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Jun 2012 · 791
Truth's Glutted Box
Paul Celano Jun 2012
Feeling unparalleled
Uncomfortably disconnected
Baffled in one's own still reality

Sitting in a chill hollow theater
A sharp lit lantern glistens from above
Frying the lid of the huddled mind

Sore eyes glazed over
Watching a hushed movie called life
The characters known and their euphoria
The whole story just seems absolute
Only to one's imagination glasses

Seeing the whole kindled screen
The still beating heart can tell something is missing

Cheerless eyes start to wipe off the fake
Each drive of coral to the heart
Opens truth's glutted box

The one watching is the missing
The story was never whole
For the characters were embedded in life's credits
And the one watching was forgotten
Last year (2011), I was really disconnected from reality.  I went through a lot.  This was my thoughts.  But I am happy to say my outlook on life this year has been great and it got me to write again.
Jun 2012 · 953
Land Of Beryl
Paul Celano Jun 2012
Looking down at empty pale feet
Pure crystal water
Kissing the gaunt quivering toes
Like tiny nipping lips

An intoxicating dewy tickle
Replenishes the ulcerated legs

Thin iced glass brushes the face
Coating it in a soft chilled frost

Salty needles pinch the eyes
Making vision blurry yet refreshed

To blink would be a miss
A loss of excessive sight
An immense beauty gone

A crawling land of beryl
A saturated endless terrene
An ocean
I went on a trip to Florida for business.  I didn't get to go in the ocean, but I got to look at it.  This is what my mind was imagining.
Nov 2010 · 2.7k
First Snowflake
Paul Celano Nov 2010
Bundled up and toasted
Stare to the exorbitant heavens
A dimmed electrifying spirit world
Leaving only one trifling light on

A slight single frozen tear
Rides the broad frigid air
To the glaring reality below

The silky cotton takes time
Flowing through a lingering life
Of chilled floating bliss

It taps the up turned nose
Tiny frozen feet make a stand

An intense tickle flows through the pumping veins
Leaving a feeling of pricking cherub kisses

Nervous life lungs squeeze
Releasing a single reclined breath

Concrete relaxed steam
Rubs the tufted sapped lips
Dissolving into the hazed sky

She has arrived
Mother Winter
©2010 Paul Celano
"A snowflake touched my nose"
Nov 2010 · 775
A Dream Is Not A Reality
Paul Celano Nov 2010
Stab my eyes

I don’t want to see anymore
I want a dark black canvas
Where I can paint my own world
Using my minds brush
Dipped and dripping with creativity
A clear and cool world
One that makes it easier to breath

When I close my eyes
All I have to do is be still
The only worry I have

When my eyes open
A collage of problems form
Tensing up my body

Stab my eyes

With eyes shut
You are God
You create your world
No pain
No problems
Just a dream

A dream is not a reality
A dream is a vision
A vision of what it could be
Until I am forced to open these windows
And let in the harshness of the world

Stab my eyes
©2010 Paul Celano
"Have you ever wanted to just stay in your own mind?"
Sep 2010 · 703
Crazy Dream
Paul Celano Sep 2010
One to smile
One to frown
Mouth goes up
Mouth goes down
Emotions will make one drown

That was one crazy dream

Eyes open
Eyes are close
See the day
One arose
Both sit on top of the nose

That was one crazy dream

Body stretch
Body still
A few cracks
What a thrill
So much more time left to ****

That was one crazy dream

What’s the time
Early day
Punch the clock
One must stay
Am still tired anyway

Back to the one crazy dream
©2010 Paul Celano
"I just felt like writing something fun and short"
Sep 2010 · 1.0k
Body Of Tunes
Paul Celano Sep 2010
My body is a place of tunes
The perfect set list
My living band


The warm blood fills my worded heart
Wrap it in the pointed wire of the treble
Embody it with the empowering bass


Breathing deep lung drums
Power grabbing
Boom Boom


Pull the strings from my lyrical soul
Flick each tiny cell I have
Create the harmony of my world



©2010 Paul Celano
"I just love music.  I let my body and soul feel it.  That is why I wrote this little piece"
Aug 2010 · 537
Heart Playing
Paul Celano Aug 2010
It starts with a glance
Each person stares to connect
But must be careful
Or a pure life could be wrecked

Love can feel strong
Looking into eyes not blind
They can make you melt
Or destroy your once strong mind

A hug can be tough
For tightness can be the best
For if arms are loose
Then the warmth becomes dead rest

A kiss can be sweet
Sugar cotton candy turn
Or pure dark evil
Tingle to an acid burn

To fall for ones soul
Brings the pressure to the top
So the body shakes
And the heartbeat will not stop

