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Ell Aug 21
Give me a moment.
Let me ponder the idea of you in my arms.
come here, lovely.
let me hold you for the first time in a blue moon.
kiss me.
dash out the door into the flashing skies.
we will fear nothing.
watch as the rain pours its wisdom to the earth once again.
lie to me.
tell me you love me.
kiss me.
to take your hand was to follow you to my deepest regret.
kiss me.
Ell Aug 21
Everything the night held could've been ours.
the stars burned onto a canvas map,
only for the sake of our learning.
you gave me the moon,
forgetting to tell me it would fall at dawn.
Ell Aug 20
When you remember us
does the ghostly figure of someone I used to be sits still in its old forgotten home?
Your heart had somehow captivated me.
The old me is locked to the old you,
And although we aren’t the same,
Our old souls tangle together as best friends, without our acknowledgment anymore.
Although the hole in my heart is filled with those two souls holding onto memories that were once ours, I think they may be enough to keep my tears from streaming.

— The End —