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lori parr Nov 2019
I know you so much better in a dream
and we swim through a gurgling brain’s
gelatinous extremes
in intimates
stroked sentiments
and those are just enough
to let you come around
the kitchen sink invisibly
not physically
and you can chase me madly
all around
the bedroom in my headroom
without sound
lori parr Oct 2019
my wings are damp and folded love
and I can see your chalky form
through the broth
of an intimate storm
I backstroke through a thick sea
with the lobe of my drownings
am a jellyfish stung
by her own transparent threads
but in the planets of your glance
I am a Datura unwinding
in the mute bells
of this darkness
lori parr Sep 2019
My love crawls to me
from the ceiling
hands focused
on the panes
of  windows
My love
sees me
the air
in words
feels for
my lips
My love
speaks in
raining fruit
hears the smoke
in water cleaved
on paisley solid
comes singing
the sheets
out of
I fall
up shifted in
a thousand
slicing pieces
as a razor
lori parr Sep 2019
swell up heart
swell your fleshy marbled cone
burst inwardly
beating lily of the dark
wrapped in veins of pyrite dust
ignited by the body’s brain
spread your secret moonlight
as milky
just in pale rivulets
of gushed love
past every flapping
trunk and scapula
past sepulchers of ears
pool in larger pearls
than fondled
in a muscles reflex
lori parr Sep 2019
I met you in the park
red hair and eyes
that weren’t
very far apart
you were carrying
a well rolled
***** quilt
you were slight enough
in build to be safe
and told me of myself
as we walked
I told you about
an imaginary lover
who followed me
you didn’t mind
I asked you of
my luck in love
you offered
to *******
I told you I was saving
myself for a stalker
you didn’t judge
when we parted ways
I asked if you were famous
you told me you were god
lori parr Sep 2019
rain falls up
for me tonight
exhausts the fight
for younger men
lacquers man holes
shines the sin
cups the ice
sparks and fractures
where my
my mind has been
lori parr Sep 2019
how oft I’ve wondered of your thoughts
secluded there and underneath
and I could swear I caught them once
or twice above the swirling din
how oft I’ve thought I heard you call
across the wasteland of this place
between the sin and through the fate
I felt my name upon your lips
how oft I’ve never come to you
how oft I’ve ever wanted to

— The End —