But take it away
The feeling will fall to death
So that one deep sigh
Becomes one person’s last breath

To play with ones heart
May seem easy at the time
But pain is not right
Back at bottom, hard to climb
©2010 Paul Celano

"about a love I once lost"
Jul 2010 · 1.1k
Paul Celano Jul 2010
Coffee, coffee, drip drip drip
Makes eyes pop, with every sip

Some call it, a fine brown wine
Off the yummy, young bean vine

Robust in taste, like a sweet
Crystal sugar, for a treat

Turn the color, to a white
Sometimes makes you, feel just right

Or take it pure, in the black
Makes you shake, like you’re on crack

Have a small, to perk you up
Little happy, in a cup

Have a large, to blow your mind
Eyes bulge out, until you’re blind

Take it cold, on a hot day
Life turns gold, instead of gray

Take it hot, in the ice cold
To stay awake, eyes won’t fold

Coffee, coffee, sip sip sip
**** it’s gone, with no last drip

Caffeine wore off, in a flash
Mind shuts off, body will crash

My eyes are shut, I count sheep
Guess it’s time, to fall asleep
©2010 Paul Celano
"I seriously wrote this in 15 minutes; and yes I am drinking coffee"
Jul 2010 · 789
Haiku 3 - White Mage
Paul Celano Jul 2010
I am a white mage
I have a level five staff
I cannot get girls
©2010 Paul Celano
"A little humor"
Jul 2010 · 1.3k
Haiku 2 - Dejavu
Paul Celano Jul 2010
I have dejavu
Why do things keep repeating?
I have dejavu
©2010 Paul Celano
"This is true to all"
Jul 2010 · 470
Haiku 1 - Birds
Paul Celano Jul 2010
In the early morn
The birds, they sing a sweet tune
I throw rocks at them
©2010 Paul Celano
"No one wants to wake up early"
Jul 2010 · 661
Rated R
Paul Celano Jul 2010
Imagine a worn glossy white couch
Take a seat

The cruel world around you is your theater
Immense huge wall to wall screens
Making you feel so tiny
Super crisp high definition life picture
Able to shock your eyes and freeze your mind
Intense crystal clear vibrant sound
Making your ears pin tickle and teeth happy chatter

Observe and absorb this movie
The movie of one’s life
A crazy never ending story

What is the price to see this film?
Just like life should be

Make sure you can take it all in
For this film is rated R
R for reality
©2010 Paul Celano
"Sometimes you just have to sit and watch your life"
Jul 2010 · 664
A Poor Painted Man
Paul Celano Jul 2010
A single rectangle, so still
With a massive crimson heart
Beating at a pace before death

Living there for all eternity
A poor painted man
A beaten down lonely person
His beard of pin pointed hairs
His mouth a fallen crescent
His eyes of drooped vision

Yes those eyes
So depressed
Wet melted look
Glazed over
Always following
With the same chilled stone stare

You can run
But he will never move
Just stare with that look
Those deep black hole eyes

As he stares at you
Feelings get deeper
A knife through the soul
Can you feel life pumping through this art?
This portrait?
This life?

Hands shaking; turn and face him
Stale heat surrounds the body from his frightening stare

Could it be from the absent painter?
Someone who put more of his heart’s passion in this piece
A thick brush dipped in pure liquid life
A painful stroke for each line of color
Until he painted himself to the canvas
Becoming his own work of art

Get closer
Stare deep into the thick bodied paint
This art lives
It breathes
©2010 Paul Celano
"Have you ever just stared at a painting of a person, and wondered...."
Jun 2010 · 2.1k
Candy World
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Sparkled ice cream houses
Sugared in reds and greens
Smoke of cotton candy
Windows of jelly beans

Grass made of lime candy
In dirt of chocolate flakes
Berry gummy flowers
With petals made of cakes

Sky of blueberry juice
Shredded coconut rain
Jelly filled flying birds
With a custard filled plane

Streets a sheet of licorice
With frosted center lines
Marshmallow vehicles  
Speed and shoot out sweet wine

People of ginger bread
Wave hands of cold dough
They pucker cherry lips
Sweet powder kisses blow

Sweet delicious world
Young new tastes, not old
Packed together as one
In a sphere sucker globe
©2010 Paul Celano
"Strange, I don't like sweets that much"
Jun 2010 · 698
Cement Moon
Paul Celano Jun 2010
One big full cement moon
Solid, cold and round
An intense beam of full power
Pours from the fruitful circular glass
A still and lifeless area starts to be
Lightened and enlightened in the purest white
Excitement travels the veins at high speed
Hairs give a standing ovation
But no sound
A silence louder than noise
Not if you listen with eyes
Use one eye to make utter darkness
Use the other to make contact
©2010 Paul Celano
"Something short and deep"
Jun 2010 · 698
Hidden Pain
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Can one have the power?
To stop this hated hidden pain?

