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Daisy C Mar 2017
So tell me why you never loved us?
Is it because we speak the truth?
To be honest I'm not even sure why we're doing this anymore
You're lying
Stop trying
I know you don't care
Look at the big picture and step back
Are you happy?
Or do you feel numb?
Stop trying to hide them
All the memories on your face
Not gonna say I don't miss them
Because for the most part I do
Thats the hardest thing of all
I miss the old you
I wish you loved us as much as we have loved you

So tell me now why did you ever love us?
Dec 2016 · 219
Daisy C Dec 2016
Everybody seems to forget what ive sacrificed.
even feelings.
Its a sad cruel world.
Dec 2016 · 1.2k
Dec 2016 · 297
Daisy C Dec 2016
We live in a world where
people lie over petty things,
people don't help unless they get something out of it, steal, cheat, immaturity is off the wall with this young generation and what's the most disheartening thing of all is no one gives a ****.
But I do.
Daisy C Nov 2016
Let's get high
why not said the dark angel
Don't cry just fill it with this.
Ignore it.
**** it.
Just do it.
Let's go home.
I'm lost.
Where's did the love in this world go?
I'm in pain
I'll just smile
Nod my head say "yeah its been a while"
"It's in gods hands" says the old man.
Why isn't god carrying me?
Let's share a needle
It's a secret that I got hep C.
Let's ****.
What's love? When you got to get another hit.
You lost me at hello
but I'll stare until you say goodbye.
My mind runs
Ive been awake for days.
I'll stay in bed for hours.
I'll miss you,
even though I shouldn't.
you know who you are.
Yeah I said it and I'll say it again
Nov 2016 · 469
Daisy C Nov 2016
Lay off the cookies and cupcakes tay-tay.
Nov 2016 · 189
Daisy C Nov 2016
Just incase people dont know
God dont pick favorites.
You just got more luck obviously than the man you sit next to.
Nov 2016 · 564
Mom I miss you.
Daisy C Nov 2016
I miss the old days.
Me and you against the world.
Daisy C Nov 2016
You fit in my palm
your so meek.
Its sad I could crush you
without even trying.
Your suppose to be strong.
Your suppose to be a listener.
Your suppose to be a fighter.
But most importantly your suppose to be there for me.
Where are you?
Where have you gone?
Are you in that deep dark hole once again?
Are you struggling?
Will you come back this time?
I have my doubts.
This women thats taken over your body
is not you.
You are not my mother.
You've become my enemy.
Nov 2016 · 190
True Colors.
Daisy C Nov 2016
Sometimes I wish I was as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.
Oct 2016 · 171
Daisy C Oct 2016
Sometimes when I dream
I wish I could live there
and never leave
reality bites.
Oct 2016 · 550
Daisy C Oct 2016
When I look in the mirror
I dont see me
I see her.
The me I loved is gone and she is here
to stay.
Oct 2016 · 192
Happiness is a planet.
Daisy C Oct 2016
Happiness is a far away place.
Its a whole world away.
I wish you and me could go on a rocket
and never look back.
But we dont have enough gas.
Jul 2016 · 259
ten letter word.
Daisy C Jul 2016
Lookin around I see
three things.
and thief's.
Is my life always going to be like this?
Filled with lies and greed,
Its hard to change my atmosphere
when its hard to breath.
Jun 2016 · 533
Daisy C Jun 2016
The story isn't done yet my dear.
I'm not closing the book.
May 2016 · 252
Daisy C May 2016
Let's fly
far far away,
and never look back.
Jan 2016 · 220
Daisy C Jan 2016
There aren't any changes,
besides the fact I wish I felt
I'm breathing,
yet I already feel dead.
There aren't no changes
cause I keep going back to the same ****.
Day after day I'm sitting and waiting for the change but all that comes is the dwell
in the night.
Well honey,
there aren't no changes.
Jan 2016 · 251
Daisy C Jan 2016
I'm not a churchy girl.
I wish I could be.
Wake up every Sunday morning,
brush my hair get dressed,
and go to the house of god.
Maybe then he would be there
for me more.
But I believe,
worshipping god doesn't have to be
in a designated place at a designated time.
So no I won't be one of those preachers wife's.
But its fine by me,
because at the end of the day
god holds me in his arms
and walks me through the sand.
I am a child of God.
I believe he loves all and watches.
So mean what you say before you comment about
"Churchy people".
Dec 2015 · 646
Daisy C Dec 2015
I made a mistake,
but that's okay we all do.
We're only human.
