky
I feel brand new

He makes me happy
Brings me to life
He’s my miracle
Gods gift to man kind

I love you daddy
My prince in dark armor
May I always be yours
Love, obey and honor
Paula Ann Mayabb Sep 2015
We traveled long and wide
In unforsakened land
Ravaged by war
And guns in hand

So many miles left to go
Will we make it out alive
Who is to know

Our loved ones worry
And wait at home
For us soldiers
Who may never come home

Hundreds die
To protect this land
War is hell
For every man
very old poem i wrote when i was about 13
Paula Ann Mayabb Sep 2015
here i am
in a room
all alone
the night is cold

storm outside
its in my head
i cant escape
what can be said

i look around
darkness falls
shadows dance
a long the walls

branches shake
hitting the window
the shutters crash
almost breaking the window

one hell of a night
the ghost are out
there coming at me
i cant keep them out
Paula Ann Mayabb Sep 2015
I love you
To the moon
And back
Thats our quote
No one can take that

Off to infinity
Then to beyond
Forever and ever
Our two hearts have a perminant bond

I love you dearly
Thse words are special
I hold them near and dear
Not saying them is not acceptable

They mean so much
So much in one shortish quote
It will be tatted on my arm
This quote isnt a joke

I love you daddy
Here's to forever
Those words we say
Will last forever

Full Quote: "I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever."
Paula Ann Mayabb Sep 2015
Gummy bear, gummy bear
soft and sweet
chewy and yummy
fun to eat

just so cute
all different colors
put them in your mouth
its like a rainbow thunder

cherry, berry, apple and peach
i love them all
give me more to eat

one at a time
they all go away
before you know it
your left with an empty bag
and a very sad face
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