A glass breaking razorblade scream
Pressure point sharp and ice cold
Ripping through a soft spongy ear drum
Able to play no more sweet crystallized harmony

A faint cry of cotton silk
But an intense high pitch earthquake
One can hardly hear it
Yet feel it
Rumbling the inner molten core
Traveling the internal body network

The mouth opens like a greeted door
Oil black painful spiders emerge
Each a stabbed word of hurt
A charged literature army of evil

Close the shutters
Open meditation

Glowing white flutters appear
Mixed with the thick rugged dark
A still gray
Hated pain still hidden
Depression has risen
©2010 Paul Celano
"Sometimes your mind feels this way"
Jun 2010 · 748
A Work Rhyme
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Whenever I want to write
I can’t in the day, just night
For in the day I must work
And it can drive me berserk
A thought will pop in my head
Hey, I guess that’s what she said
Sorry I got off of the track
Cause at work my mind is whack
I have to sit still and type
Want to smoke the old peace pipe
Not really into the ****
But it would help to feel more freed
Ok I am at work now
I should be working, oh wow
I can’t believe I can rhyme
When I am wasting my time
I guess sort of in a way
I just want to leave today
Because I would feel excite
And want to go home and write
But wait, now I am writing
It doesn’t feel exciting
For I am stuck in this chair
Doing my job, it’s not fair
I guess it is time to stop
For my list, work is the top
Plus I am very tired
And don’t want to get fired
©2010 Paul Celano

"Ok I am at work and should be working, but felt like a little rhyme"
Jun 2010 · 702
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Sit in the saturated twilight
Wind down the taxed eyes
Take one rooted breath
Open the extensive world in the mind

Pale emotions locked by weakness
Only the key of virtue can open
To discharge the stout sting on the spine
Filled with warm crimson candy

Vibrant green embers release
Around the staggering brain
Like nimble mating fireflies
Lighting the brittle inner land

Feather floating thoughts
Powered by an emotion’s spirit
Each a memory; choice or inferior
Brought out again by keen thinking

Sometimes in an imprudent world
It is tough to get to a state of relax
Which clutters the memory of mind
Until that deep respiration is contained
©2010 Paul Celano
"I really do think too much"
Jun 2010 · 992
A Fan
Paul Celano Jun 2010
A hot scalding day
I sit motionless and stare at my fan
Moving to the left
Moving to the right
My face an icy stone magnet
Follows the movement
My distressed eyes try to follow the blades
Every time I feel that pappy chilled breeze
It makes me enjoy the little things
Because for that one short moment
I am not worried
I am not thinking
I am just…me
©2010 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 4.3k
The Sexy Ginger Bread Man
Paul Celano Jun 2010
On his body is a ginger bread thong
To soften you up he sings a sweet sugar song
If you hit on him he’ll play along

He’s the **** ginger bread man

He’ll ****** you with candy wine
On a scale from 1-10 he is a 9
Girls look at him and say, “He’s so fine”

He’s the **** ginger bread man

On his face are peanut butter eyes
He has powdered sugar on his manly thighs
He will reel you in with his seductive lies

He’s the **** ginger bread man

On this neck is a chain of candy
Around the house he can be handy
If you add frosting he can be pretty randy

He’s the **** ginger bread man

Out of the batch he is the pick
He has a giant ginger breadstick
It has rainbow sprinkles on it

He’s the **** ginger bread man

You bite the chain and swallow the thong
Eat the stick which is very long
You gobble him up till he’s all gone

NO MORE **** ginger bread man
©2002 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 528
Found The Missing
Paul Celano Jun 2010
My creeping life started a new
Yet something was plainly missing
Like a penetrating cut with no sharp pain
Yet I felt a horned pain
A pain I could not control

Tiny somber soldiers surrounding my tender heart
Swords drawn to an unpleasant point
One intense robust beat
I am struck with blazing burn

I thought of no sheer cure
For this dense lifeless plague
Is munching on my concealed emotions

But then I met her
And she brought her rich golden army

I felt saved

Her tiny vivid soldiers of dazing beauty
Broke through my debilitated defense
Strengthening my forceful offense
Bringing to this once stone face
An enduring bright smile

The skies rained supple kindness
The grounds shot up to feel
Making my sheltered heart
Fight back with pure emotion

All it took was this nice pleasant girl
Combining her mind with mine
Linking two hearts to help heal each other

Together we made one truthful army
Toned by friendship and much more

I found what I was missing
©2010 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 835
Do I Know Love?
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Do I know love?

