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Pallang Mofokeng Dec 2020
Hi my name is Pallang Mofokeng, and this is my Honest poem 🤍
I first saw the sun August the 3rd 25 years ago, apparently that makes me a Millennial or Gen Y
I’m not clued up what that means
I’m 1 Meter 65, I weigh what's considered thin for a man my age
I do not exercise, and I am always the shortest amongst my friends,
Well also the youngest
I’m a sucker for a girl with beautiful eyes, and smart brains.

I’m still learning how to hold long conversations
I’m often good at striking the talk, and always the bad at keeping it flowing
I was born early and I’ve been late ever since

I love books a lot
I love words and I dearly love poetry
I have been told that I kind of have a stutter, people say it develops when I’m in an uncomfortable environment, on the real side I really swallow my words when someone says something stupid
Every time I’m in front of a beautiful girl I happen to want to say a lot of beautiful things about her beauty but my words leaves me in the play.

I have this strange fascination with stories with sad endings and broken promises
Maybe it’s because I have learned that life is nothing like happy endings or fairy tale
Such lessons I learnt 12 times when I fell in love with women who loved me more than I loved them,
And the 9 times I fell in love with women
Who would never love me back
I know the numbers are not balancing
But to be honest, I think we never actually meet our ultimate someone
Actually relationships, they always remind me how I’m not scared of death
But I’m scared of the crowd, and I wonder what would happen when I have a crowd surrounding my coffin

I’m shy. Yesterday I blushed to the reflection of my face in the mirror
I closed my eyes and made crazy silly smiles
I could not complement myself, my stutter came in play
I have had very few fights growing up I can count them without using my toes, but I have had a lot of beatings
That was me beating myself perfecting a life that was never meant to be perfect
Doesn’t sound right hey?
I have made a lot of wrongs than rights
I  have judged myself more than having been judged

Good morning, my name is Pallang
I enjoy cooking and showing off my improvements
And ignore every negative comment made my way
I don’t find it easy expressing my feelings as often as I need to
I have a confidence so low it always goes unrecognized, I always smile even when I don’t need to
My life is a book always edited by my perfectionist mind, convincing myself that I am worth something
Something maybe a name

I don’t know much, but I think
I think heaven if full of poetry
God is monitoring my brain system
It reminds him that, some people heal others even when they themselves are dying inside.
Pallang Mofokeng Nov 2020
I have learnt it off by heart to say I love you in all 11 of my country's official languages,
The phrase has become the mildest to interpret, everyone sings it like ABC
Yet I believe it being cute, when it is said with genuine emotions.
Pallang Mofokeng Mar 2018
I always died a senseless death at the feet of affection,
I always compromised the word compromise to this life's own zeal
My pride and keys to joy were thrown to hell,
All in the name of love so well

We were birds heading to the world of honey bees,
Yet you lost focus to the weak morning breeze.

Can't you see
That we meant to see
Beautiful life hidden beyond the seas?

I sang the love songs of hatred,
Sweet text which contained bitterness.

Can't you?
If it's him and not me, go. 
Please go. 
Don't make this any harder. 
My heart has been through tornados and tsunamis,
But nothing could prepare it for this. 
For you leaving. 
For this heartache.
For you are choosing him over me. 
And over. 
And again. 

If it's him and not me, leave.  
Take your bags and walk out the door.
But don't you dare look back,
You've left me before. 
Without a doubt in your mind,
And I was a fool to let you back into my heart. 
This time was the last time. 
This is your choice. 
You choose.  
It's him. 
Not me. 
So go.
The pain that replays over and over again. She wouldn't know. Sometimes I wish she knew how it feels to have a heart that been threw love and hell.
I know my love isn't easy-
It's not wrapped in a neat little box-
Or tied with a sparkly bow-
No-my love is fire-
It's Lightening and Thunder-
It will eat you alive-
My love will grab your soul-
and hold it tight-
But I promise you this-
You will never want to let it go-
Let's face it-people like us-
Are always drawn to the flame-
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