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MindlessSelf Dec 2018
People once told me darling don't fall in love it will just make it worse

The love that makes you feel all kinds of unusual emotions at first

It creeps in your body making you feel like a kid getting a toy

But when the toy falls it shatters to pieces making you feel empty

what was once happiness turned into destruction of a simple mis-communication

People once told me darling don't fall in love it will just make it worse

The worse I have experienced in love I have been it and seen it

But the happiness I felt in it made everything else seem so different
MindlessSelf Jan 24
My dad wasn't like your typical  dad you'd see on television

The one's who always had smiles on their faces  and loved their family

My dad was a man who would come home from work with a beer in his hand

At times maybe more than one depending on how drunk he would  be

  If my dad didn't have a beer he would  go insane  to the point of punching someone in their  face

That's how much he loved drinking beer to the point there was nothing left

Unfortunately he passed out on the ground that night with nothing but a beer in his hand.
MindlessSelf Dec 2018
Alice, age 4

My mother was beginning to lose her eye sight until eventually she went blind

The day it happened was a horrific experience for my mother like if the whole  world had shut down on her

She would kneel down screaming from the top of her lungs and crying asking god '' Why me?''.

She'd plead every night for this to go away but eventually it kept getting worse everyday

That was the day I saw my own mother go insane to the point of actually doing something stupid

She looked at me saying ''sweetie everything is going to be okay'' with her voice almost breaking and tears running down her face

I was only four when this all happened.
MindlessSelf Sep 10
she couldn't wait for the night to arrive she had been going at it for hours especially to her best friend on the phone.

When she realized it was almost 7 o'clock p.m  she was already dressed up and ready to head into downtown.

She knew this could of changed her hole night forever in some sort of way. The type of the way you get when you meet someone for the very first time

That feeling you have in your stomach that just won't go away.

Is that what it feels like to be in love or is it just being head over heels towards them.

How should I know?

When will I know?

What will happen after this?

All these questions seemed so mind boggling through her eyes.

Everything seemed so surreal for her  like if any of this was for real or not

Not until she finally met the guy.

— The End —