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Festus Boamah May 2019
Knowing this fact is one thing!
Being conscious of the judgement day
Is also another thing!
Be identified by your deeds and acts
Then you know you are refined
And the judgement day becomes a lifestyle
When you kow this
And it defines you, you know!

Our shadow doesn't leave
When there is reflection of light
Our deeds goes with us
Where ever we go
Let it reflect our light (Christ)
It is not over
Until the Lord says it's over

Judgement has already begin!!!
Festus Boamah May 2019
The game is still on
The race is me
It is ours to run
To fight against racism

A prejudice beyond acts
Discrimination above attitude
Reflected in systems and institutions
Preventing people from dignity

I learnt there is something we call "Human race"
We can't be humane with racial stereotype
Colour doesn't define us
As a person but who we are

We've had enough already
This is like an Olympic game
Not just for a race of black or white
Embodies other acts of harassment

Political stereotyping and gender activism
Ethnocentrism and nepotism
Can we stop this ism now!
Allowing human race transcend egotism

Reconceiving our race
And accepting tolerance and respect
Let's stop using humour to normalise racism
It's not funny perpetuating ugly stereotypes
Remember! We share a common history
Laundry is the only thing separated by colour

Festus Boamah Apr 2019
A question most people couldn't answer
Not even the great minds
Something is not alright, we know
But how do we fix it?
None asked this
Not because we are okay with the standards
We're living to suit the tradition of the old
With much contempt to change
Custodians spell, "This is how we do it"
Or die challenging the status quo

What is missing in our religion?
Each side believes the other side is
Made up of creepy people with ungodly doctrines
But teach the same moral value
Believing wrong is evil and right is godly
Apparently, culture sets apart our conscience
If there indeed is one God
Then it ought to follow that
He would define the proper manner
In which to worship Him
And reveal that way to man
Yet these religions differ vastly
Is there one true faith?
If not, then based on the assumption
Of all three of these religions
That there exists one supreme God over all
Has that God destined mankind to a life of confusion
Over the very basic questions about His nature
His religion and the reason He created man?
These are fundamental questions
With which countless generations of thinkers
Philosophers, religionists and educationalists
Have wrestled for 6,000 years of documented human history
In doctrine and in practice.

What is missing in politics?
World in which the helpless suffer
And the remorseless roam free
Fed up with the political discourse
Exacerbated by the current presidential cycle
Debates take place in a derisive manner
That is designed to tear down the other side
What kind of ethics is this?
Little thieves are hanged
For the great thieves to escape
Label it any way that you want
But many of them that lives deserves death
And many that died deserves life

What is missing in our traditional system?
Feeling empty and alone in a society that lacks a common basis
That touches our feelings and heart
Upholding to old culture blindly
Creating an enmity in the human race
Discouraging inter ethnic marriage
You took away what I treasured
Replacing it with timeless void
For how long can we accommodate this insanity
Of ethnocentrism bullying our sense of joy?

As many who ask this question
As many who believes something is missing
We have a responsibility
A charge to keep we have
It all depends on us
To look for the missing parts
To complete the puzzle

The nation has been anticipating
The arrival of a generation which will change
The way things are understood
And done in the country
The better of course
It's true humanity is more appealing than humans
As Koffi Selorm rightly said
Just because we wear a garment without a HEM
Let's solve this puzzle with the missing parts
Honesty, Empathy and Morality

Festus Boamah Apr 2019
How can I know Him?
The man of incomprehensible nature
With varying picture
It's possible to know God!
God in a way that takes seriously the fact
The fact that He's beyond knowledge
Knowledge of the scientist
Knowledge of mythology

Do you understand the intricate patterns of the stars?
He who created them does
His mysteries are hidden truth
Despite the countless revelations and researches
Supernatural elements remain unknown
Some mysteries fathomed by science
Others still bewilder mankind
God still retains His secret
But man on his intellectual tiptoes
Understands a faction

Have we exhausted what the Bible speak of Him?
His son (Christ)  is a mystery
He's not simple at all
Christ is the mysterious word of God
By this inspiration, we had varying dogmas
A mysterious God conceived of his spirit
Born with humanity as mysterious God-man
That which became flesh
In this we dine as the Communion
Hidden in the mystery of loaf
He passed through human living
That His kingdom may be established on earth
He was crucified
This man died in the flesh for you and I
The tomb couldn't hold Him
Incorruptibly,  he resurrected and ascended

Christ is the word of God
And the word is God himself - muddling?
Which became flesh and stayed with us
His living was God's living
You see Him, you see God
Grain of wheat that fell into the ground
The viable grain He was
Died to produce many grains
In this grain, we receive gains
Festus Boamah Feb 2019
I'm worthless without you
Respectively, show me the worth of the
Author without a reader
Speaker without the audience
Postman without the recipient

