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Em Oct 19
I love the same way
the bees love my carcass
Cause my body feeds the ground
for flowers to grow

And I hope that you feast
on their honey
Cause that’s the only way
it’ll get to you

I love the same way
a bomb loves the fire
Cause when it kisses that is all
it can see

And I hope the war ends
in your favour
Cause only then all the deaths
will have worth

I love the same way
the birds love the horizon
Cause to follow it is to fly

And I hope at its end
you will find it
Cause then you’ll know that it’s freedom
wasn’t free
Oct 11 · 347
3:00 am
Em Oct 11
For a moment in
this handheld darkness
the world is but
an option
Em Oct 11
The kids ran from the smoking pipes
Of tree branches and fog
Of mechanisms in the rotting mulch
Dragging heads of eclipses
On wish bone sticks

That was a metaphor for conquering
But also the story of choosing

The frogs write
their last will and testament on
Quivering mist and
Echoing answers

The fish know their place
Minds one ball of red string
And pass their history to their lawyers
As suggestions

The city is lined with
Street signs and traffic lights
One foot after another
One person and then another

Did you know the dictionary has no word
for the people who rely on patrons?

all these stolen words
and none to paint the world

Life is sheets of white paper
There’s a note when you’re born
And a note when you die
And a note when you eat

And behind each word is
A dept to be paid
In money in love or in pain
in quiet moments when you stand and wane

Perhaps I ramble too much
Mindless this and that like
the terms and conditions
of a tabloid subscription

Law metaphors from
Someone who’s not a lawyer

The kids ran from the smoking pipes
Of ink spills and crooked grins
Of mechanisms in the infinite machine
Nature following nature
Until they cease to breathe

History is written in prophecies
And radioactive handshakes
Yet the world with all it’s felonies
Cannot lay down it’s peace

It reads here, in the fine print:

The ouroboros of humanity
of plant of animal
of ocean of sky
of faceless crowds in an empty mirror
of lightless stars in a distant future

We will return
For better or for worse
It’s written in the fossils
And carved into our cells
And a written statement
is evidence enough
Em Sep 5
There is a lull in being
a singular heartbeat among
the mess of your room

The window is dark
with the suspension of city quiet
and the hum of incessant silence
Existing, existing

Sitting with hands bleeding
fire and flowers and fraudulent feelings
and the floating ache of lungs

The perfume stings your nose
and you learn to love it
and then you learn to hate it
Hear a voice (your own):

The apple falls, crisp, red
It fulfils it grand role
Eaten, sacrificed
The seeds see far,
noble, shinning destiny

The apple falls, clinging, dead
It rots as it descends
Putrid, abhorred
The seeds grow an executioner
choking, mindless hunger

I’ll tell you a secret
You smell of corpse-sweet

You are not your own
You are not your own
You are not your own
You are not yourown

My fingers tug my limbs with puppet string
on a stage made of automatons
and I’m so scared I’ll blindfold every smiling audience
who’d come to see me dance
that one day I’m left with a empty room
only filled with audio studio claps
Jul 14 · 59
Voyeur business
Em Jul 14
Every eye in the grain of the walls
Center at my spine
It crawls
Searching, staring

It’s white and blinding and
it sloughs off my throat like
An invasive buzz of
“Meet me”
“I know”

I clutch my hands tighter to my chest
Cradling the last untouched petal
From my rotting person
Skin marred with unspoken rules
Flesh scored with glares

And even that is ripped away

I’m so tired
So very tired
It’s so easy to sink
Fall back to black
Silent waters

Every noise is a spider
On a web of vibrating consequences
I’m a doll splayed for dress up
On a stage made for the world

And now look at me
Crawling along the ledge
I tiptoe on the ice but
My feet are strapped with coals

Blind me, deafen me
Put me in a grave
If the day I get to keep my story un-judged
is the day my book burns
Then set yourself a campfire
Upon my weary bones
No privacy
May 25 · 716
They’re just human
Em May 25
You kneel over,
hands on gravel on tire stench on rubber
And there, on the streets