Do you mean affection with…
no objection
and a connection
like a good infection
of a heart’s collection?

Like a crush…
that makes you blush
like you are a lush
that makes your mind gush
with a hard rush?

Maybe you mean to cling…
but not a fling
more like an upswing
and a sting
to what is the real thing?

Or to get close…
where the insides grows
and the body glows
from head to toes
wearing a smile that shows?

Like to get involved...
where your problem is solved
and your mind has evolved
around your heart it revolved
no longer absolved?

Maybe an intense feeling…
that is appealing
for you squealing
for an inner healing
that floats you to the ceiling

Or you mean to yearn…
where you learn
for a good turn
that makes you earn
for a passion burn?

Do you mean to choose…
with nothing to lose
no longer the blues
but a happy news
an offer to not refuse?

So do I know love?

I am not sure what you speak of…
©2010 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 501
How I Feel
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Pain in my head
A bit mislead
My insides dead
My life I dread
Body unfed
My arms like lead
I should switch to another thread

Too much to think
Mind out of sync
My throat to sink
Missing a link
Afraid to blink
Just want to drink
I think it’s time to change the ink

My mind it turns
My chest it burns
Bad luck returns
Stomach it churns
My heart it earns
Bad thoughts of spurns
Yes, I do have some more concerns

Don’t feel to fit
Feel not legit
I want to quit
My brain has split
Cannot commit
I lost my whit
There is more I need to submit

Feel out of time
My spit like slime
Stopped on a dime
Mute like a mime
Covered in grime
Feel past my prime
Ok lets go for one more rhyme

I cannot fight
My back is tight
I lost my sight
I’m full of fright
No more excite
Don’t feel polite
I cannot talk, just choose to write
©2010 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 834
A Painful Thought
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Neck muscles vigorously strained
Pulled out like a wet frail rotted rope
Fastened together by a rusted lock with piercing sharp edges
Porcelain beads of sweat cling to pulsating vines

Staring up, as if something of hope is there
Intense powered complex thinking
No movement, just a frozen dead stare
Straight glance of light into a darkness covered cave

A battle royale of steroid induced thoughts
The mind, a cage match of soft pinkish flesh
Each thought it wearing armor of dull chilled spikes
Pain shoots through the cranium as each thought collapses into the cage

The eyes, a vortex into another world, look onward
Tears stream down of drunk crimson liquid
Leaving a salted burned trail down each toughened cheek
Stinging each eye with a impoverished sob

The mouth of dried ***** sand paper stays creaked open
A spiral of silk heated air escapes, but with no sound attached
Quivered lips cut from bitter winded blades
A soiled red with a blanket of cotton white

The position of deep depressed nauseating thoughts
The body is powerless and deathly limp
Glued to the seated area, as if it always lived there
A doll, a puppet to its overpowering super brain

Stuck in a painful vision
Will I return?
©2008 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 820
Dancing With Soul
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Standing chilled
Head down, surrounded by sound
Lights embracing the human body
Keeping it nurtured and warm
Head up, eyes stare forward
Everyone in an avalanche of dance
A raging community of movement
Yet you, the outsider stay glued to the ground
You’re asked to dance
By the coolest collective cat on the dynamic delicious dance floor
You know this person
They go by “Soul”
Why so shy?
If Soul can cut a rug, you can be the fabric
If Soul can bust loose, then you can also untighten
If Soul can dance the night away, don’t you dear go to sleep
Tonight is a special night
The dancing is not for singles
But for doubles
Don’t be afraid, dance with Soul

Dancing with Soul, you can feel it

Dramatic drums beating in your head
Soft iced guitar strings flicking your arms
Overpowered synthesized voice escaping your mouth
Your body a liquid rhythm of a harmonic ocean
You and Soul are one
This is no one else’s Soul
This is YOUR Soul
©2008 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 1.3k
Electric Chronic-Techno
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The saucy heated beat begins
The body and blood starts to rise

