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charlie 5d
i don't like singing
not out of tune
because it's not perfect
not like you

i don't have much lyrics
i don't have any time
but if i could
i would try and rhyme

every word that i say
everything that i do
i always and forever
will think of you

i love you dear
there's a reason i bought a ring
you gave me strength
and a song to sing

roses are red
violets are blue
happy valentines day
i ******* love you
charlie Jan 20
one day you'll understand
what you mean to me
and when you do
you'll see

i'll be watching you
in the morning sun
a smile on my face
complex to none

we stay out late
come home early
this isn't life
this is a dream, surely

we stay together
no matter what
because i love you
you keep your mouth shut

we sneak around
as our relationships crumble
but we'll stay together
we'll stay humble

we'll stay out together
hold hands as we walk
stay together forever
that's what we thought

he screams and yells
as you sit back and listen
to every word he says
the glow makes you glisten

he runs and he argues
how everyone knew
but only we did
not the rest of the crew

i can't see him
but i can see you
i want to cry out
i loved you too

you drip with blood
you look like art
this isn't simple
it's a change of heart
charlie Jan 6
stay with me
but become your own
a person of willing,
trust and home

stand by my side
through the battle
every single one
just admire the cattle

stay in my house
a place i don't love
but i stay here
its a sign from above

stay and hide
or run away with me
the choice is yours
do you want to flee?

no matter what you choose
which path you may follow
i will stay by your side
today and tomorrow

we'll stay together
through thick and thin
though you are my guard
together we will win
charlie Jan 2
if we live we live together
if we jump we jump whenever
if we stay we stay forever
if we stand we stand wherever
charlie Dec 2018
blood red
the petals fell
late in the afternoon

frozen leafs
***** under feet
maybe sometime soon

winter falls
a summer draws
behind the moon

summer comes
the whispers sing
i love you
charlie Dec 2018
you ask what they're doing
even though you know
every word they wrote
about you for tomorrow

you heard every single comment
got them repeating word for word
you're holding on tightly
'cause your perception is blurred

you bow down when they don't listen
shut up when they're presenting
you're the beauty and the beast
yet you also keep 'em guessing

you're the queen and the king
all rolled into one
you're holding onto their hands
and now we're done
charlie Nov 2018
calm as the river below the morning sun
a negative influence in the lives of none
means everything and the entire world to me
even though we've never met one day they'll see
reach out and hold my hand
one day we'll stand with our toes in the sand
no one can replace you
a poem about the love of my life

— The End —