Do you feel a pain too?
Right there, in your stomach
A little at the back, to the side
like when you run for a bit and stop and then run again but you forgot that it gives you stitches but it’s too late and it stabs and—

Do you feel it?
You grin at me with carnage teeth
We’re bound, aren’t we
Ritual and bone
Do you feel the needle?
or a cut
or a knife
or a bullet
or a— oh
you don’t feel it

I’m staring at the sky now,
your head’s the moon
your eyes the stars
my blood rain from your storm cloud lips

I— I think I’ve had enough
It’s been fun, I wanna go home
It’s— it’s been—
hold on

My chest is the rotten mouth of dying lion
Yep, crank the clamp wider, that’s right
Bad teeth in the back, come on
Yank it out

I’m still on the road
It’s a crossroads, I notice
It’s the only thing I can notice over the vice on my ribs
and the sight of your back

It’s crowded here
There’s the Hurt, doing shots in the living room
my Breath, snorting chemicals in the corner
the Night, shoving its tongue down my throat
And you, host of the Party of the Century

You walk away, silent as always
I think my veins still swell in your mouth
iron minting you a new silver tongue

I hope you taste nothing else
May 17 · 53
Do or Die
Em May 17
I need a picture on the wall of my coffin of stone
Put on a pedestal
Put on a shelf
A thousand years crusting tears on my self

Paint me immortal
Paint me a Saint
Or paint me the nightmare that everyone claims

Cause I am a paradox
A knife’s bloodless blade
A faceless body in the mirror
I can’t wipe away

Sinking on land
Quicksilver sand

Poison on lips
Drowning the tips of my

The sting of a bee hurts less
Than the thought of you leaving
Cause I dance the fine line
Of empathy and tragedy

Oh the church bells will ring for
Dancers and fools
Pantheon of Justice
Your name’s just a tool

Oh the road ahead is dusty
And the trees are barren fruit
But my back is to your hangman love
And I’m sorry I’m leaving
So soon
Em Mar 9
Mmm, tempting fate
Standing above storm clouds
Icarus bled silver regret
So he could be his own sun

And the audience behind the
Heavy blue curtains weep
And the sound effects team take thunder
From their giving hands

Oh, heroic, ironic

he burned under the gaze
of our eyes
and the world is our unfortunate stage
Mar 5 · 52
Life and Death of
Em Mar 5
hello, stranger
i see we meet again
between book pages
within art hedges

the paths to immortality are
storylines and ballad chimes
i’ll see you in the epigraphs
i’ll read you in the skies

first law of
no energy created
no energy destroyed

over and over
blood born blood lost
arms carved from fireflies
breath fossils in northern lights

hello, stranger
decaying and beating heart
chubby hands clinging to heaven
or trading final death-cards

the clock ticks to the rhythm of
supernovas far, far away
and prophecies printed on
abandoned beach sands

and you, stranger
walk the plank between the waking
and the beyond
my question to you is
Which direction are you heading?
Jan 13 · 650
Em Jan 13
You stand there in a field
Of gentle grass and daffodil

The butterflies gossip in dances
The breeze sweet as honey
Haloed sun on your head

And I feel you smile at me
So soft, so wanted
Cradling in your hands
My heart

A gory mass of muscle and tissue
Pulsating and twitching
like a nightmare struggling
To tear it’s desperate fingers through its
******, oozing womb

And I lay under you
skin gorged, ribs cracked
Wheezing through smoker’s lungs
clinging on by a few dripping strands
of fleshy tubing

And my hands claw the earth
nails mangled and nerves ragged
But my eyes fix
despite these things scrabbling
at my irises
As I strain
To catch a glimpse

Nov 2021 · 62
Egg shells and bandages
Em Nov 2021
Sunday on the school grounds
Wiping off the lead crowns
Beds set up in oyster shells
Weren’t we meant to breathe in
Sheriff’s silver casings
That fall out of the sky

And I say
Little red lies on your teeth,
your teeth,
Grinning at church bells
Atop your Van Gogh
window sill

Screams pinned on jackets and
conspiracies sprayed on knees
Black diamonds on the rocks,
the rocks,
This whisper ain’t got no
no privacy

