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 Aug 13 Paul Hansford
 Aug 13 Paul Hansford
lythrum leans in
curious, tall -
I have nothing to tell

nothing left

I take careful steps, mind loose-stones
don’t twist me up


I am here, I breathe here

I bleed a weak, thorny tide

you should be ashamed
he said
forgetting all the flavors of shame
you already knew
the shame of
being the small ***** child
reeking of cigarettes
crawling with lice
standing in the free lunch line
the shame of
learning to cry silently
so they don't know where it hurts
the shame of
learning to wear dark clothes
so they can't tell where
you were made to bleed
the shame of
being the one
good parents warned you about
the shame of asking for
of anyone
and the shame of
all of that
striving conniving occasionally thriving
still not being enough
to not be ashamed
Love can be so fleeting
like the brightly shining sun
to leave you feeling sorely burned sometimes
or relieved when days are finally done
times to leave you feeling empty or leave you feeling perfect- full
sometimes love is high so grand
sometimes there is a quiet lull
sometimes it's awful easy true
other times
it's like a stupid an
stubborn bull

either way
- we always seek it
elusive like a distant dream
we chase it an ever wander on
to seek a perfect shining gleem,
like the rays of the sweet
warm sunshine
to finally bask in the
lovely glowing beam

that's what love is I think.
Copyright Ma Cherie 2017 still having trouble but trying anyway to write that is having trouble with the system here
Standing barefoot at the edge
of an ice cold sea
i watched as the blood red sun
bled itself
on the sharpest corners
of the coldest waves
and silently, quickly, ashamedly
buried itself in the darkness
of the sea
hoping that maybe
couldn't or wouldn't
or shouldn't
keep happening
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