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Paul Stevens Mar 2015
Thoughts of you drift daily through my mind.
Images created from your doings that made me who I am.
Mother,  my infinite support and guiding light.
Inspired by you, I tread my sometime rocky path.
Remembering your advice, 'keep pushing on'.
To the next adventure, experience created.
Still the floating thoughts arrive to mold
The future that awaits me and my journeys end.
Dearly departed
Paul Stevens Jul 2014
Sand  falling through my fingers the cliché continues.
Each grain a feeling or a thought reviewed, analysed and discarded.
Or put aside to be grasped again and so the cycle continues..
Or left and dismissed from consideration no longer valid!
Paul Stevens May 2014
Filling my time with distractions, searching for solace with others
No time to think, or consider the pain and the hurt that exists
Deeply buried from this happy face and calm exterior, suppressed
With practised aplomb – I am hurting but no-one should see the effect
My love how we played and shared loves praise and sensation adventures
An exploration of the senses , intermingled emotions, bodies yearning
How I miss the peace that only you gave me the sense of belonging
An understanding, a shared reaction, chemical bonding - lightest touch
I miss you my love, help me mend this broken heart
Paul Stevens Apr 2014
Bright light shining through the fussiness.

I see your smiling face and twinkling eyes.

Almost instantly I feel it, a strange uneasiness.
Paul Stevens Apr 2014
Rejoined in natures bliss, the soul vibrates its old frequency.

Pleasure fires it's delicious sensations inside the feeling brain

Touch replaces the nothingness that was absent there before.

Temperature rising, breath matches the heart's rapturous thumping.

Closer now engulfing and receiving, resistance is impossible.

Growing, building, rising from the depths, ecstasy teases a reaction, all consuming...
Paul Stevens Mar 2014
Solitude is a blessing, forced by a changed mind.
Reflection and analysis rule the quiet times, pondering.

The feeling of completeness overwhelming, enjoying.
Disconnected madness from the daily normal grind.

Lost in the maybe, envisioned joy supersedes reality.
Euphoric pleasure tempers the  momentous soul.

Searching to re-establish the understanding of clarity.
Heart closes almost reluctantly, unexpected peace returns.
Was it love or lust ?
Paul Stevens Mar 2014
God how my soul aches for you
Just to be close to you and feel connected
How I long to see you and caress
Kiss and lick all you secret places
You in my arms pressed against me
Where only you belong ,skin on skin
Our lips touching, teasing passion
Burning bright, breathing deeply
Hard against soft and warm moving
Nudging the knowing pleasure to come .
How empty am I feeling, Something
Missing, an unnatural longing already lost
Come back my love, once more as one.
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