Cutting your hands on dreams
Losing your last memory
Of white rabbits, door habits
Writhing like a royal trapped in
Big cash ins
Flayed for the prize to see

But it’s all
of your

So meet me, meet me
My sidewalk’s got salt line
Fish in a hunting ring
Leaf in an arctic breeze
I’ve got time I’ve got time
I’ve got cigarettes and lime
Come put this fire out
And take a shot to you
Oct 2021 · 67
Liquid fears
Em Oct 2021
Anxiety felt like burnt champagne
Searing as it went down, down, down
Wrong bottle, wrong taste
Sour smells, bitter waste

Anxiety felt like burnt champagne
Flat and dry against the roof
Choking, choking
Drowning, drowning

Anxiety felt like the Wrong Thing To Drink
But I kept drinking anyway
Cause it’s the the last thing in a forgotten bar
And who am I without it?
Oct 2021 · 184
Error 502 Bad Gateway
Em Oct 2021
Static sounds
and loading screens
System’s lagging
Count to three

Hey hey hey,
connection’s bad up here
Gimme a little more time
I’m getting there

Blinking lights
and reboot signs
‘Fraid the software’s gone, ma’am,
a little haywire

To be a machine,
Binary, binary,
yes or no

But I’ve got a body
and a brain that don’t sync
So strip me for parts, baby
‘cause I doubt I can think
Em Sep 2021
I steal golden apples
From the mouths of the statues of masters
Every night,
I sneak into the garden
Fountains tinkling poems
Rocks whispering symphonies

The sightless eyes of the moon
Track my every breath
Indifferent, uninterested

I bite into my prize
Each sweeter than the last
And I crave,
Crave the fire and ash
That burns my throat when I swallow
That clogs my lungs and eyes

And, the thief I am,
Came crawling back each time
Addicted to the sound of fervour

And every night hear me
Howling at the moon
Every night,
Crumpling into embers and smoke
Baring my soul to a deaf world
Drowning in the sounds of stolen words
Em Sep 2021
Quiet days with the fan turned low
Soft wind across knuckles
In solemn contemplation

The dog sits, begging for scratches
And there’s only me,
the air
and all the rumbling thunder
of thoughts and headspace
In between
Something itches behind my eyes
Maybe I’ll scratch it if I dream
Sep 2021 · 60
Em Sep 2021
The concrete sidewalks
And metal rails
Are dry and wrung of rain

But the soil remembers the storm
And the trees don’t forget its taste
Aug 2021 · 32
Black winds
Em Aug 2021
oh tales of rivers
and thunder cries
with rainstorm tears
and starry eyes

sing me a song
whistled ‘tween trees
howl me a moon
with Night’s black winds

the people light fires
in prayer to the sun
and the ravens tell lies
to the broken they’re sung

but all stories end
with a lesson or two
and this echo will carry
black winds, black wounds
Em Jul 2021
the same song plays over and over
on the radio box
makes me wanna scream and
claw at the speakers
make the world go silent again
make my head stop floating again
make me feel like myself again
Em Jul 2021
i dream of moths and ants
in decaying living rooms
sleep in my eyes
hornets in my mouth

criminals chasing me
down fractured streets
my ghost siting idle
on a broken ferris wheel

sometimes all the days blend together
and you can’t tell yesterday
apart from tomorrow

and when you fall
from the surface of the sea
where sky meets the atmosphere
and the fish swim in trees

you’ll find that not much
matters at all
Jun 2021 · 199
Come closer
Em Jun 2021
Flip a coin at me
Make me your wishing well
Your secrets in my ear
All them mine to tell

You can run
But you can’t hide
Count the candles you’ve blown out
Count the bullets till you’ve died

Oh dear

You’ve fed yourself to the monster
You’ve led yourself astray
No point running faster, faster
You’ve only yourself to blame
Jun 2021 · 360
Art of Being Invisible
Em Jun 2021
The heat of the cold sun
Burns frostbites into my skin
Icicles growing in the cave of my lungs
Breath a cigarette between trembling lips

And I wait
And I wait

The moon boils the waters
A deep purple neath my feet
The foam biting at my heels
And the night smothering my eyes