The sensual vibration moves
Shaking in the lower meat thighs

Vibrant lights turn off their burn beams
Crowded areas start to glow

I have that richness once again
It’s Electric Chronic-Techno

Arms are tight with a violent sway
Body smooth moves from side to side

The feet are twins glued together
Move into a straight liquid glide

Dance in a mind all becomes one
Gleaming body begins to flow

I have that quickness once again
It’s Electric Chronic-Techno

Take a chance and slide to the left
Then move the twitched out body right

Yell the dance passion out so loud
From the chest of full burning might

Everyone becomes a crazy
In a hot crooked little row

I have that twitchiness once again
It’s Electric Chronic-Techno

Sparked up veins become a robot
Bring into the fake or the real

All the breakers spin the limbs
Move to what the body can feel

The people dressed in colored lights
Starring in a music life show

I have that thickness once again
It’s Electric Chronic-Techno

Blast many bombs of the treble
Bringing in a canon for bass

The music drug enters the mind
Keeping at a speedy trance pace

Powerful injected speakers
Start a quick mind vibrating blow

I have that itchiness once again
It’s Electric Chronic-Techno

People embody together
The happiness like fire spreads

Millions of all colors dance
Laughing from the harmonic meds

A circular world of music
Close your eyes to move fast or slow

I have that sickness once again
It’s Electric Chronic-Techno
©2008 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 8.4k
Seductive Winter Dance
Paul Celano Jun 2010
A body still from excitement
Head to the sky, waiting
A whole frosted dance is about to appear

Earth’s colossal yet gentle hands grab the sun
And turn off the gleaming lights

Restful darkness

The ample wind covers the area
Like an invisible curtain of chilled silk

Then a moment of calm
Everything is still
As if a single picture was taken

Vibrant silver angels in their white cotton
Fall from endless stage in the sky
Embodying the frozen air
Thrusting their ****** dance
As they float towards the ground

These suggestive pale dancers
Land on your still excited body
Using it as their new birthed platform

They use their sensual ballet
To send ice cold stings through your bones
To bring a ****** tingle to your mind
Until your heart ******* to a perky smile.

This is called the seductive winter dance
Able to make your mouth gleam
And your soul tickle

Embrace the frigid sensation
As you give birth to your inner thrill
©2008 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 437
Real Winter
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The eyes glaze over
From the icy chill that stings
Pale sand paper lips
Grinding the smooth skin
Frozen hands squeeze together
Creating warm inner pockets
Bones become heavier
Like inner stone in the body
Air of deep blue swords
Travel up the fragile nose
The throat with an inferno
From patches of shivering flames

Winter is here again
With her mighty power
The power to create beauty
And destroy it all at once
©2007 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 848
Only One Horrible Thorn
Paul Celano Jun 2010
I like to cry and throw a fit
Even the dark day I was born
I am a sad and drooping rose
With only one horrible thorn

I did not like people around
I would sit, curse at them and scorn
I am a sad and drooping rose
With only one horrible thorn

My heart could never feel the love
Deep inside I felt sad and torn
I am a sad and drooping rose
With only one horrible thorn

People still tried to get close to me
I would open my mouth and warn
I am a sad and drooping rose
With only one horrible thorn

I will never show a smile
This is an oath that I have sworn
I am a sad and drooping rose
With only one horrible thorn

But the day will come, I will die
Then haunt people after they mourn
I am a sad and drooping rose
With only one horrible thorn
©2007 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 856
To See In Black And White
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The world as a whole can only be described as one thing:

The mass that makes this piece of land all
Is the substance of life
Drained from the mind of every color

Yet some eyes only see in black and white
But sight can do so much more
Doesn’t it hurt to only see two colors?
Two sets of life?

Wouldn’t vision be so much more relaxed
If the eyes could see, everything?

Pain only comes in black in white
Yet throw them in with the color of life
The color wheel
What do you get?
A rainbow that fills the sky

Why is white forced to fight with black
Together they do not make red
Yet in some eyes they do
A thing not created by vision
But by mind

Should red fight with blue?
No it must not!
For if it does, there is no purple
Two lives enjoying each other
Becoming one

This should be the world!
A color wheel
A circle of life
A wheel that any color  can live in

Let the eyes go the limit they can
Be the wheel
For if the eyes only see black and white
They are blind from reality
©2007 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 358
Paul Celano Jun 2010
My mind is stuck in one place
A place where I think
…and think
…and think
…and think
I am a robot
Controlled by my own brain
Could I be creating my own world?
In my mind?
All I do is think
…and think
…and think
…and think
I am starting to see my world
I will call it…
©2007 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 378
My True Love
Paul Celano Jun 2010
It all started one night
To wait for a moment
And have it feel like a life time
Surrounded by many people
But to feel like the only one
What will I see?

