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You spoke to me in ways I’ve never been spoken to
A language said to be used by the moon
echoing in the calmest of places
I saw you
you seen me
that was enough
Feel free to dive into the overflowing oasis that is my heart.
Made up of a billion drops of love
each one waiting to be bathed in by you.
Like my first sip of jack you had me making that face
something I enjoyed more you had me skipping that chase
As you slurred your words, I fell deep into your eyes
Was it love at first sight, or your heart illuminating mine?
Now when I envision perfection I can only see you holding my hands, and three things blue
It’s hidden you see, the clarity in me
For what lights you might see, you see feelings are free
Now emotions have rose in such a dastardly way, but like you my pride is my winning as this heart shall not break
I’ve always been accompanied by the presence of nothing
A dearest friend that speaks only the  language of silence  
A fire lost inside the hearts of many
A light that has always been lit but yet forgotten
Follow me into everlasting eternity where darkness meets the light
Here we can be everything but nothing
Here we shall stay
This ocean will billow, deep and true
creating currents from me to you
From the offing to the beach
The tide will flux with infant like waves
And when the brine reaches our feet
We will know we have made it to a better place
My heart was found inside this sunken chest in the midst of this burnt down town

Where windows were smashed and doors kicked in. there’s no verbiage that could describe this noun

I have fled from homes where the sun would rise and make my way back from where the sun would set

Searching for a niche in this constant glitch with no codes or terms to be met

Within my dreams I can see a star as bright as a summer day. Making its way through this tarnished town with only positive things to say

“There’s hardly any life in the soil beneath the ash, trust me I’ve been looking for years.”

She grabbed my hand, helped me to my feet and told me to wipe away the tears

Where the rubble stood tall she plucked a flower and began to sing a song

Words so soft and as clear as day I knew she could have never been wrong

She said
“Grow only in a way you know.”

Now I could finally see

Where the rubble once lied she grew a forest, a sea as green as could be
It’s the sun in the sky
The rain on your face
The love in your heart there is no mistake
It’s the wind in the air
Where the sand meets the shore
It’s the sound of your voice that I truly adore
It’s the moon at night
A feeling so free
It’s when you catch me staring at you
It’s when I catch you staring at me
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