And I wait
And I wait

And when I still my heart and pulse
To drown within the forest
The world blows past my shoulders
And carries away my voices
Jun 2021 · 187
Em Jun 2021
I kept waiting for dreams
That I forgot that nightmares exist
So when the darkness lulled me
I ignored the flashlight that fell from my hand

And I don’t see the stars beyond
My curtain as I sit
Staring at the mirror
And sink
May 2021 · 54
Ode to the Shadows
Em May 2021
We were born
With no silver spoons
Just the bitter taste
Of a dead man’s moon

The city bore us
In canals we were raised
We rule these paths
As rats and decay

(the crows remember)
(the crows remember)

We are the filth
That feed your trees
Catch a pigeon
Let it sleep

From dark we rise
From blood we reign
With golden seals
And silver chains

(the crows remember)
(the crows remember)

Friend or foe
Your time has come
Pay your dues
The deed is done

Watch the streets
And watch the sky
Cross us once
We dare your try

(the crows remember)
(the crows remember)
Just finished reading a book and it gave me feels so here ya go
May 2021 · 99
Em May 2021
my Good Ideas come at night

but seem like Bad Ideas in the morning

but I never had any other thoughts

so I guess they’re all just Ideas
May 2021 · 1.2k
Em May 2021
My sleep isn’t silent
I go down screaming

Because I’m one breath away from
One whisper away from

My sleep is quiet
So I fill it with shrieks
Just to make sure
I am alive
May 2021 · 70
Em May 2021
please dont yell at me
please dont shout at me
keep your angry words
for another day

i know you care for me
i know you do it for my

but save
save these words for someone else
whos a little more worth
the trouble
cause no matter how much
you try and try
broken glass is still
broken glass

i dont know why i cry
and cry and cry and cry
every noise frightens me
i hear disappointment in
and i know
its all
for me

dont wait up for me
leave me to wander all by myself
im not
not really worth the time
not really worth
the effort of making better

im sorry
i broke the vase again
or closed the door a little too hard
im sorry
that i forgot my chores again
ill do it, you dont need to get up
and scream

im just a hole
no need to put your
hopes and dreams
on me

there are better horses to bet on
there are better people to trust
and then your heart wont break
any more than mine has been dumped

but you seem to still
to give a **** about me
so though i think that
good faith is wasted
ill try my best
and be
Apr 2021 · 597
Peace of my mind
Em Apr 2021
I should be going to sleep
But the shadows at the corner of my eye
Keep whispering secrets
I never asked for

I’m pacing down the hallways
Of my sanity
Waiting for a door to open
Down at the deep end

The peonies dance a slow waltz
In a breeze that does not exist
And the ivy crawl up walls
Over lamps, over windows

Come sit with me
Next to the pond
You cannot leave
So take your time
Apr 2021 · 61
Cat got my tongue
Em Apr 2021
Somebody texted me
About their day
And I was so happy
For them

I got a call from Ireland
Wasn’t sure what it was about
But the caller spoke Chinese
So I hung

Did someone else’s chore
While they hustled in their own world
Silently and by myself
Good job, good job

Sometimes I lay in bed
And think of all the things I might say
Lodged within my throat
A mantra in my head

A fox stole my tongue
So now my words don’t come out right
And the only thing I’m good for
Is to be someone else’s ear

No one stays to listen to my whispers
And maybe it’s my fault
Maybe I should’ve said it louder
Should’ve brought along a speaker

I’m surrounded by people
My kin are as knitted as skin
But I’m drowning drowning drowning
In nothing nothing nothing

Take me to the mountains
Mint my lead into a mouth
Let me scream out all my sorrows
Let me scream away my sound

Then maybe I won’t be buried
With all my life left in secrets
All my burdens left as monuments
Rotting underneath the stone
oh god I’m so lonely
Apr 2021 · 100
Toast to the second-handed
Em Apr 2021
Boys will break hearts
Like little glow sticks
Break it a little
And let it show

Glow stick girls
Walk down the streets
With glow stick eyes
And glow stick feet

Glow stick hearts
Glow so bright
Dripping light onto the ground
But even suns will fade out