Life travels suddenly in slow motion
Then around the corner of my eye
Walks a vision
One that you swear will make your heart stop
And mine did
It stopped just long enough to make me realize
I remembered how to smile

You never really think true love exists
Until you find it for yourself
How do you know you found it?
That question I cannot answer
For there is no true way to describe it

So how do I explain my feelings for her?
Like this…
Close your eyes
Think of happiness only
Now picture something more
Something bigger then your whole happiness
Hard isn’t it?
To difficult for words
That is true love in my eyes
I cannot explain it
Because no words can match the feeling I get
When I see that beautiful face smile

I spent part of my life thinking there was no happy
There was no smile
There was no feeling
Until she proved me wrong
And I am glad she did

To feel again was the greatest gift
To embrace my heart was amazing
Thanks to this special girl
To miss her every second
To love her every second
To want to kiss her every second
Just to want to hold her every second
Coincidences in mind?
This is a sign of my true love

Promises are hard to come by
But I made a promise I know I can keep
As long as I love her I will not leave her
Because to leave when still in love
It would be like not breathing to me
I wouldn’t be able to live
Not when I love this girl so much
My one true love
©2006 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 596
12 Roses I Need To Say
Paul Celano Jun 2010
I grab a rose that is number one
To show you that it is for fun

To have a girl that you can always have fun with
Not only someone to love but a friend also
To hang out and laugh
One is for fun

I grab a rose that is number two
To show you that it is so true

True love that is
True everything and much more
Nothing but true happiness
Two is for true

I grab a rose that is number three
To show you that it is for me

What you did to me
To show me I can smile
To make my heart beat again
Three is for me

I grab a rose that is number four
To show you that it is for more

Everyday the feelings don’t stop
More good things come every time we see each other
Everyday I love you more and more
Four is for more

I grab a rose that is number five
To show you it is for alive

I feel alive again
I do not spend my days being down
I spend them thinking of you
Five is for alive

I grab a rose that is number six
To show you that it is for fix

No matter what happens
We can fix it because our love
Is stronger then anger
Six is for fix

I grab a rose that is number seven
To show you that it is for heaven

You are like an angel from heaven
You make my world feel like heaven
You mean everything to me
Seven is for heaven

I grab a rose that is number eight
To show you that it is for date

The day I first laid eyes on you
The date I will not forget
The day my face smiled
Eight is for date

I grab a rose that is number nine
To show you that it is for shine

You shine in everyway
When you smile my day is happy
When you hold me I am at ease
Nine is for shine

I grab a rose that is number ten
To show you that it is for when

Like I am happy WHEN I hold you
I am happy WHEN I miss you
When I miss you I can’t wait WHEN I see you next
Ten is for when

I grab a rose that is number eleven
To show you that it is for seven

Seven days a week
I will work for it till the future comes
When I can see you every one of these days
Eleven is for seven

I grab a rose that is number twelve
To show you that it is for…you know what?

There is so much that can be told
But only so much this poem can hold
Many thoughts from my brain above About the girl I truly love
©2006 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 568
I Am Me
Paul Celano Jun 2010
My mind goes through a lot
Two many unhinged objects
Shoved into a pocket-sized area
A curled web of thoughts
Tied around my already infirm brain

It seems the only way to turn it off
Is to close the broad shutters
The vision that shows reality
The two windows that hold the truth
Holding the pupils of perception

My ever so jaded shoulder
A stiff frigid table
Becomes a deep resting place
For the intense memories
Created in my fragile head

I then enter my own place
My candy coated world
One that causes my mouth to feel
To raise my lips just enough
To see a merry grin

One that causes my eyes to tear
Pools of crystal glee
A fountain of youth
Filling up the steel ducts
Of my giggling inner child

I have my dream
That seems so abundant and real
I spread my wings that tingle
Each made from every sparkling piece
Left in my delicate body

Then I fly so far and high
Away from my big bully called trouble
All I can do is wave a tiny good-bye
As the icy wind crystallizes through my hair
Chilling my skin just enough to feel a tickle

Until I wake up
To see reality’s evil eyes glaring at me
Trying to sink into my soul
Scorching through my beating heart
Then take my smiles away

But I realize it isn’t all that bad
For I still have love
And one powerful heart
Turning my will to unyielding stone
Making me invincible

I know who I am
I know what I want
I know I am strong
And I know I have enough direction
To be and do what I want
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 398
The Beauty
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The beauty

Something one tries not to see in them self

You have it all, and I know
For I cannot tell a lie
But I have no physical proof
Just the words in my mind

Beautiful is not a word for you
You should be your own word
A new form to explain things
That is too amazing to call

To have tingles jump around my body
Every time you smile at me
To look into your eyes and evaporate
All that is bad in my head

I have to keep staring
Almost like it would be a crime
To look away from such a sight
And miss a second I could of seen your face

To look at something so great
And be forced to smile
You just know that what you are seeing
Is more then beauty itself

You are yourself
You look like yourself
That is what makes you
More than beautiful

So listen to my words
For that is the only way I can prove
That you
Are the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
©2005 Paul Celano
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The world is good
When holding you near
To close my eyes
To erase all fear
Time to let out
Just one happy tear