Dec 2015 · 246
Daisy C Dec 2015
She's down to earth,
what am I?
Dec 2015 · 225
Daisy C Dec 2015
One thing after another
Can't be simple,
or positive.
Why are you like that?
I'm so tired of it.
You say you want what's best for me,
yet your not helping.
Dec 2015 · 329
Time to grow up
Daisy C Dec 2015
You can only party so much,
before it becomes old.
It's time to grow the hell up dude.
Be a man,
Or  a women.
Not everything can be fun and games.
Daisy C Dec 2015
Im just temporarily sick.
I have to remember that.
In order to push through what I'm going through I must be
I must not be a coward and cry,
I must hold my head high
and not hang it down low.
This is temporary,
it's not a **** commitment.
But its still not the point.
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Daisy C Dec 2015
I have a label across my forehead
that everyone knows about,
"She's disabled"
"She's not capable"
"She can't work"
It's not fair.
Once again I'm being punished for some thing I never intended to happen.
**** all of you and your
I'll be whoever the hell I want to be.
Nov 2015 · 599
Higher power.
Daisy C Nov 2015
When life knocks us down,
we tend to worry a lot.
We feel stuck.
We have not a clue what to do.
What we should do is look up,
maybe we will find some help there.
Who knows.
Nov 2015 · 296
Daisy C Nov 2015
Love is over rated and so complicated.
Why do I bother with it?
Crazy as it is I keep giving it a chance when I know how it'll end.
That's bad on my part.
Oct 2015 · 260
Daisy C Oct 2015
Misery loves company.
You attract what you want,
but keep it away from me.
Oct 2015 · 326
It does doesnt it?
Daisy C Oct 2015
It feels good to be sober
ladies and gentlemen.
But most importantly it feels good
to notice that I'm loved.
That I'm finally happy.
To know I have you.
That god has my back.
It feels good to live.
To breath.
To be free.
It feels good to no longer depend.
To just be good old fashioned me.
Oct 2015 · 242
Daisy C Oct 2015
All the bad boys.
All the fake thugs.
All the bad drugs.
All the chances.
All the hopes.
All the dreams.
All the classes.
All the glasses.
All the nights alone.
All the papers.
All the nights wishing.
All the nights wanting.
All the times tossing and turning.
All the beauty.
It's seemed to peek out more lately.
All the love.
The Miami boy.
All the boxes.
All the cars.
All the chances.
All the changes.
Ive seen the sun.
All the sunsets.
All the day dreams.
All the times I wish you could've been mine.
All the relapses.
All the triggers.
All the mistakes.
But this is me.
Oct 2015 · 314
Daisy C Oct 2015
October 8th the worse day.
I'm counting down the minutes.
I'm counting down the hours.
Reminding myself of the worse day of my life.
It's the anniversary.
It's hard to move on and just let go.
People tell me I'm torchuring myself,
when in reality I'm just facing the real world.
Whats happened to me does not define me.
But what I have gone through I know has changed me.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
I have all these hopes and dreams.
I'm scared you won't be apart of them.
Or she will **** up.
Or dad will end up going crazy, once more.
All over a date.
A date that'll remain in my life forever.
A date I wish to let go but know I can never,
because I've learned and I've lost. This day is a day where the chapter is new and the print is bold. Not meak.
No more dwelling.
Oct 2015 · 459
I promised A
Daisy C Oct 2015
A is a man,
a good friend of mine.
But can I tell you a secret?
I think he's lost his mind.
From the way he talks to his narcissistic act.
A is an Australian man.
A is an ******* and a quick thinker.
A likes my pictures.
A is my friend.
I love him.
Quite a lot actually.
It's silly.
It is what it is I guess.
I hope he comes back to me.
Time will tell. Won't it?
I promised you a poem. You'll most likely say this is ******. But ey at least I tried. I hope we can be friends again. I love you~Satellite.
Oct 2015 · 205
Daisy C Oct 2015
Time goes by and I sit in the chair
every day waiting for you to walk through
the door.
The hardest goodbye's are the goodbye's left unsaid.
I know them all too well.
But I cope.
Sep 2015 · 291
Daisy C Sep 2015
Daddy goes for walks,
he bring backs rocks.
Names them.
Puts them in a little box,
and keeps them for safe keeping.
Daddy doesn't know
how sad this makes me.
My daddy is crazy.
Daddy's weird.
Daddys this and that.
But I love him.
Mental illness is a cruel thing to watch. Especially when you love them.