Break your heart
And bleed on the couch
Make the cushions glow
Let everyone know

Find yourself a glow stick boy
As discarded as you
With glow stick glass
And glow stick eyes
And just let yourself be you
Em Mar 2021
The birds of the sky
Peck at my flesh
In the forest of bones
Of bones

I watch this quiet affair from afar
Silent, crouching
So as to not disturb
The thin veil of nature that has settled

Men in blue suits
And shiny shoes
Believe that power comes
From rising numbers
And diplomatic wars

But I
I have seen real power

Of the calm and rage of a brewing storm
Wind grasping, grasping
As electricity runs over my skin
As I root in place in the face of God

But I
I have seen real power

Of life where no life should be
Saplings growing, growing
Against the ashen backdrop
Against death and death and fires and hell

But I
I have seen real power

Of rivers and oceans and shapes in the waters
Constantly swelling, swelling
So dark and deep and whole
So dark and mysterious and promising

But I
I have seen real power

Of ice and hail like shattered glass
Stretching far, far beyond
With the cold beauty of a killer
With the sharpness hanging in the air

But I
I have seen real power

Life existing as an extension of decay
Decay, decay, decay
To return, return,
From life to death
To death to life
Over and over

The trees understand no concept of fear
Just the roots in the soil
And the branches in the sky
And everything between simply
The next life

Maybe someday someone
Will trip on my skull
Or find a fox who had his fill of me
For the end is simply a promise
Of life
One feeds the other
Over and over

True power
It was never really there
Just energy
And cycles
And the stillness of existence
Of time so colossal
It looped in on its self
Bending gravity and light and ideas and-

Oh what am I saying
Why are you here
Listening to the whispers of old ghosts
Old bones
Live your life
Forget the sleeping beasts
And the purpose of things
We are but little people
In the the scheme of the giants
And the dreams of the ancient
And the whisper, whisper of-
Mar 2021 · 62
Em Mar 2021
Looks like this is the end
Dead stop
Full stop
Bus stop

Nothing much to do
Just sitting
Horizons daring

It’s quiet
It’s calm
It’s not too bad
Just whistling grass
And tiny ants

Wonder, wonder
What has life brought?
Hither, huther
What use is that thought?

Away away
Where the wind hikes
Like little maidens
Over hidden pikes

And the rumble of rubber
And the smell of dust
Putter putter
Get on your bus

And leave behind
Your philosophical mind
For someone else
To follow
For those loudly quiet times
Mar 2021 · 55
The world moves
Em Mar 2021
The world moves
A silent creak and pull
The people run
An endless marathon

Thousands of words
Passed between souls
But one
May shatter stone

Time doesn't flow
It rushes
Reaching out for something
It can never hold

Lives and faces are swept
Faster and faster
In the leaping torrents of life
Faster and faster

The world moves
A silent creak and pull
And yet I stand here alone
Frozen In Time
Mar 2021 · 97
Em Mar 2021
The world is having

A stroke

And I’ve got

Front row seats

I never paid for
Mar 2021 · 55
Em Mar 2021
Oh how far the great have fallen
Tumbling and turning in the air
Crashing, crashing
Falling, falling
Soundless breath choking their words
And squeezing out their lies

Oh how silently the fallen have risen
A step at a time
The wraiths of the earth
Looking, looking
Feeling, feeling
They drag their ball and chain
Nails on boards screaching
Reaching for a taste of sun

Oh how the innocent stand
Sword at hand
The smell of doubt
Flavourful and sweet
Behind their masks and bitter sweat

The children enter
Into the halls of glamour
Past silver busts
And rotting stone
They fear, oh they fear
They know

Tongues of flame
Lips of death
Eyes of fools
Hands of the doomed

They crawl, oh they crawl
And the innocent bear the burden
As the great fall and the fallen rise
As the past catches up and the future slows down
And those at the middle

