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Nicole Lacanilao
Manila    stronger, quirky
Naddie Faller
Marikina City   
Philippines    A quiet person with a chaotic mind. (Ang taong tahimik pero magulo ang pag-iisip.) I write poems and other stuff. (Nagsusulat ako ng tula atbp.)
Netherland    “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” ― Blaise Pascal
Nae Ayson
Quezon City    A princess. A masterpiece.
Inked Papers
void    ad astra per aspera Pure discretion
Matthieu Martin
Planet Nibiru    Do you care?
Nicole Dawn
Oklahoma    "Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth." ~ Ender's Game I love to talk, but I also have good listening ears. If you ever ...
Abby Elbambo
Qatar/Philippines    Written to write.
Dorothy Arenas
MNL    The truth is... words terrify me.

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