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diam ya,
Jangan beritahu semesta,
Aku cuma berbisik disini,
Di sela-sela hujan pagi ini
Kalo aku sayang kamu.
kamu sayang juga ga?
Pathetic soul Mar 23
Let’s pretend that we’re in love.
Tasting the feeling of being drunk,
Being so lost,
So unconscious,
So unaware of everything around us.
Let’s kiss under the moonlight.
Absorbing the cold air within our feet,
Let them flow through our bones and cells and blood and heart,
Let them freeze us so we can cling to each other.
Let’s pretend that we did it willingly.
That we hugged not because your body is cold,
But because yours is missing mine.
Let’s just kiss again and tell me those sweet words instead of guilt.
Let’s pretend that we’re in love so i know how does it feel being loved back.
Please pretend that you’re in love.
Can you at least pretend?
  Feb 2018 Pathetic soul
"My mouth hasn't shut up about you since you kissed it. The idea that you may kiss it again is stuck in my brain, which hasn't stopped thinking about you since, well, before any kiss. And now the prospect of those kisses seems to wind me like when you slip on the stairs and one of the steps hits you in the middle of the back. The notion of them continuing for what is traditionally terrifying forever excites me to an unfamiliar degree."
Pathetic soul Jan 2018
I’m loveless,
With every holes on my sleeve,
That begging me to rip the shirt off.
Indicating me,
That they are just as loveless as i am.
Might as useless as well.
So, i’m loveless.
With every breath that i take,
That getting heavier and ragged each second.
Telling me to stop running,
And trying.
The night and the day,
They keep telling me to leave,
They forbid me to sleep,
As every time i woke up,
I’d be the loveless person i will always be.
So they said i must leave.
Last, i’m loveless.
With every step that i take,
With every pressure on my shoulder,
With every blood on my nose,
Will someone ever turn their head,
And simply ask,
“Are you okay?”
Just to stop me from leaving.
So, are you okay?
Pathetic soul Mar 2017
"Say it!" I'd scream, "Please! Please!",
Begging your brain to compose the words that stucks on the tip of your tongue,
Choked by your own uncertainty,
Your mind is flooded with doubt and dilemma.
And all we do is waiting,
With no one endeavored to break the stubbornness,
Waiting for one another to shrink the selfishness in ourselves,
Waiting for one another to find our voices,
Yet no words come out,
That should be as easy as blinking.
So we keep waiting till the time will be expired,
And we will be drained, and the fathomable words will be left unspoken, charred among the lies.
And someday you'll find yourself in regret, and tears, and finally be able to say it, to no one, to the wind,
"I Love You".
This one is an impulse as well, and this made me think if everything is an impulse. I wanted to say "Forgive this poetry" if you're dissatisfied. But then, isnt a poetry is a way to express feelings where there is no right or wrong?
Pathetic soul Mar 2017
You are a poet,
You were.
And my favorite line -which perplexing- from your 'Pathetic' poetry -which you hated but loved simultaneously- is "She is the city lights, drowning in the ocean of darkness".
I was thirsty for an explanation, and you were too full to explain;you refused.
"Time is magic that rules everything; including answer,"
But baby, time hadn't gave me anything, i'm still clueless, and the left side of my bed is empty.
I have no one to ask, so i collect every pieces of your work.
In which involving your sketchy past;unnerving; and my vulnerable soul;dim and weak.
But to me, you were never a darkness, a night.
You were a dusk, living between the day and night.
A dusk, that is beautiful but never last-long.
So when the sun is drowsy,
"Goodbye," i said.
And the sun is gone, so is your shadow.
This poetry is an impulse. So please forgive some mistakes.
Pathetic soul Dec 2016
We remained quiet as the thick air couldnt bear the burden anymore.
Forcing us to make up our mind,
Forcing us to destroy the big invisible wall that separating us.
But we,
You and me,
Will never tried to stop the growing distance we've created an hour ago,
Or maybe this past time.
I'll be wondering, where's the love we used to say countless times?
And you'll be wondering, where's the affection we used to see through our eyes?
We'll never stop wondering.
But as my eyes begin to blurred, i can't see you clearly anymore,
You, who will hug me as if tomorrow never comes.
But you, now simply standing still watching the raining tears,
Simply listening to the broken sobs of mine,
I will step forward and ask you,
"If my feelings was yours, can you bear the agony?"
And you still remain silent, sealing your beautiful lips that once i never get enough to taste.
I will step forward closer and asks you,
"If i said i can't take it anymore and i asked you to pull the trigger and aim it straight to my heart, will you do that?"
Reluctantly, you nodded.
Now i'm taking few steps back.
"I'm in love with her"
That's it.
Straight into my heart

— The End —