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hamid khan Dec 2018
the black atmosphere inside the boeing gets cold flying over the atlantic
and i peek through the gap between 21A and 21B at 3:31 a.m

trying to stay anonymous, i drink as much water as i can and then let it out from my eyes
covered by a single blanket, they cuddle, and she rests her head on his shoulder

i peek again to hurt my senses, for the one who left 
sensing their warmth in my endless cold sphere, belonging to none once again

remembering the day her sister told me that time was running away, i better find a job
i tremble being stuck in the thick cobweb of continuous anger and pain

chasing the one person who i cannot make mine
while she cuddles and enjoys the comfort with the one

the armrest shivers along with me, maybe the sun will be out soon

sitting on the aisle side, eyes open wide, the mammoth distance divide, nowhere to hide, another unrequited goodbye

dwindling alone in a parallel space, crashing inside this hollow maze

the moment deserves an emergency landing
but i have lost strength, yet again

i must surrender, i must surrender
everything's far enough now
everything's dark enough now..






or shall i hijack to end this guilt forever?

[unbuckles seatbelt]
hamid khan Dec 2018
nothing forever is cursed, except a sleep with lackluster blur
believe in the oblivious whirl, listen to it, infinity was where you were
hamid khan Dec 2018
a plastic bag slides off the black pavement
when hesitant eyes gaze at the 6th floor balcony
and the umbrella becomes more fragile against the wind so cold
dark burnt walls appear to be calm and strong

while the symphonic screams combine with the rattle of water drops
the presence of no one around gets hauntingly loud
the night succumbs to the painful storm of clear images
and palpitations suddenly rise to grow insane

standing right there on top, for a moment she appears like a blank ghost
disappears along with white light, and the rain continues to pour down from the lamp post

"evelyn, i take all the blame....
haunt me again before i faint..."
hamid khan Apr 2018
no sleeping pill will ever cure
the insomnia gifted to me
by my lover who enjoys her sleep
leaving me wide awake till infinity
hamid khan Feb 2018
Blooming as a glorious flower in a rejuvenating garden
Is that you, my love?

Twinkling as an impeccable star in a fascinating sky
Is that you, my love?

Flying above the soothing meadows, drifting towards the gracious woods
Is that you, my love?

Fragrant in the serene atmosphere, the vivid colours of an enchanting rainbow
Is that you, my love?

Behind the canvas of a melancholic painting , bright as an intense poetry
Is that you, my love?

Silent beats of my remorseful heart, mournful tears in my woeful eyes
Is that you, my love?
hamid khan Feb 2018
Formed inside an ambient mind, like a divine cloud,

to pour down only those drops of definite emotion,

which holds the reader, firmly, and provokes his thoughts,

as it swiftly creates an impression of the writer,

about his hidden brokenness, obscure passion, eccentric truthfulness for authentic art,

and ends with a spellbinding purity of eminence,

is a poem worth reading!
hamid khan Jan 2018
when it happened miles away
you wept in her arms in the month of may
and enjoyed the comfort of love with precision
the divine abundance, and your timely submission
but one solitary night, wept again in regret
you failed to meet her at her point of origin..
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