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isabel o Mar 18
i believed,
i confessed,
to have faith in something,
in someone?
no less of a substance,
in a trance.
so why?
why won't it stop?
this burning,
clawing in my throat,
firey words that want to shoot up,
out of my tiny mouth,
desperate to keep the words down,
stuff it lower,
keep it at bay,
because these thoughts should stay in your head,
they should come out,
be released for someone,
to hear,
but what difference does it make,
wailing that the two people,
i was so close too for the past months,
whom i trusted with my whole **** heart,
went behind my back,
left me on the cold,
but blanketed floor,
to sleep,
only to wake up alone,
throwing up in the sink,
while they ****** in another room,
they were both lost and confused.
but I was alone too.
didn't they think about that?
If they loved me so much why did they do this to me?
I understand,
but at the same time, I don't.
Don't tell me it was the alcohol.
because it's not.

i want to move on,
I do.
but it'll be a bit,
before the claws in my throat,
can leave me be.
my heart was stepped on twice.
isabel o Mar 18
it always starts that way.

a look towards him,
a gaze towards her,
a fever sparked between the two of them.

the curling of lips,
before the sudden crashing of them,
as tension elevates.
but only for a moment.

they pull away.
heavy breathing fills the silence,
and the fever starts to rise.
"you missed this. didn't you?"


he tugs her closer, his eyes searching her face for an answer.

"yes. i missed you."
her lips parted as she grinned,
her eyes flitting.
"and this."
she swoops in for another kiss.

her fingers make their way to his hair,
tangling them between his locks,
as she melts into this fever.

he only pulls her closer,
until he can feel her breath on his neck,
and could hear their heartbeats together.

they pull away.

her lip is now a cherry red,
from being played with,

his cheeks are now a dusty rose,
for he had caught his fever the moment he kissed her.

out of breath,
out of sight,
she kisses him on his warm cheek,
"i missed you."

"i missed you too," he admits. his gaze lurking down from her eyes, to her lips, and to her neck.
a happy old memory.
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