Alexx Luceanu Nov 12
Raised a man by a small little boy,
Who took a mind and broke it as if a toy.
Pushed away for fear of being a burden,
To speak helps they said, no chance of words spoken.
desire for compassion and understanding is all that was asked,
To have people there not put up a mask.
An iron knot in the chest, voices in the head.
15 years of this, better off dead?
They tell you aren’t you too young to die,
then laugh and say man up when you begin to cry.
Prayed an entire lifetime despite the disbelief,
*** won’t save now, only shaking his hand will bring you peace.
Preaching compassion and awareness that’s what was said.
Yet still the message sent is a hollow non replied read.
Unspoken acts what he put a child through,
The things experienced before 22.
It’s not just one, we’re all in pain,
They tell us to do it for the personal gain.
Don’t be like the rest, why be the same,
When you can have it all, complete life’s game.
Believe me,
The pain won’t subside with a claim to fame.
It’s now become where none know what to do,
No light in sight will this life be seen through?
Don’t worry about that they’re just voices in a head,
Once woken,
minds that have remained unspoken.
For too long has there been suffering there’s not need,
Simply a desire for acceptance and some food to feed.
There’s no issues beneath the earth when you’re 6ft down,
Can’t you see there are grown men struggling now?
Fear of rejection when abandoned by most,
Walking the green mile these youthful ghosts.
Give your word you’ll do your best,
to help another when their depressed.
Open your mind, why be a hypocrite,
Ignorance in reflected eyes you have to admit.
Copyright 2018
A shadow in the dark is all I’ll ever be to you,
still take your hand and ride this darkness through,
a dash of compassion from another human who knew,
these vibes are all natural not something ***** you grew.
Alexx Luceanu Oct 18
We’re told it’s all about you or me,
We’re told be you and you’ll be free.

Hide the pain don’t let it show,
If it’s not seen then perhaps it’ll go.

No purpose, no friends, no life to live,
We’re still young, We’ve got a lot to give.

What do we do to fill the day,
What do we do to find a way.

Make it up we’ll get there in the end,
Be ourselves maybe we’ll make a friend.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Alexx Luceanu Oct 17
How you’ve been treated I’ll never know, but I feel for your pain.
Half the **** you’ve endured most would go insane.

Broken isn’t a word I’d use to describe what you’ve been through.
Most can’t comprehend, only see to an extent,
the **** that’s happened to you.
When you’re alone in the night with nothing but your thoughts,
be you numb, angry or in tears.
Keep in mind the strength you’ll find in what you call your fears.

Find those who vibe with you, don’t **** with anything less.
Your worth your own time, a regular prime,
you’re living a game of chess.
Feeling like many with not a future in sight, or self made like Eminem.
Not even the elite are free, can’t you see that we are just like them.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Alexx Luceanu Oct 16
Forever debating what I should say,
How to survive and get through the day.
This feeling,
These voices,
remain in my head,
From the moment I wake until I return to bed.
Erected a barrier so others won’t know,
How embarrassing it is to let the pain show.
Can’t change the past,
It’s forever haunting.
Does the future have to seem so daunting.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Alexx Luceanu Oct 15
To see the value within a woman’s eyes,
A worth that’s taken from her curves to her thighs.
A smaller waist,
A full cup to hold,
Exceed her value with her weight in gold.
1 - 10 is the scale you all know,
She’s asking for it,
But you still want her *** on show.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Alexx Luceanu Oct 15
They call you a freak,
**** those clowns,
Don’t associate with people who get you down.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
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