Mar 2021 · 61
Em Mar 2021
The rain called like great white veils
Obscure the face of the bride
As she weeps and she weeps
Like the rain of her hood
As it rains as it rains as it rains
Mar 2021 · 715
Em Mar 2021
Sleep my darling
Sink into the dark
Close your eyes
Let go
Don’t struggle
Time will continue
There are worse things to suffer
and in the morning, you'll be ready
Mar 2021 · 35
Like gravity
Em Mar 2021
I will speak
My stitched mouth released
The breath held back
Falls across my lips
Like gravity

Do you not see?
The poison and smoke
The diamonds only mirrors
The strings that hold us down
Like gravity

Sing with me
Believe in me
Let us fall on sinners
Spear of Truth in hand
Like gravity

Let the people soar
Let beauty rise
Swinging with the rhythm of life
Let us not fall like once before
Like gravity

Grace the earth with our voices
Feel the salty wind in every fibre
And cry with joy and sorrow
Hand in hand in peace
Without gravity
because only then can we truly live
Mar 2021 · 76
An ending
Em Mar 2021
And so Victory and Death
Walk hand in hand
Across the barren fields
Towards a full moon
Bright as a child’s eye
Mar 2021 · 221
Rise up
Em Mar 2021
Rise up
Rise like the tides
Rise like the winds
Rise unmoving
Like mountains
If we die
Least we die with
Valour kissing our hand
Mar 2021 · 43
Why Kookaburra
Em Mar 2021
Why Kookaburra
Hiding round the stone
Sulking in the graveyard
Silent and alone

Alas! Alas!
I’m selfish, cruel, a beast
I am a thief
A thief of time
Yet I don’t take
I give

Why Kookaburra
Do you shy away from trees
When flocks of birds come resting
And food is wild and free

Alas! Alas!
They will not receive me
Deceiver, am I
Laughing at the fools
I bring suffering and cries
And roost with empty wings

Why Kookaburra
Do you say these things?
You are a special bird
With nature to be these

Alas! Alas!
They think they know
If survival’s not the key
Then what is left of me?

Why Kookaburra
What brash insults you speak
Accuse us of such deeds
Perhaps you must acquit

Alas! Alas!
Did you not say to be me?
To fly up on bird’s wings
Oh so high
And do what I need be?

Why Kookaburra
Look around and see
The world loves and lives
For those who sit and sing
People are difficult to satisfy
Mar 2021 · 308
Perharps this is love
Em Mar 2021
I never knew you then
I never knew you now
I will never know you
Till the trees have shed the last of their leaves
And the stars burst one by one
And the earth heals over again
But I think that is the point
Mar 2021 · 39
Em Mar 2021
The rain falls thick
Like the white veil of a bride
It slides down the window,
Tracing tracks in its wake
Then gone
Without a trace

The little drain bubbles
Fast flowing and small
It carries a leaf down the lane
Who knows where it’ll go

The sun is hidden
His face is clothed
He is but a wisp of wind
Of empty shroud
Of listless pale

Away, away
Gone but a memory
And as the memory dims
As the sound fades away
With the croaking of bullfrogs and humming of trees
Away, away

Look up
Look longingly
Never have I dreamt of such a day
Mar 2021 · 238
as the world turns
Em Mar 2021
Down the street the old man cried,

“let me sleep! i’ve got nothing to hide!”

but the thieves and the mold care not for such things

as they burned and they burned

and they burned

Wrinkled ladies in oversized rings

yelled out their price for the prisoner’s things

“settle down, settle down, there’s more where it came from.”

as they smiled and they smiled

and they smiled

The youth shiver below, crude laughter in the sky

fear melting on their tongues like ice cream pie

cold hands caress their heads, staining their memories like ink on shoes

as they crumbled and they crumbled

and they crumbled

The marching of shadows shambled in the light

“roll up, roll up! lucky winner hold tight!”

slave to the mechanical beating heart of powders and liquids and glittering heat

as they fell and they fell

and they fell

Wriggling corpses build their huts along the naked land

stumbling past crowded bones as they long played their hand

“mercy, mercy, our children starve!”