Sep 2015 · 599
The sex pistols
Daisy C Sep 2015
I'll be nancy,
you'll be sid.
What a tragedy itll be in the end.
Sep 2015 · 195
Daisy C Sep 2015
Beneath the dead leaves laid a
branch waiting for its chance
to be seen.
Sep 2015 · 317
Getting old.
Daisy C Sep 2015
I'll be the old lady with a bunch of grand babies.
I'll be the old lady who wants a young man because in all honesty that's how my mother is. Mother like daughter.
I'll be the old lady the younger children spread rumors about.
I'll laugh at em.
I'll be the old lady who becomes senile and yells at the nurse saying where are my cigs?
Theyll probably make me quit.
But when I think about all this ****,
it makes me smile.
Life sounds more exhilarating then it does now.
Daisy C Sep 2015
Stuck between
being happy
and being sad.
Not knowing which way to go,
being stuck in the middle,
is the worse feeling of them all.
Aug 2015 · 193
Daisy C Aug 2015
I love you
I hate you
I miss you
but I don't.
But maybe I do.
But I'm tired of living in the past.
Its time to move on.
To let go.
No more nightmares about you.
No more dreams about us.
Because its done.
Its faded.
Its over.
Its gone.
For the first time I'm tranquil about that.
Aug 2015 · 219
Daisy C Aug 2015
I'll never have a love.
Like you.
Your a rare breed.
Too hard to find.
It was nice.
Now its gone.
Now I see.
How cruel love is,
towards me.
Aug 2015 · 323
For my sister.
Daisy C Aug 2015
We stick together.
Me and you like
butter and bread,
pencil and paper,
dresses with flats.
Your my best friend.
I love you so.
Aug 2015 · 205
Daisy C Aug 2015
Ive struggled with who I am,
for a good minute.
The beautiful intelligent friend of mine,
has lost her mind.
I might be going home soon.
I'm not addicted I swear.
I just miss them.
Well maybe I miss you too.
Who knows.
Who cares.
These are just blabs
that happen in the middle of the night.
Aug 2015 · 457
Olive juice baby.
Daisy C Aug 2015
Days go by with out your voice,
its official that I've said goodbye.
I can't love you.
No more olive juice for you.
I deserve better,
than you.
Good bye my dear.
Good bye my friend.
Good bye my trust.
Good bye my dear love,
I hope to never see you again.
Aug 2015 · 246
Daisy C Aug 2015
I twirl into you,
grab your hand,
you let it go.
Guess you don't want to dance.
Aug 2015 · 246
Daisy C Aug 2015
Dragging the jacket behind me,
I'm covering up my tracks now.
Good bye cruel town.
I hope to never come back.
One day....
Aug 2015 · 762
Daisy C Aug 2015
She has long blonde hair.
Blue eyes like the sea.
A smile worth killing over.
But she's nothing like me.
Beauty fades.
Souls stay pure.
So go ahead be with your little *****.
Aug 2015 · 267
Daisy C Aug 2015
I can't breathe anymore,
at first I blamed it on the cigs.
I don't think its that anymore.
I miss the sound of your voice in the middle of the night.
Truthfully you made me breathe.
I needed you.
But **** it I'll light another one.
Till I cant take it anymore.
Aug 2015 · 256
Young and beautiful.
Daisy C Aug 2015
Let's have an adventure,
come down from those clouds boy.
Look me in the eyes.
Love me with all your might.
Let's explore each others souls tonight.
Let me hold your dark heart in my hand and make it pure again.
Make me feel beautiful.
Make me feel young.
Laying in an empty bed at night alone is consuming my mind.
Soothe it with your voice,
my love.
Aug 2015 · 273
Daisy C Aug 2015
I've grown impatient.
Due to my situation.
I can't sleep.
I have to convince myself to eat.
I cover myself in warrior paint,
in order to face the day.
Smack a fake smile on my face,
and pray no one see behind my mask
I made.
Jul 2015 · 201
Daisy C Jul 2015
I wish I could leave this town.
Its cursed.
I'm stuck and have been for years.
Too many drugs.
Too many bad people.
I'm sick of being here.
Jul 2015 · 306
Daisy C Jul 2015
I've decided to let you go.
To move on from you.
To just forget about you.
I've promised myself to quit thinking about you.
Or even talking about you.
One of the worse feelings is regret.
I'm filled with that because of you.
You made me be a bad person.
By telling me it was okay.
Your a liar.
A manipulator.
I'm glad your gone.
Your not a man.
Your a **** boy.
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