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Patrick Mar 29
I sit here, begrudged in silence
imagining moments of matched gazes
the same hands held in open compliance;
as is rarely true, we wander lost in mazes

I think on oddities, old peculiarities
smiling to broker strangeness
in hopes it leads to disbelief
I ever garnered attention

I sit here, within the quiet
facing moments I can't deny it
the same hands held to heart's content
as is true, we wander with intent
Patrick Jan 3
The decor welcomes a stranger
far, he hails from a distant land
stricken with the sense of danger
tired, so tired he can hardly stand

He crawls upon the mantelpiece
and draws from his pocket a splendor
he cries and craves release
respite from longing to surrender
Patrick Oct 2018
A penchant for time spent at sea
admiring the vast and starlit eve
bask upon the prow, alone and free
the clouds soon give break to grieve

A calm float without waves
tattered sails, I'm drifting
toward the sudden drop;
I fall off the Earth
Patrick Sep 2018
The rain will start to fall
as dark concludes its crawl

Ever the dreamer
I look to formless clouds
and paint myself a picture
of the sunny sky behind
Patrick Aug 2018
Though we take
our time apart
to mourn those
who dearly depart
it all comes back
full circle again
as your smile
brightens my day
Patrick Jul 2018
A storm is rising -
birthed, a frigid wind
Patrick May 2018
The rhythm in my hand craves release
reprieve from the burden of mind
full indulgence from the sin of voice
I hear it and feel it and taste it and want it

The static drawl from the set is mute
unnoticeable as hours pass
stirring a sublime fragrance
as sand trickles 'tween glass
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