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OwO33 Jun 15
I can feel you're here, but you're nowhere near.
You're so far away but yet so close, I really want to overdose.
My heart's still beating and it makes me sad that you've stopped breathing.
I want to hold your hands right now, but I can't and that's making me feel so low.
You've been my everything and you'll forever be, I know you're now free.
I want to follow and meet you above, I want to give you my neverending love.
You didn't choose to break my heart and this really is only the start.
I can't imagine a life without you, but now I kinda have to get through.
I'll miss you and I will forever do, you're mine and I know you'll always love me too.
I wish everything was as simple as this text, but I am just scared of what happens next.
I'd love to feel your touch and soothing kiss, this will be something I'll forever miss.
I am thankful, though, for everything that we had, I just wish this wouldn't have had ended this bad.
I hope you'll look after me sometimes from up there, as I feel you blowing the wind through my hair.
OwO33 Jun 15
I am alone, yet in love. I am sitting here crying, thinking about you and inside I am dying.
Everything seems so perfect, but yet so fragile, I don't want this to last for just a while.
I want this to last forever, and I am here for you, whenever.
I don't want to share you with anyone, because I want to be the only one.

I feel like apologizing, but for what, you've turned me down and crushed my heart.
But I am still here weeping, because the pain is something I might be needing.
You probably will be angry, and I think that's fine, because you care and you're mine.
Someday I'll be gone, but until this happens I won't feel lonesome.

You're sometimes really dark, but true love will light us up like a little spark.
I trust you and I will forever do, you're my everything and I love you.
You've been giving me everything that I needed but sometimes things got a little heated.
Today has been a weird day, but I'll stay and I hope you'll too, okay?

You're my dream, not only when I am sleeping but also when I am awake.
Opening myself to you, talking about my problems surely wasn't a mistake.
I am thankful for everything you've been giving me so far.
And our love will last as long as the distance from earth to a faraway star.

I can't think about anything else but you, I value you so much, you don't even have a clue.
I can't live without you, neither would I want that to be clear.
I wish you'd be able to hug me and forgive me my dear.
OwO33 Jun 15
I am a sad lonely person, who long ago has lost her happy version.
It's been a while and I seem to have forgotten how to smile.
I may be too sensitive and darkness is everything that I might see
and I might have lost myself in there and with it my dignity.
I'd like to be more open and talk about a lot of things, preferably to an angel without wings.

I know my life isn't great and that there's worse and hope is my only resource.
I often feel like being in the wrong place and trying hard to fit in seems like a waste.
Why do I have to adapt to others to be normal and why can't I be myself, I really don't want to be another boring book in your shelf.
I am not easy and kinda strange, but I'd rather die before I change.

My mind is a chaos and causes a lot of confusion and I keep trying but I am starting to get tired of all these delusions.
I feel like I am breaking and my kindness often seems to be mistaken.
I am tired and putting myself to sleep, crying as always but maybe not that deep.
As I often wake up later on in tears, because I have dreamed about my fears.
OwO33 Jun 15
I don't need to speak well or somewhat good, because I know that I'll just be misunderstood.
My Body is covered in scars, each of them are as unique as stars.
My Mind's a factory of creating problems and anxiety, but I am now telling myself, let them be.
If I can't change it, nobody can. I don't need your compassion as of it I've never used to be a fan.
My appearance is just a deception, I might look well and people think I won't need a correction.
But my true self hides below clothing and if someone would look beneath, their weak minds will be blowing.
I'd call myself strange at times, others do aswell, because they're not reading between the lines.
They see me as weak and helpless, but I've never had a reason to show my true strength, as most people aren't worth it and I feel no distress.
I can be anyone you want me to be, but maybe I am already someone you can't see.
I'd be better of if I'd care less but trust me I'll never end up being careless.
Everyone deserves something, but what's good and what's bad might some think.
OwO33 Jun 15
I've got a lot on my mind, everything seems like it's falling apart.
But do I really have to choose between people, do people not deserve a new start.
Mistakes are made, everyone can do them at any given moment, but nobody really deserves endless torment.
I want to keep my friends and meet others aswell, putting me in such a position makes me feel like I am in hell.
I know that people sometimes are cruel and hate is their fuel.
But I believe that people can change, everything else would just feel strange.
I don't wanna judge people before I know them myself, but being told they're bad wants me to leave them unread like an uninteresting book in a shelf.
I feel like whatever I am going to do it'll be the wrong decision, but maybe that's only because I lack true vision.
OwO33 Jun 15
Close your eyes and look through all the lies.
Listen to your heart and melt the ice, don't be scared and break through your disguise.
You're not worthless and definitely not worth less.
Don't hide yourself behind your mask, it's easy to say and I know it's not a simple task.
But it doesn't matter how often you end up crying, as long as you're not giving up and continue trying.
It may seem impossible and sometimes it might actually be, but you're still a human with dignity.
We may not know eachother and might never get close, but we could always try, that's what I'd propose.
If you're lonely and feel sad, send me a message and I promise you it won't be that bad.
I am here trying to cover my wounds, but they're all off grounds.
I can't find myself seeing them any time soon, but I can feel them roaming like a typhoon.
Everything matters, but nothing really does, who am I to tell, oh right a nobody, that rings a bell.
OwO33 Jun 15
I feel lonely and I will forever be.
What is this life, what is this agony.
Do I deserve to breathe, is there somebody who'd care if I leave.
I don't think there is, I just want to close my eyes.
And never wake up, and then either fall or rise.
Take me to heaven or to hell, because this earth is not for me to dwell.
My life is heartbreaking, who could be the one to take my heart in.
I am confused and depressed, there's no second passed where I don't feel stressed.
A smile on my face would be something I want, and sometimes I feel jealous cause I see others while I can't.
I just want to close my door and enter a new world, then hide in my bed and be in the blanket curled.
I know I won't give up and I will forever look forward and it doesn't matter how long it'll take or if it's hard.
Maybe to continue living might be a mistake, but I will never find out until I truly break.
I'll stay here till the lights turn off, hoping to find real love.
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