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Patrick Oct 2020
bourbon soaked vanilla,
for those long and brisk
winter evenings, craving
warmth and sweetness.

orchid boat,
for the sailor on the ship
on high-tide seas --
a sublime flavour on the tip
of his tongue.

the candle inside
this dimly lit room

still she burns,
and the fragrance
is bliss
Patrick Sep 2020
her words -- ragged breaths,
guide me through enchanted land;
between slender legs, i happen upon
the mouth of her arousal
Patrick Sep 2020
At long last, the summer leaves
fall together.  Autumn chimes
brace, for winter thieves
are a cold despair -- beware,
lovely loneliness chokes the air
Patrick Feb 2020
Lest stars align in some somatic shape
revel at the stroke of new moon.  Strike match
'gainst tinder in the darkest of dark, escape

fate while weary flame whittles to cinder,
a fortune lies in wait -- hidden in treasure
of vanilla, wisdom and oil.  Snap its spine,

cast the crumbling dust to a leisure
breeze and by the dying glow divine
peaceful, prophetic aphorisms

everything has beauty but not everyone
can see it -- fame and fortune lie
Patrick Feb 2020
The painter said you need to pose
silk smooth skin, bare limbs a
twister, yet no paper shows

a snow white canvas, the brush
just kissed her.  Wet paint drips
and licks her navel, abstract

art draws shivers despite the
hot summer night and strewn satin lush.
Behold the artist and his brush
Patrick Jan 2020
The horizon yearns a violent end
the glasshouse lies in shambles
to the west, echoes in the distance
foretell cries of havoc

Oh sky, adorn your fiery plume
graft wings for flight
plucked not from anger, and yet fume
take off into this night

Behold the magnificent gaze
tears slither down the mountain
and silence the summer's rays
down, down
no soul to be found
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