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Parker Jun 2016
The presence of her essence is a blessing in disguise
The higher I climb the more mountains I find
Parker Jun 2016
There is something in the wind telling me I need to do more
Parker Apr 2016
Slowly slipping towards the light
Somewhere someone loves the night
Rusty nails and silent dreams
What in the **** does this life mean?
Funless jokes disappear
Melted wax and lonely tears
Strayed away from the tracks
Greetings stranger, name is Max
Parker Mar 2016
That rose
for you to feel beautiful
Parker Mar 2016
The more I try the more I feel like I am losing myself
The right partner, the wrong time
I desire to get my hands *****
To sleep by choice under the stars
Yet I am conforming to a world of cushion

I stand a lost man
Searching for a feeling that imprints a smile
Maybe I am in denial
Feeling to filed and organized
This infatuation of a picket fence,
is not me

There's a voice in my head repeating born to be wild
To ride on a motorcycle at sunset through a canyon with no home
Just apart of the road  
No structure
No direction
Just alive

I battle these thought daily
I fear leaving her and the pain it will cause
Though as it must, the truth prevails
Sirens and bells, heaven and hell
I feel like I'm losing myself
Parker Feb 2016
The curves on her glass confine the pain
Disturbed and at last I forget her name
The sound of silence is a heart acting tame
If it helps you dear, I'll take all the blame

The ashes past it till it came home
A vow in rome to die alone
Cursed by the day we touched lips
Long forgot but never will I forget

The road of sorrow comes out as art
A man who chose to dissect his heart
A voucher for those who feel alone
In pain is beauty as solid as stone

A wandering mind, your smile can see
welded with time, we all bleed
Cursed the rewind, my lasting joke
I end this poem and light up a smoke
Parker Oct 2015
Last chance to dance with the unknown
Bury that hatchet and hit the road
Along the coast, into the sea
In the forest, surrounded by green

A slide of hand to light the match
The wood it burns never stood a chance
Though the fire flames inside
I am cold on this stormy night

A heart that beats to the rain drops
What must I do to make this pain stop
Along a path, alone I must go
Single footprints in this deep snow

Alone, awake, I'm at it again
Predictable life I can't stand
To this hour I've become a coward
Trying to search deep to discover my powers
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