Oops! I'm pregnant with a message
For you, I would have miscarriage
High, high I abuse encouragement
Because you've been unflinchingly there
Good or bad you patronise

You carry my message as a blueprint
Not because I'm the best nor first
Even if I defile, you stood to define
Holding it with a sense of pride
You chose me from all the crowd

You I epithet "My constituency"
Yet I have no seat in parliament
But because you found value in a talent
Sharing in the same aspiration
To spread the news to every nation

Sounding the drums of appellation
For my committed patrons
Sometimes safe to tag them loyalists
Coz I have my name printed on their lists
Feeling that they owe it to the stars

When void dines with my thought
The leafless desert of the mind
And completely reluctant to write
You appeal to my conscience to do the right thing
That I desire to serve with distinction

Teensy-weensy, you keep lighting fires
Though the Nazareth may water
I'm still optimistic of good things coming
Tieing to your support as hope-rope
Following the destiny my steps can't avoid

Oh did I mention Poetic Koncept?
Grooming me to develop a concept
Interestingly poetic family of variance
Truth be told from edible - orators
Who are kinsmen augmenting my tension

A high tension as hypertension
Born with a rich heart and different heights
We will reach heights like rich child
My patron saint is a tall gHosT
He concerns to me on the days

Days which I need him most
With eyes upon him like an iKhorn
My gang pretty and very Witty
Borne out of Nature with B-fives
Bold, baffling, blissful, bodacious and bold

Festus Boamah Feb 2019
All along with me in a gleam
I leap onward like a stream
Even when it's uncertainly certain
I know the future is awfully pretty
Held in a kilometer tunnel

Hey! have you seen how complicated life can be?
There are so many wheels running into the future
They run down the hills like the fountains
Some are like a burnt that never displayed it sparkles
Like the turgid clouds heart broken with smiles of fed ups too
The past is always tense, the future perfect

But once upon….
Upon all gifts situated in the arms of reasoning
Shelters discord the layers of harmony
When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas
Ideas we conquered long ago
When we are hidden beneath how complicated life can be
Our little desires implicate every passing moments
There are so many wheels running into the future
But the cautious gives gestures deed

Only the dust of wheels
Makes the future uncertain
The hills which reflects our days
The foundation that holds our life in place
Simple as meals on tyre-wheels
Without it support, we'd have nothing for guidance
Into the life with no color

I don’t want to substitute
So I made a promise; to keep the past
I laid my past on the desk
When the dusk dawn I reset it on the pillow
Like the lit darkness; I saw a vacuum
My yesterdays walk with me
They keep step; they are gray faces
That peer over my shoulder
I’ve stared from a distance
And for once I’ve envisioned the next existence

Indeed the past is dark yet the future will bright
So I made a promise
I laid my present as a sacrifice
When the feet stumble in mud
The toes leave marks of five
It husk reaped off; they are confident in hive
My future talks with me
I’ve stared from a distance
And for once I will refuse every resistance

Written by:
Yaa Walker N. & Festus Elikem B.
Looking through the tunnel, there is always a light ahead. There is this relationship between the tunnel and the light. We're all in that train railing through the tunnel. Definitely, not all of us will get to the light in a blink but eventually everybody will leave the tunnel.
Festus Boamah Dec 2018
I don't know if you'll ever see this
I mean my letter to you
This may not be the best way
But let it find the best place in your heart
For it's sharper than two edged sword
A scripture you might say
Yet deepr than you might think
Don't ask if it's the Holy book

This is my letter to you
Certainly not my first letter
Treat this as the best I've scribbled
This is not to remand you
Or to appeal your conscience
It's to remind you
And to prep you
Of the better days ahead

In this letter,
I want to remind you
That there mightl be days
That you may fail
A day you might fall
It happens to everyone
Even the best of them
They were once frail

Be inspired by the Wright brothers
Who advanced aero technology
Think about Thomas Edison
Who invented the light bulb
It all revolved around this inspiration
That there is only one thing
Which makes dreams impossible
When you doubt it's possible
Yes! that makes dreams a no-win

Fear! Yes that's the detour
The fear of failure
You may encounter many defeats
But you won't be defeated
Put on the full armour of defense
That is your best attitude
It will elevate you to the highest altitude
It is your attitude
More than your aptitude
That will determine your altitude

To crown it all,
Always strive to be better
Not better than your fellow
Instead, a better version of you
No matter how small it may look
It still makes a positive impact
In your life and spirally
To the people around You
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