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Otis Jun 8
wanton american
as a shatter piece
of bombardment
and ruby.

isabella and beer;
a queen,
of course!
Otis Jun 7
a human being is something,
yet you *******
and fail to sing

&washing up
upon the shores of Michigan
or Erie, nevermore north or east,
i harden myself

nascent diamond, sandy from the upper peninsula
and sold into a club
or rather a BAND of mosaic fanatics,
i truly am,
sorry for you
because a human being is something
and you,
too young to be kaleidoscopic,
won't shimmer
in the long show
how they ever want you to
Otis Jun 4
everybody is big...
and demure;
curtailed by saturation
and demand.

a quilt warms the vitals
and oatmeal manufactures bulk;
we are made of metal, mineral,
and an unsure sense of stability
known as wishful thinking.

homily of oxidation
elucidate our greatest trust:
mycelium, neurology;
we are again,
and again.
Otis May 31
oil spilled crucifixion
the prerequisite to ablution
is dirt and sweat
and swearing and ignorance

i am no prognosticator
i am no steel or precious metal
i am no full part in a full machine

o fulcrum in furious preordained
o fulcrum as pixel
i pray for similar foundation
i am no fanatic
no severed-arm mystic

o fulcrum
in the morning
i book keep
at night i dream
o fulcrum of instantiation
i pray for integrity

make me solid once more
Otis May 22
Son of an American man
emergency in a bottle

grass sneakers
from forest Gump
cause they paid me to

I know I'm not relatable
having no worries

I'm butter
I'm smoke
I'm sorry
I'm going

I'm butter
I'm smoke
Otis May 18
craggy hollow,
portrait of Mr. Virginia
in a boom box stable.

it's too bright;
the plants, verdant;
me, vertical, but
in all the wrong ways.

Mr. Virginia
and Mr. Pedantic
and Mr. Manipulator
all talking,
trying to come up
with Mr. Perfect
(at least I'm vertical).

dragooned boys
break rank
at whisper.
i hold my head up
and hold my own hands
to remain vertical
(at least I'm vertical).

oil on aloe on rice
sprinkled with noxious soy,
i have blonde hair
and I'm vertical.
Otis Apr 7
bleak rot
traces static cube rim glasses
and chases the quota
of the sum
of the total
of the whole
into a long and tall and capital I.

I am red of ear, slink of wrist,
and marrow;
fuming like a full tread insect.

slanderous geology
as tongue speckling glory
is ****** and lowly
on the cowgirl trail
showing it's back
as it's best
and trading weekdays
for poor metals.

fibrous, numinous
radiology. sulking and wading.
tributary becomes runnel
becomes mighty becomes cash
becomes pulpit, or pulp.
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