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Daniel Kenneth
Boston    "I wish I could say this was a story about how I got on the bus a boy and got off a man more cynical, ...
dekie hicks
Check out my blog:
J Arturo
25/M/Arlington, Tx    King Living Alongside Saints & Heathens. Im just letting my mind and soul grow and glow. Show some love "like" and "share" Thank you! Twitter: ...
maybe i'm not all yellow
Kiersten Cosgrove
Los Angeles    Revolution forever
Haley Warmuth
california    i'm lexi and i'm probably in love with you
Utilisation of a proto-dystopian aesthetic and thinly veiled political allusions, how awfully original. I write garbage and I do it sporadically. As in life, ...
Breanna Hermann
Glendale, AZ    “I read in order to write. I read out of obsession with writing.” Cynthia Ozick
30/M/MKE,WI    ThoughT Also check out my great friend Jonathan Fernandez on here for some magnificent reading material.
"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
ns ezra
scotland    queer nonbinary mentally ill teen dropout by the name of NS, hello! much much thanks if you like my works--can i call them that? well, ...

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