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 Apr 2017 ottaross
Cosmic Spell.
 Apr 2017 ottaross
It is your laugh,
that **** cosmic spell
that bounds me so

It is your gaze,
that **** enchantment
that keeps me in orbit
#write #understanding #life #poetrytruth #relief #someone #seeks
Chiselling away
through a mountain of clay
the mole of a man
lays his hand to creation

I'm watching the,
'if I can build it so can you'
on channel two of a faraway
Internet pay as you go station

it's something to do
my ship comes in
and come in it will
but until then
I'll be one of those men
who chisel away
and pray for the end
to be quick.
 Apr 2017 ottaross
Eric L Warner
As a reformed anonymist, I'm not one to look down on drunks.
But today at the bar, I looked up at one and saw a beautiful disaster.
Long dreaded hippie girls have a soft spot in the corner of my heart. From the patchwork dresses to the oxymorons of a vegan ****** addict, I've loved many.

But it's sad to watch someone create themselves through liquor.
To create a persona through drugs because that's "counter cultural."
To create another line of ******* about not wanting to be a robot.  
A message so timeless and repetitive that it's...

She was actually kind of personable.
The few times that day she could speak, she was even funny.
She carried herself with a grace that was quite remarkable for someone who could barely stand.
But she was on the run.
From a halfway house.
From a boy friend.
From a drug.
From herself.

There's no truly meeting someone who is already halfway out the door and already in the bag.

There was a desperation in her smile that I've seen before in my own reflection.
I don't believe in God.
But if you do, say a prayer for her.
I believe it's worth it.
Build your spirit
Be the one who inspires
Every moment is a blessing
Lift yourself and reach even higher
Obstacles will be present
But, they do not have to stop you
Work you way around that maze
Just shine your light right on through
 Jan 2017 ottaross
Julie Grenness
The road less travelled,
Personal choices unravelled,
You meet the wrong person in life,
You descend into his strife,
Best to stay remote and aloof,
"Write it a doctor's!" I say, you goof,
Where would my life have gone, eh,
Much ado about nothing today!
Feedback welcome.
 Jan 2017 ottaross
Runaway Train
Heavy is the heart that carries him.
Drowning are the lungs that swim in his beauty.
Fragile are the fingers through which time slips fast.
Silent is the horizon.
Blue tinted and red stricken in the sky.
Purple is the drink.
Somber slumber overtakes her weary bones.
Dangerous are her dreams, for they do one of two things.
Deadly are her nightmares, of bullets and back lash.
Tainted is the beauty of her deepest desires, displayed in her subconscious.
Fractal is the universe, of which she is a speck of star dust.
Drawing near is the end of her dealing.
 Jul 2016 ottaross
There he sat, on the porch of his dreams.
Starring out into the abyss as the wind kissed his cheeks.

His face blank, like a naked piece of paper.
Mind most likely debating whether or not to chase her.

It's happened before and it will happen again,
the shadows of loneliness were slowly creeping in.

His thoughts have driven their course, now he waits for the results.
A wait that seems never ending - maybe he should just bounce.
 Jul 2016 ottaross
Kewayne Wadley
Her love was like a molotov,
Spreading across everything it touched. manifesting into everything I'd ever know,
Devouring every bit of me in exciting fashion.
I became Drenched in this infatuation without warning,
Gasoline soaked clothes enticed by the flick of a lighter.
I found myself helpless in
this constant flame, grown out at every flicker,  its very touch.
Bright hues of red. Demanding full attention, her love.
I protested my profession in contempt, do I stay,
Do I lay flat and accept the spontaneity of each moment,
Slowly passing.
I held up my sign in an attempt to keep her from crossing the line. A plea of an mistaken cliché, not understanding everything she knew she wanted,
Still she fled towards me,
Leaving me helpless to every whim, every desire she offered.
I stood there lost in desire,
A simple decree of something I've never understood.
This incendiary combustion that took place out of nowhere.
The things said in utter silence,
The sound of who we once were shattering against the ground
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