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Dream, I want to dream
To be lost within dreams with no fear
Sunday rises and there is a fate that
Must be accomplished
When the Moon shines bright the wolf
Inside longs to be released.

"Gakendan!" I screech
In the battlefield along brethren who
Do not recognize me
Gakendan put simply is do not stop
The sweat upon my brow
The constant rowing and tides of the oceans
A rhythm of melodies that hypnotize.

No attachment
No looking back
If decorum rules let it be
No arguing within.

Eight letters the Ogdoad
You see, every occurrence that happens will not happen
Becomes the past and that time will be extinguished
The future cannot possibly arrive.

If the substance of a temporal plane
Never ceases and just transforms
The mind indeed does pierce every veil
Of existence and continues.

Gakendan is the mind's relentless survival
After death
The 'do not stop' I so eagerly proposed
This poem is endless.

A universe in itself
But how does the mind transmigrate?
The wind is full of unseen fire
It was once your life force
Once when you were alive
The Earth is always willing to
Accommodate new souls
Air or fire only you can decide
Once again you take your first breath
And as has been said,
"Everything returns to its original source."
That fire returns to your new vessel
This is Gakendan.

An Owl that sees all
The Serpent that wraps the Earth
A scorpion that is always silent
The eagle and lion that rule all nations!
A rat that is fierce and just will not die.
Gakendan Bump by Danny Avalanche
With permission to use and describe Gakendan.
Louis Verata Aug 12
They are waiting for you to act
They are too tired of winning this war
You do not see it yet but all the events that led to this reading
Will give you new life
I am not strong nor a man of letters, even less a philosophe
What I do know is there has not been any time as now.

It will be difficult to recover from the wounds of your blood
I dare say you will have to sell your soul to the Devil if
There were no other way
You are no fool this I can see
The Devil laughs at their team.

You may think,
"This here is a madman who drank the foul-smelling mead that
   fell from Odin's behind."
This may be true but you are out there and for now
My mission is to find you
For you do not know who you are and what you know
It is my duty to write this
Yours to leave Egypt and fight the mighty Eagle
In all its majestic glory
You will read this and a thought will come
Then another but do not be afraid they are not yours
Loki, the other source is destined to defeat the gods.

I would exclaim, 'May God be with you!'
But He will not
This odyssey you surely will not survive
Your name will be printed on men's minds for
As long as stories are told
This is my oath to you.
Louis Verata May 20
When dogs howl at night
Hecate is around
What falls on the ground "the Gentry" takes.

Do not fonder and scavenge on unknown terrain
How many times has it been told
That the man who finds hidden gold
Is struck a fatal blow by fate
There is no reprieve from what is unseen.

"The Seely (Blessed) Court" is not to be messed with even in dreams
If you dig deep between the rocks
Take the time to contemplate the other plane
I am not referring to when one meditates
Only a learned guru from the East can teach that way
Forget about looking at the sky for signs
For angels are made of fire
If you're still with me do not think.

Do not elevate "The Seely (Blessed) court"
Before your name
A being of fire will be unleashed to take heed
Of your countenance
He will laugh at you like he did me
From the Earth's core
To the furnaces once described by John Bosco within Hades
The Salamander shall appear
These beings cause the Sun's ripples to dance
Calling upon God will bring no peace
To pass the time they swim in volcanoes.

Finally holding back his laugh will speak:
"It is always the same with you descendants of apes. Call upon
   God all you want, his name does not give you power. All the
   mountains will be gone before I can go back to sleep. Your
   raiment is not that of a sorcerer, who are you? With their
   magick circles and threats of bounding me to an endless abyss,
   they make me chuckle. . . . Man is nothing but a foolish creature.
   You forgot your divinity, do you not know that from your toes to
   the crown upon your head there is more than flesh! 'As above, so
   below' as espoused by the ancients. Go ahead and drink from
   Lethe because that is what you do when I attempt to impart on
   thee true power. Your greatest sorcerers cannot even control their
   blood flow at will and you want to talk to me."
Louis Verata Apr 22
Fallen One that fell from grace
Destiny engulfed you in flames
No other recourse but to change
You who tempted that Nazarene
The One some confuse with Seth or Baʿal
Venus is your place.

Your abode among the archangels
No one could take but Yahweh
The forbidden name
You loved Him more than your beautiful face
When ordered to love us feeble mortals more than the Lord of Hosts
Deign was not in your plate
Your phalangeal joints against the archangel Michael
General of the Heavenly Chariots
Lucifer, you of the Order of Music
The One they say buys souls
Michael took what was rightfully yours
On the Earthly plains your fallen angels
Only thought of empires to make.

Purson you probably do not know
Of the Order of Honor and Virtue once upon a time
Sunday stories that are told
God got old
Rest easy Prince don't sweat Judgement Day
Most of us are bound to Hades anyway.
Louis Verata Apr 22
I'm next to a bus stop while someone
Throws away leftover peanuts.

I'm in a classroom the clock goes tick tock
With balled up paper and of course
Missed throws that went past my rim.

It's past dusk in downtown
To those who aren't hired
I keep warm with my brimming fire.

Somehow be it by chance or Providence or fate
A diamond found its way to me
No one notices it because of what I am, a trash can.
Louis Verata Apr 12
Hellken arrived at contemplation
What if he had sided with Heaven?
A few ****** wraiths stood among the flames
Yet they did not express pain.

He awoke from his absurd folly
Went forth to the poor spirits
Therein one said:
"The ages to come no one knows but us wraiths!"

The second with a trace of solace stated:
"Life always coincides . . . you have to search and remember not to
   strain over a day. For what is a day since there is no freedom only

The third among them finally broke his silence:
"I was a just man, but let us not quibble in such matters.
   . . . Wanting to believe that I couldn't be deceived! But let me
   tell you Hellken, you wretched among devils, you a witness
   and participant to the first war ever conceived. Who like us three
   wraiths? Who among men in this dreadful place will stand tall like
   pagan gods and not cower at the very sight of eternal shade."

Hellken perplexed finally spoke:
"If only you three had taken up the pen even if it were at the end
   of thy mental decay, in the world today, you would be praised
   'but let us not quibble in such matters' as the third wraith just
   addressed. Many a man have been here, they elsewhere abide
   in a different labyrinth, their only consolation is their earthly
Inspired by The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, especially the ideal that the inhabitants of the Inferno know the future and the character Hellken.
Louis Verata Mar 5
I pray to the seven skies
But no one replies
The Moon under my feet
When I think of Meztli
That great umpire called Time
Makes me sigh
Endless tides could not
Stop Jesus' stride.

Great Dame Fortune
You turn that wheel
To no one's surprise
God to your right
One thing He cares  
Not to decide
Everywhere Krishna I see
Equalizing suffering and felicity.

Demiurge people teach
Gnosis I want to reach
Zoroaster laid the seed
For the Heavens to preach
Ahuramazda I wish to meet
To Allah I secretly plea

I don't want to wake up
From this dream!

In all honesty
Probably a gnat was I
That couldn't even fly
In my previous life.
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