The feeling that is more than love

To run my hand
Through your dark soft hair
To show a smile
To prove that I care
To stay with you
By my heart I swear

The feeling that is more than love

Your eyes they look
Deep into my soul
We melt as one
And my heart you stole
For you have filled
That deep painful hole

The feeling that is more than love

A gentle kiss
Put upon your lips
Sends a tingle
To my finger tips
To lay as one
Attached by the hips

The feeling that is more than love

I really want
My girl that is you
Cause to feel
Is all I can do
So I prove that
I care for you too

The feeling that is more than love

Here is my thing
That I say with pride
A perfect rule
I know I can’t hide
Is to love you
And be by your side

The feeling that is more than love.
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 456
To Rise Again
Paul Celano Jun 2010
To taste a salty tear
But a taste that is different
For the taste of happiness is sweet
For ones mind water
Doesn’t have to have bitter sadness
Tender nectar from an eye
Can be caused by a smile
Maybe even a thought of glee
The purity of the drops
Can bring years of a frown
To rise again with power
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 539
To Feel Again
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The past has faded
The fear is now gone
No more pain or hurt
For my heart beats with strength once again

I am alive and risen
My body streams of life
From a single beautiful gem
One of great power

She is a winged angel
Sprinkling a smile to my face
Pounding a drum
Deep within my chest

To awaken now
To see the sun is a gift
For the day is filled with love
For this one special girl

Then to hold her
To stare into her sparkling eyes
To feel the softness
Of her crimson lips

To embrace her warm
To sink into each other
To become one
To make our love even more

A passion that has no words
A feeling that is just there to feel
Thoughts of magical sweetness
Two hearts beating as one

To be so lucky
To have found such a treasure
To be able to hold
Such a perfect thing

I thank everyday
That this girl is mine
I worship even minute
I know I am thinking about her

I take in every second
I get to hold her
I save every kiss
I get to place on her

To be able to love again
To take that hardest step
In my painful life
And resurrect it

Thank you
Thank you for letting me
Be your love
And yours back to me
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 1.1k
Paul Celano Jun 2010
The beat begins
Body starts to rise

The vibration moves
Shaking in the thighs

Lights shut off
Area starts to glow

I have it again
It’s Chronic-Techno

Arms they sway
From side to side

The feet together
Move into a glide

Dance is one
Body begins to flow

I have it again
It’s Chronic-Techno

Moving left
Then movin to the right

Yell so loud
From the chest of might

Everybody crazy
In a crooked little row

I have it again
It’s Chronic-Techno

Doing the robot
Is it fake or real

All the breakers
Move to what they feel

All the people
Starring in their show

I have it again
It’s Chronic-Techno

Blast the treble
Bringing the bass

Enter your mind
Keeping the pace

Powerful speakers
Start to power blow

I have it again
It’s Chronic-Techno

People together
Happiness it spreads

Millions dancing
Laughing from the meds

A world of music
Moving fast and slow

I have it again
It’s Chronic-Techno
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 430
To Drive Your Thoughts
Paul Celano Jun 2010
To think what could have been
A past that did not have a future
To drive through the moment
To get stuck at the red light
The car filled with good times
Now all doors open
The passengers all fall out
Then the light turns green
You leave
Should you of left your feelings behind?
Or should you of took them with you?
Why is it so hard to shift to reverse?
But so easy to move forward
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 1.0k
The Girl With Magic Eyes
Paul Celano Jun 2010
I sit in thought
My hand to head

My heart it wants to cry

My face turns sides
My smile sheds

The girl with magic eyes

The piece of mind
My eyes they tear

My brain it starts to fry

Vanished in air
I cannot hear

The girl with magic eyes

To see her face
Deep in my mind

My breath it starts to sigh

Touch her soft skin
I like this kind

The girl with the magic eyes

To breathe her smell
Just from a thought

I feel like I should die

To taste her lips
That I have fought

The girl with magic eyes

To have her close
Is all I want

I stare into the sky

Stuck to my dreams
My mind she haunts

The girl with magic eyes
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 402
Dream Girl
Paul Celano Jun 2010
To close your eyes
You see a girl
Who knows

To smell her body
Feel her crisp lips
Look into her inviting eyes
Holding her close
To feel the warmth
Of the blood that flows
Is it real?
I just don’t know

The girl of your dreams
Not really
For I would rather never see her
Then to feel the pain
Of not being able to find her
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 535
My Life, The Game
Paul Celano Jun 2010

The weight I carry on my back
The chilly hardness around my neck
The cement stones in-between my toes
The mass that crushed my heart


To cut through my skin
White sheet that makes me blind
Folding in my head for confusion
Covering my body so it may be breathe