as they withered and they withered

and they withered

The earth spins off its ruptured axis

flinging it’s occupants in a human crisis

the old moose groans and the silver trees splinter

as they sank and they sank

and they sank

Life seems forever as decay eats decay

as adults never seem to turn tomorrow into today

the only mark of the living left like pressed flowers in a crumbling world

as we wept and we wept

and we wept

People in straight suits say ignorance is bliss

well ignorance made me a ****** kid

i’ll tell you

i’ll let you

in on a little secret

misery is a card you don’t want to play

and death is a dept you don’t want to pay

The 15th, 16th, 17th century

the 21st

the ******* 100th

round and round

over and over

pushing time again and again

Oh the lessons are never learnt

and the punishments are always served

and the only ones left in it all

are corporate businesses who

sweep the ice cubes under the fridge

Oh we’ll suffer

oh we’ll cry

oh we’ll tumble and grumble until we all die

But the world will keep turning

and the mistakes keep churning

until we are left with no more
what a world we live in
Em Mar 2021
Give me a dollar until I am dead
Paint the whole sky blue and red
Count out the days until tomorrow
I’ll be waiting
Waiting for the rains to fall

Stop the car just to yell at the trees
Close your eyes so you can feel the breeze
Write down your history so that you aren’t forgotten
I’ll be waiting
Waiting for the leaves to fall

Line up your books in all the wrong orders
Put on tinted lenses for the city in different colours
Call your brother’s voicemail just to hear him again
I’ll be waiting
Waiting for the towers to fall

Burn up old certificates for the fun of it
Eat a hundred chocolates for a golden ticket
Watch every blockbuster here in town
I’ll be waiting
Waiting for the tides to fall

Whisper your wishes across the ocean
Trace your crop circles out in the open
Three letter words are hardly important
I’ll be waiting
Waiting for the hammer to fall

Break the hourglass to hold the grains
Run after the last train until your chest heaves
Write down your last words on wilted flowers
Search for the den where the old fox hides
Out in the sun, you couldn’t be happier

Oh if someone’s listening
If anyone cares
I’ll miss my own funeral
If it means you’ll be there

Cause I’ll be waiting
Waiting for your ***
Take your time to grow :)
Mar 2021 · 115
Em Mar 2021
Give me a kiss
I promise I won’t tell
Give me a secret
I will not spill
Give me a cup
I’ll give you my watch
My time
My life

Why are we skipping
Skipping on stones
Why are we dancing
Dancing at home
Why are we stepping on tabletops
Smiling at the raindrops
At how the world flows

Give me a kiss
I promise I won’t tell
Give me a secret
I will not spill
Give me a cup
I’ll give you my watch
My time
My life

Tell me a story
A story about love
Tell me a fun fact
I’d want to know
Tell me the reason you stay
The reason you wave
The reason we still smile and sing

Give me a kiss
I promise I won’t tell
Give me a secret
I will not spill
Give me a cup
I’ll give you my watch
My time
My life

Lie next to me in bed
We have all night
You’ll stare at the ceiling
Hand in mine
Close your eyes dear
Let them tear
I’ll be waiting for you
At the end of the line

Give me a kiss
I promise I won’t tell
Give me a secret
I will not spill
Give me a cup
I’ll give you my watch
My time
My life

Give me a kiss
Promise I won’t disappear
Tell my story to your children
My heartbeat to your dreams
Count the seconds to the sunrise
The seconds till the moon arrives
In this world
We don’t have much time

Give me a kiss
I’ll give you my watch
I know it’s not much
But it’s all I have
Every moment is fleeting
Every word is the last
But don’t you worry
In heaven
Everything will pass
Mar 2021 · 714
Em Mar 2021
Live your story free
Unbounded by the world
For you are the author of this story
The protagonist
I am simply a character in your book

Come take my hand
We can get lost in the forest
Raise our fists at the gods
We’ll sing to the whispers of time
And swim in galaxies

Run free
Don’t let them stop you
Don’t let me stop you
Bullets in my head
Blood from my heart
I smile
Forget me
I am simply a character in your book
Mar 2021 · 272
Humpty Dumpty
Em Mar 2021
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty thought he was clever and all
So bit by bit he stacked his bricks
And built it two hundred feet tall

Swinging his legs
And nodding his head
He looked down from the top
At small puckered wells
And small tuckered hills
Of the villagers all around him

And so time flew by
And his wall grew high
And higher
And higher
And in the heathens
As he touched the heavens
He cried, “Look up, for I am God!”

