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Paisley Shook Oct 2012
Silver light filters down
  Shining upon nature's cool blanket
  Showing perfection that is so rarely reached
  The ground glows
  Like a promise of things to come
  Coming like the hunter stalking prey
  Leaving paw prints, destruction or art
  An avalanche of warning calls
  From sweet birds, just awakening
  Rising like the morning sun
  That slips over the horizon
  Melting winter's freeze
  Freeing the stream from ice's firm grip
Paisley Shook Oct 2012
The Night sweeps in
Oh, how dark the sky
Lit by pin-point stars
A bright orb hangs
Shining over breaking waves
Their soothing roar
Inhale…. Exhale….
Breath forming a veil
The cold north wind
Leading me onwards
Smooth, warm sand
Hindering my steps
Whispered warnings
Of strong tides pulling
The gull’s shrill cry
Danger, he calls
Either to heed his advice
Or to continue walking
Forwards, towards the sea’s call
Paisley Shook Oct 2012
The Sirens wail
As the ship wreak burns
Just another lost at sea
Through fierce gales
And winter winds
They sailed on white wings
But those wings were plucked
It’s feathers scattered, bones broken
Snapped like a twig, torn like paper
All abandoned for an instant of desire

— The End —