Cutting my energy to make me fall
Slicing my brain to **** my thoughts
Piercing my tongue not able to talk
Stabbing my chest to take the pain away

My life
Is a game of rock, paper, scissors
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 621
Mind Puddle
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Sweet rain fills my senses
As I stand in a puddle of my emotion
A liquid barrier holds me inside
To stare down deep into my own mind
Only to think and have no commotion

Feet together like a glue
Each arm out to point at the world
To which direction I want to run
When my mind lets me wander
Then my body gets whirled

Why sit in the wetness of your thoughts
The blank stare you create in your head
It is time to spread your visions
Turn your puddle to an ocean
Let your source breath life and not be dead

Baby steps on your plain
Create a world with each soft step
Spread your illusion and your power
Raise your arms to the above
Create yourself filled with pep

You are only yourself
Something that no one can destroy
There is only a single you
And as yourself you bear a special gift
A complex brain you can deploy
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 414
Fight The Sun
Paul Celano Jun 2010
I wake up and to my surprise
The sun comes smiling at my eyes

My pupils do burn but no cries
Till it beats onto my thighs

I start to think of all the whys
But must stick with all my tries

The sun can fight in the rise
But in the end I win the prize

It might out do me in its size
But I’m the one that’s strong and wise

For light to dark into the skies
Makes it come to its demise

Sink into Earth it underlies
Now listen sun to my replies

“I hope you sun take my advice”
“Don’t mess with me when you arise”
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 511
Fair Of Life
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Come, one and all.
The fair of life has begun

Come take a chance.
Make a choice
Win a prize.
But do it right
For if you fail
You lose

Jump on the Merry Go Round
That is right folks
Happiness that goes around
For everyone to enjoy

Stop by the ferris wheel
Start your new life at the bottom
Try to rise to the sky
The highest of your peak

Never forget your youth
Grab some cotton candy
A soft tingle
Of your inner child

What ever you do
Be careful of the roller coaster
For it will throw you in all directions
Some that will make you cheer with glee
Others that may make you scream in fright

Enjoy this fair of life
Make your choice wisely
Which ride you want to go on first
What way you want to shape
Your fair of life
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 729
My Body Is The Bread
Paul Celano Jun 2010
I stare deep into the sky
My eyes above face
Wondering how big it is
And how it heats the place

All these cluttered thoughts
Run scattered through my head
For the sun is the oven
My body is the bread

The peace that my inside feels
From my head straight to my feet
For it covers me completely
Like a blanket full of heat

How good my body feels
My pleasure has been fed
For the sun is the oven
My body is the bread

A pale look has faded
Now a golden brown
My body fed of nutrients
That seep into the ground

It is hard to move myself
My body heavy lead
For the sun is the oven
My body is the bread

The ball of fire starts to set
The day closes to night
The heat then begins to chill
My body frozen fright

But tomorrow will bring a new
As it rises from the dead
For again the sun’s oven
Will bake my body’s bread
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 513
Ocean Of Mind
Paul Celano Jun 2010
I drop to my knees with images
A scrape to each round bone
But a larger one to my mind

Is it possible to bring an ocean to your eyes
But not feel the wetness?

To have an under water forest of thoughts
But not be able to view your own mind?

To find out that imagery
May not be your reality?

The mind has caused an earthquake
With a crack that leaks the crimson lava
Burning my poor smile
Melting it to a frown

What has happened to the once crystal ocean?
Why has it turned an endless brown of cooled lava?

From pollution
For I have polluted it with my eyes, my words, my ears.

So as I fall from my knees
Into a remembered position at birth
One word clears from my thoughts

©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 4.9k
Happy And Relaxed
Paul Celano Jun 2010
To have your body relax
Once a stiff board
Now all joints a movable jelly
Aches turn into tingles
All because of happiness

To have your face relax
Once strained from frowning
Now to have a constant smile
Your face becomes smooth
Not wrinkled with stress

To have your heart relax
Once shriveled with cold
Now warm again
Full and pumping with life
Pure of a deep red

A body
Happy and relaxed
©2005 Paul Celano
Jun 2010 · 367
The Hole My Body Hides
Paul Celano Jun 2010
Have you ever sat and thought
What happen in this day
That made your eyes want to cry
And turn your colors gray

To wake up with a smile
That runs across your face
Now has turned upside down
And stays there right in place

Did something really happen
To turn your day unkind
Or was it something you created
Deep inside your mind

The future is not written yet
Happiness can return
Just as long as you don’t make
Your heart start to burn

I know I will feel this
Until my mind has died
Not unless I fill this hole
My body tries to hide.
©2005 Paul Celano
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