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parker Apr 28
"completely besotted,"
that seems like a good fit.
i want to look at you,
like nobody has looked at you before.
every inch of your skin is smooth and
it's so strong.
like stone.
you're aphrodite, in flesh,
and in stone.
you're absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful.
just the sight of you makes me, pulchritudinous.
and i am devastated.
i am devastated
that i can't fall asleep with you,
wake up finding you right where i left you.
parker Apr 22
i'm made of something stronger.
i may not be a saint,
but I am mighty.

i do not fear you.
parker Apr 22
sometimes if i think hard enough,
i can see her.
i can see her in my room,
i can feel her lips on my neck,
and her hands on my waist.
parker Apr 16
haven is my mother,
making my family tree.
are you writing?
you can always fix it later.
i'm alright, stop.
maybe if i turn on the lights
i won't be so confused.
its purple, but i pretend it's red.
because i slaughter.
i come for hades.
and every time I think of you,
i don't like it.
who the **** chooses the name kraig?
parker Apr 7
hes tall
hes much taller than me
and my mind is at war with itself
the male body is so very beautiful
i think it looks stunning
he looks ancient and stone
but not at all old
he looks like he is made fun of by his mother
and her mother
he has no mother
so much rage
i hate her
his eyes are so sad
i want him to laugh why can't he laugh
i want to be his mother
i want to be small in his arms
but i'm trapped
i'm broken alone
he's not true
i don't think hes true
so i take the form
and i love the form
equally to the other
and i cherish the other form
for it is forever etched into my mind
the taste of her body
the smell of her crown
he wears a much bigger crown
yet i want them both
and i want power
i want the crown
parker Apr 7
if what they say is true
then ill be the man at the end of the gate
not the all powerful one
just the one for the feared
i'll wear the crown
because i want to
but forgive me for saying
i'd rather burn this sphere
and everything that i've got
before i ever enter that horrid place
i'm afraid of angels
they're not natural
they're contorted
i'm afraid of angels
parker Apr 7
stop it
just stop
please stop talking
i'm tired of talking about this
i'm tired of your excuses
listen to me
listen to me
stop talking
stop talking please
i'm trying so hard
why won't you ever listen to me
you push me this far
you push me so far
you push me
you put me here
and you can't take it back
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