And so he went

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king’s horses
And all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty
Back together again

But children,
Don’t be sad

But children,
Don’t be sorry

For that night the men swung their picks
And the women scraped off the concrete
And the children stole the bricks
One by little one
Till all that was left to his memory
Was the flat crown of the ground

Besides, the bricks weren’t really his, anyways
Mar 2021 · 99
Dream, we are forever
Em Mar 2021
Oh peaceful solitude
Where the rain fall free
And the sun swim deep
Of yellows, corals and hues

Stay by my side
Watch the twilight slip by
Fear not the wind that whips past
Nor the waves that churn beneath

In the dark are summer daisies
In the morn are daffodils
Let the days carry you far
Let the tide follow your feet

And we feast!
For memories are made in the spur of the moment
And grins are nothing but a breath of life
Give me a smile, a secret smile
Let it be ingrained in time forever

And we love
Because we want to
Because we’re meant to
Because we should

And I trust
Arms around shoulders
Do you hear that?
They’re cheering for you and me

Oh peaceful solitude
Where the trees whisper strength
And the rivers run wild
Of golden, silks and you
Dedicated to my mother, who doesn't understand the poem but still likes it
Mar 2021 · 39
Rock bottom
Em Mar 2021
Is that where you want to end up?
Rock bottom
How much further can you go?
Bring a shovel
Bring a drill
Bring the whole gang

Gather your children
Gather your friends
Gather the beggars
And the dogs too
An amazing feat!
Rock bottom

O mama!
Won’t you forgive me?
O papa!
Won’t you stay?
Just you and the walls
And the darkness below
And the sky just a glance
Through a keyhole

Such a pity
Throw a ladder down for the poor lad!
Pound on the ground
As much as you can
The world won’t hear you here

Why don’t you?
Look for your coal
Your fool’s gold
A dead man’s errand
An idiot’s wish

Maybe you’ll find something worth your time
Maybe you’ll realise a lesson to learn
But what else is there for you to say
Rock bottom
Rock bottom
Rock bottom

Fool with your wolf cry
Fool with your crocodile tears
Fool with your faux smile
Fool with your empty heart
Rock bottom
Rock bottom
Rock bottom

Just you
Just there
Just nowhere to go
Just rock
And bottom
And no rope to spare
Just echos
And chills
And death and decay
And your fate in your hands
Rock bottom
Oh dear, look at the mess you made
Mar 2021 · 342
The Cries of the Unworthy
Em Mar 2021
The great Beast of the World
They’ve come
They’ve come
They’ve come

The mighty, ferocious roar
Their anger have no limits
Their hunger have no bounds

They’re lurking everywhere
They lives in those we scorn
And within those ***** throngs

They’ve come to get us all!
What have we done to deserve this fate?
Such innocence yet we fall

Gather your gold
Gather your letters
Gather your shoes
Your bread and your butter

Such savagery
Such monsters
Flaming tongues
Knife blade garbles
Seeping into every nook and cranny

What have we done?
But give you a place to sleep?
What have we done?
But give you a way to live?
We are like you
Working in the fields
We only reap a different harvest
Of course not just coal and fuels

What have we done?
But give you recognition?
What have we done?
But put you where you belong?
Your tears are woven into our blankets
We wear your blood in stone
Don’t tell us we stand on the same rock and soil
We live a different birth

What have we done?
But give you food to put on your table?
Of grey water
And rock hard rye
That we found in a rotting corner of our pantry
Out of the goodness of our hearts

Oh why have you come
To lock us in your cages
We don’t belong where you live
Don’t come don’t run
And tear us into shreds
We only did what was right

Don’t come knocking at our front doors
With your jagged claws and yellow teeth
And those swollen eyes and lips
Don’t come and trample
All over our front lawn
And take what is rightfully ours

Heel! I say!
What has gotten into your head?
We have worked together so well
You and I
What has become
Of dog
And his Master?
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